• http://twinklelittlestar.typepad.com Lisa Ferris

    My twin boys (10 or so months younger than Leta)have also never once attempted to climb out of their cribs. They climb other places, but I think they feel safe in their cribs, no matter what other people say about their supposed imprisonment. 99% of the time, they go to bed without fussing and seem sometimes almost happy to be put in there. (I think an advantage to twinhood is that they have each other at night, so the calls for mom to wipe their nose don’t come that often. Nevertheless, we will be doing the Big Boy Bed thing after pottytraining ensues to some level of success, so hopefully sometime this year.

    (BTW, about the potty training thing? I’ve got one ready to go, and another who doesn’t have the slightest interest or clue to care about it. It really has to be when they are ready, and good for you for just letting Leta lead the way there. Especially with some of the stuff she’s gone through.)

    Cool bed. Does it convert to a twin? It kinda looks like it might.

  • http://mommydoesitall.blogspot.com/ Kristen

    You are too funny! And that bed? Super cute. I love it! It may sway me off of the idea of a princess bed for Leah…

  • http://www.gooseberried.com Gooseberried

    Yay! This is so exciting…even for me. Sad that my life consists of blogs? Nah, it’s Leta!

    (wow, that was cheesy)

  • http://modadimagno.blogspot.com/ Mags

    That is the big girl bed of my dreams. Congrats on a smooth transition!

  • http://www.jillshalvis.com/blog Jill Shalvis

    Oh my God, you are too lucky for words. For me? 3 girls, 3 struggles. I bow to you, lol.

  • http://www.superblondgirl.wordpress.com superblondgirl

    Oh, I love that bed! It’s awesome. I don’t think we had big boy/girl bed crying, either. We had crying and tantrums and much carrying-on when it was time to move to the crib (we co-slept), but the bed was pretty uneventful. I wish we’d skipped the crib altogether, to be honest with you.

  • http://www.spamboy.com/ Spamboy

    I remember having the same feelings of excitement and being a grown-up when I traded up to a bed — of course, this was when I went from my college Ikea monstrosity to the king-sized bed my wife forced me to purchase. Mmm…rollover space.

  • http://www.stalebetty.com Stale Betty

    That bed is adorable!! I wish I’d seen it before I bought my boys their bed.

  • babbling

    These little triumphs are the payoff you get for living through the screaming. It’s a trade off. Some kids don’t scream through their infancy, but climb out of bed and wake their parents up by poking them in their closed eye and breathing in their ears, “are you awakkkkeeeeeee mommy?” If/when you have another child, it could very well be the quietest baby ever. Who sleeps all night right away. Who gets out of the crib at 3 years old, and drives off with Chuck riding shotgun in your car, in the middle of the night. Anyhow my kids had a “6-year crib”. I never understood that, except the side could be removed so it was something like a daybed. We went straight to a twin bed with a railing at 2-3 years. You and Jon are a great example of how parenting works itself out, no matter how much self-doubt, or planning happens. We just do our best.

  • Fenicle

    Our son has a raised bed with railings along all sides – not as high as a bunk, but it’s elevated enough he can play underneath. We kept him from getting up by removing the ladder at night.

    By the way, you’re making this transition sound way too easy!!!!!

  • Ricki C

    My daughter (now 22) was also 3 yrs old before we bought her a “big-girl bed”. She also never tried to climb out of her crib, I think because we always came to get her in a timely fashion when she awoke from a nap or in the morning. We chose a super-single waterbed for her, because a) she would have a hard time falling out, and b) because it would be a rather easy clean-up if she wet the bed or became ill. To our surprise and delight, it took her several months to realize that she could actually get out of the bed without our permission! At the end of her nap, or in the morning, she would politely call out, “Mommy, I’m awake”, and lie there patiently until we came in to get her. Talk about a nice transition! I wish you, Leta, and Jon the best!

