• zchamu

    Maybe in 2008 someone will come out with a documentary. “Dooce: The Early Years”, featuring stories about asian database administrators and poop. Then they’ll come out with a followup that talks about Chuck and living in the rent’s basement, and that’ll be like the “transitional” phase into Dooce Phase Three: Anklebiting Terroristas. There’s enough material for a whole college course here.

  • http://www.suburbanbliss.net Melissa

    I feel like I should apologize to you…because I think I’ll actually enjoy you more now that you are a married homeowner, now that you’re a hormonal pregnant lady…and if you think you’re hormonal now, just wait until you’re post partum.

    I think it’ll be a riot…but I’m not sure if that actually makes you feel better…because pretty much I’m anxious to see you become me, only funnier, cuter and more exciting.

  • ~Angel

    I’ll bet $50 dollars on the first word being shit. Since, motherfucker is WAAY too hard for a baby to say.

    And in regards to the anonymous poster, really grow the fuck up.

  • Crumpet


    Thing that really scares me, more than dorky people and dorky postings, is the Utah Baby Namer.

    Welcome, dear Antrim Zeezrom or Cajun Rayne!!!!

  • http://www.siteway.com/ Antony Hare

    So anyway this is a comment about your site in general and not this post in specific, hope that’s cool. Try as I might I’ve been influenced by your writing style AGAIN and am using the all caps thing for emphasis. It’s good let me tell you.

  • Mervis

    “If you want to be wild in your art, you must be bourgeois in your life.”
    Gustave Flaubert

  • elainepill

    it’s fun to be young and wild, but that poster need to realize that everyone has to grow up at some point.
    having just had a baby 18 months ago, i have to add that parenthood is great-wonderful beyond my wildest dreams.
    congrats to you and yours dooce. i, for one, plan to keep on reading your site.

  • http://www.eleventwentyseven.com christine

    I have to say that one of the greatest things about your site is reading all of the comments. Such a cool group of people that hang out here. Keeps me coming back several times a day! (the only other website that could ever do that for me was ebay, when I was into that auction stuff!)

    And I only have ONE bit of pregnancy advice for you. Kegels, kegels, and more kegels. I also might add that they are good for more than just delivering a baby. here’s a fun link…

  • elainepill

    ps-just wait until you come to the realization that the words ‘due date’ are a big sham cooked up by OB’s to keep pregnant women happy. they have absolutely no more idea than you as to when that baby is going to come out.

  • Clubfoot

    Lesbian sex? LESBIAN SEX? I missed that!I always wondered, given your facination with Britney and all. Oh well, good luck on the whole baby thing. And, just like Arnold, I’ll be back!

  • Danika

    That annonymous ass probably was hoping for the attention of everyone talking about him/her.

    Anyway I’ll keep reading. :)