  • lyndseyelise

    Yay, a big girl bed! We had to transition our daughter to a big girl bed when she was only 18 months old because we needed her crib for her baby brother. I dreaded the thought of having to keep putting her back in bed during the middle of the night but that never happened. In fact, she finally started sleeping thru the night, like 11+ hours at one time. It was amazing. I love reading your posts, keep up the good work. You are a fantastic mama!

  • schwa

    Hoorah! Another victory for furniture!

    Bed is cute etc. Where did you get those neat jeans that Leta is wearing in today’s photo? I’d like to get a pair and then replicate the cool stitching on my girl’s other jeans.

  • http://www.inyearstocome.ws Family Man

    That is a beautiful bed. Leta sounds like such a great kid. My Peyton is great, but even she had some trouble adjusting to her new bed when we brought her to the new house.

    Congratulations on this milestone!

  • gunderson

    You don’t miss baby Leta? You’ll miss her when toddler Leta turns into teenage Leta and if you look at her wrong her head will start spinning like in the Exorcist, but different.

    the mother of a teenager.

  • http://www.lifeandtimesofchantel.com Chantel

    That’s an awesome bed; congratulations to you, Jon and Leta.

  • Meredith

    Our daughter slept in her crib until we needed it for her brother. She was nearly four. We have no intention of moving her brother out of it before we have to. He’s a skillet-throwin’ kind of kid…

    New reader to your website. It’s a great read!

  • ms. in

    We bought our kids their beds at Ikea when we lived in San Francisco…just found out they are now coming to Draper in the spring! We’re psyched!

  • http://idressedmyself.blogspot.com/ Natalie

    My older daughter also transitioned quite nicely to the toddler bed. My next one is quite a different child. She’s almost 22 months and she climbs out of her crib, opens her door, comes into my room and wakes me up at 5am. It’s time for the toddler bed, but will she ever stay in it?? Who knows.

  • JnJ

    I am SO jealous! My son, who is 2 weeks older than Leta, was always a great sleeper thanks to “Healthy Sleep Habits”, and, like Leta, never minded his crib and never tried to climb out. I figured we’d keep him in there till he was 7. So why did we decide to move him to a twin bed at 2 1/2? Because we’re IDIOTS (and we got my nephews hand-me-down bed. STUPID STUPID STUPID.) It was, and sometimes still is, a NIGHTMARE. The night we finally realized we had to try to correct the new pattern of having to lie in his bed to get him to sleep, we did the “silent return to bed” routine 67 times in one hour, before he stayed put. It took a couple months of HELL. And our newest challenge has been getting him to stop waking up (and waking us AND his one year-old sister up)for the day at 4:30 every morning by coming into our room or run screaming down the hallway.

    Congratulations on such an easy transition! You have a beautiful little girl.

  • SurprisingWoman

    Yeah! Go Leta.

    Congrats on the new bed, and the lack of difficulty. It’s about damn time something was almost impossible for you guys. Good on ya, you deserve it.

  • candemommy

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping kids in their cribs until age 3. I dreaded moving my 2.5 year old into a big boy bed, but we had to because his four-month-old sister finally needed it. Our transition was smooth, thankfully, but if I hadn’t had an infant who needed a crib, I sure would have kept him in that crib as long as possible. He has rarely napped in the six months he’s been in that big boy bed….grrr.

    Love the humor and style of your blog. I just discovered it about 6 weeks ago and am enjoying it!

  • http://dancingfoe.org Liz

    It still stuns me that people email you with ‘concerns’ about Leta sleeping in a crib and living in a clean house.

    When somebody makes a comment when it’s none of their business I just yell “BUS!” as in “I HOPE YOU DIRTY LITTLE NO GOOD BROWN-NOSING PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING GETS RUN OVER BUY A BUS!”

    And if you’re a character from Lost then maybe it will work. Who knows.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/solaana solaana

    I’m sure 8,000 people have already commented on this, but I’m commenting drunk, damnit, so:

    Sooooooooo many more Dora books to sleep with now. Sweet.

  • Thats What She Said

    Oh my god. My friend bought me the bacon bandaids! They are totally awesome. There is something great about making the papercut on your finger look like a giant, gaping, wound. Also, the tiny pig that was in my box is the best tiny pig I’ve ever seen.

  • reddirtgirl

    Oh, if only my child would be so estatic about the bright pink princess bed she was so delighted about–YIPPEE–that is, until it arrived. Now, she occasionally “calls” Santa and tells him to “ever, ever come back to my house.” Apparently, he f’ed up by delivering that tripe.

    This is a hilarious read.

  • mamalatte

    Holy cow, this made me laugh. My eldest was like Leta; would have lived in the crib had we let her, but we desperately needed it for her brother. I can still remember her pathetic little voice that first night saying “I think I’d just like my crib, guys…” Glad it went so well for you.

  • Loob

    Excellent bed! And the best possible result for you guys, she loves it!

  • Cheryl

    Our daughter slept in her crib until it literally began to fall apart. She was past three and a half years old before we finally moved her into a Big Girl Bed. The way I saw it, if she was happy in her crib, and she wasn’t trying to climb out, why stress about it? We had actually done a trial run of converting the crib to a toddler bed back when she was almost two and a half, and it was a NIGHTMARE. She would get out of bed upwards of 17 times before falling asleep. Yeah. Not worth it. But when she moved into her brand new Big Girl Bed last Fall, it was a breeze. Could not possibly have been any easier. I’m so glad we waited. All the moms who bitch about how often their 18 month old gets out of bed, and how their 2 year old doesn’t understand that they’re supposed to stay in bed at bedtime…yeah, I just have a hard time feeling sorry for them. I’m glad we waited as long as we did.

    Hooray for Leta! And her bed! Her BIG NEW BED! Love it!

  • http://www.cubiclerant.com/blog Fern

    Heather: How did I survive in a world without you? I live for new postings. Ditto to all the comments above (esp. the one about Catherine) and congratulations on a smooth transition!

  • minda25

    I am very, very happy for you. You’ve been through so much, had such a hard time with Baby Leta, and to learn that she is calming down and becoming a truly wonderful person to live with is so great. Congratulations!

    Also, thanks for the laughs.

  • Jezzie

    I wish my son was still able to fit so I could get him this bed. So cool.
    I just furnished my whole house via internet email order, I love to shop online, I save so much time and gas and have rarely found a better deal irl. Because I am a student I am broke, so being able to comparison shop on my own time is awesome. Have you been to homedecorators.com? If u have a Home Depot credit card ( and what homeowner doesn’t?) any purchase over 299 is no payments no interest for six months, and they have the best selection of everything I have seen on one site.
    Also, Overstock is awesome, and they have the most curiously amazing selection of books. Welcome to the world of free shipping. Orgasmic.

  • http://www.dooce.com Jennifer in Ohio

    Yeah, I know what you’re going through (again). Elsa didn’t have any interest in climbing out of her crib, so we didn’t switch her over to a toddler bed until THREE WHOLE MONTHS after her 3rd birthday. You would have thought the world was going to end by the way other mothers were reacting.

    You know what? She loved it. She had apparently been coveting our bed things- like pillows and blankets, and now she had that very stuff in her very own bed. And she can get out any time and play in the morning, she doesn’t have to be released from the crib. We did put a good gate on the door to her room for two reasons: she could inherit the sleepwalking I did as a kid, and her room is on the second floor. If that gate wasn’t there I never would have gotten any sleep. She never had a fit about her new bed, she simply LOVED it.

  • kristieco

    I am so jealous that it’s been so easy for you guys! Happy for you though! My 3 1/2 year old has been in her big girl bed for more than a year and she still gets up at night. Sometimes half a dozen times. She just wants to be put back to bed…I’m contemplating the tequila idea as a remedy to our problem….

  • http://www.myspace.com/membirdman Jeff

    Foolish Braidwood, that’s what kids are for: grooming them into world-class athletes so you can reitre early. Like I call my kids: Daddy’s Little Retirement Funds.

  • http://www.idiotonastick.com/talk idiotonastick

    I kept my kids in cribs until they were 3, yes 3. There was no way I wanted them up and about on their own getting into whatever. And they never tried climbing out of the cribs, they’d just call me and wake me up – then I knew what they were up to.

  • http://chaithere.blogspot.com AndreaBT


    I actually truly LOLed at that, which means I can use the letters.

    And I LOVE! that toddler bed. With the little bench at the end!

  • http://www.myspace.com/txirishlassie ashleigh

    I love you for posting this today!! I know you don’t like extra exclamation points, but that sentence needed them. I have had a horrendous day, and I laughed out loud a lot in this post, so I just wanted to say thank you again for sharing your lives with us…and for being so damn funny!

  • http://www.marywynne.com Wynnster

    YEA LETA!!! Yea Big New Bed!!
    Heather I love love love the bed.
    Where did you get it??

  • http://theblablab.com doug

    …let the flood of hatemail from butterfly-headboard-addicted chuckleheads commence.

    “How DARE you put your child in such a linear piece of furniture!”

    “Do you want your daughter to grow up lacking the joy that is the commercialization of juvenile furniture?”

  • http://www.random-acts-of-sanity.blogspot.com TeeKay

    Wow, that’s awesome! I have a 7 year old that still won’t stay in her bed all night.

  • Tracey

    That bed is so awesome! I just switched my almost 3 year old, too…same results. Nothing! And I get the “I NEED A TISSUE!!!” calls too. Weird.

    BUT just to warn you. My son transitioned fine, too, and then when he was about 3 1/2, he WOULD.NOT.STAY.IN.BED. For six months he got up a billion and three times a night. So I’m trying not to get too excited about the girl staying in bed at this point. But it IS nice to be rid of the crib.

  • http://fiddley.com Pete Dunn

    This will make it so much easier for her to come in to YOUR room to throw up in the night all over YOUR bed and YOUR hair.

  • Braidwood

    What I LOVE about you, is that you just see Leta as a real person. This is big in parent world. It’s radical. I know this isn’t neccesarily directly related to this post about the bed, but I really admire you for it, and that is why I like reading your blog.

    I love that it is not: my child isn’t very physical- we are starting a training regimine to make her more physical- or the just as common- my child is very physical, (despite evidence to the contrary) what do you mean? Oh yeah, and she only likes pink. So, thank you for letting your little human creation be her little human self.

  • http://vampiregrapes.blogspot.com Stephanie

    Oh, you do make me giggle…

  • AnneMG

    We had one of those cribs that converted to a toddler bed, by taking the bars off. The kid didn’t even notice that they were gone for 6 months. She’d still wake up every morning and yell for me to “get her out”.

  • gribblelite

    What a fabulous bed!

    I’m expecting my first child this August, and will be 4-in-1 crib shoppig this weekend. But, unlike you, I will probably give birth to the-child-who-climbs-all-obstacles, and wind up having to buy a stainless steel cage to keep the little booger in.

    If not, I plan to use the ‘crib’ until the proverbial wheels fall off.

  • http://www.nisaba.nu Seren

    I have to admit, my daughter’s transition from cot to bed was easy too. But that was because our tomcat Louis liked to sleep in her room. And while he couldn’t sleep in a cot, he could sleep at the end of her bed. Awww, she adored that cat. He helped her to learn to read.

    Anyway, glad to hear it went well with Leta. Phew! Oh by the way, meant to say, we have the calendar of Chuck hanging in our kitchen, right above the cat food bowls. The cats are not impressed.

  • http://www.teetotaled.com Teetotaled

    Thanks for sharing that. Love the bed by the way, is it convertible for when she is pre-teen Leta?
    I always enjoy the random things Leta yells from her room – I’m Okay, Whipe my nose! She is a hoot!

  • http://glennandlora@yahoo.com Lora

    My son was well past 3 before we moved him out of the crib. He, too, just didn’t seem to care and in fact, seemed to like the perceived security of the crib. We only moved him out of it because he is so tall that he had to contort his body every day to sleep. He was so tall we had to skip the toddler bed altogether and he went straight to a double bed with guard rails. Leta’s bed is adorable – I wish my boy had been able to use a bed that size!