• silvermine

    People need to stop telling you how to parents. Egads.

    Anyway, I was still in a crib when I was 3, I believe, and then I went straight to a normal bed. I only had to fall off once or twice before I learned not to. :P

    My son moved to a real bed when he was about 2. He fell off sometimes. He’s not broken. :D I moved him that early because it would be easier to read to him and let him fall asleep there. He’s impossible to put down without waking him up. I wish I’d waited a little bit longer until he’d learned to not get up at night. We spent the next year and a half with him wandering in our room and crawling into bed with us. :D Not that waiting necessarily would have helped. Plus he thrashes a lot and kept hitting his head and feet on the sides. (Now he just hits his head into the wall. Oh well!)

    There isn’t one right way to do things. It’s not like there’s a schedule.

    Don’t worry about how other people do things. Do what’s right for you and your kids. :) And if you’re wrong, you’re wrong. It’s just a bed. :P My son will figure out what to do with one before he moves out. :D Who cares if he figures it out now or in a year?

    Best of luck with her pooping, too. I have no help for that, though. Just tell everyone to back off. My son wasn’t potty trained until he was 3.5. ;) There’s no race to be potty trained.

  • christy

    I know it will probably just bring a new onslaught of emails from haters, but we need new photos with the new SUPA DUPA BIG GIRL BED!

  • http://aprkjo.farvista.net/wordpress April

    Congrats to Leta!!!

  • http://www.snickrsnack.com Snickrsnack Katie

    My sister went out of town when her daughter was 13 months old, only to come back to find that her husband had transformed the crib into a bed. The baby loved it. My sister? Not so much. Her baby had disappeared and had been replaced with this person who was now sleeping in a big kid bed. I know my brother in law purposely waited for her to be out of town to get the kid in a real bed, because if it were up to her? Yeah, her baby would have stayed in a crib a lot longer.

  • http://web.mac.com/hxquarter/iWeb/KnitMongrel/blog/blog.html KnitMongrel

    My little brother was breast-fed until he was three. My little sister is now three, and my father and stepmother are 62 and 55 respectively (my sister is adopted from China). I hear all the time about how unfair it is that she has such old parents (I know, aren’t they cruel?), and how crazy my stepmother must have been to breast feed my brother for so long.

    I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I only recently found your blog, so here’s my first comment – screw the critical. Screw ‘em all. These are the same people who believe gay marriage is somehow causing Global Warming.

    Your daughter is absolutely, gasp-inducingly beautiful. I cannot possibly fathom that some of your readers have so much time on their hands that they can write in expressing “concern” that your daughter is (well, was) still in a crib.

    I wish I had that kind of time.

    Congrats on the milestone. I’m jealous of the bed. Mine doesn’t have a cool bench on the end.

  • heathabee

    yo… I want that bed!

  • Amy

    That is the best looking toddler bed I’ve ever seen. Excellent choice…

    Now all you have to do is get her potty trained and you’re done until she wants to drive (I have to get rid of the pacifier and then I’m done)!

    Congrats to all!

  • Buendia

    LOVE that bed! I’m an architect, so I can say this professionally: the bed is well-designed, well-proportioned, not fussy.

    It was such a pain in the butt trying to create a little girl’s room in our contemporary home… finally settled on a purple shag rug, one green wall and these cool wall stickers called freckles http://www.modernseed.com/freckles.html.

    When our daughter is ready for the big-girl bed, we have Leta’s bed bookmarked… it’ll be perfect!

  • http://happy-green-tea.livejournal.com esther

    “…many great memories of her, that little screaming frog who screamed a lot every day with the screaming.”

    i laughed until someone walked by and made fun of me for seemingly laughing at nothing.

  • http://annecv.blogspot.com annecv

    Love the bed. I was even more excited about it until I realized that I vastly exceeded the weight-bearing capacity of said bed and that it did not come in a king-sized version. Still, it’s awesome.

    I love the bench at the end. Perfect for holding Dora New Books, Elmos, and several sippy cups of tequila.

    Leta’s progression up the ladder of childhood is so amazing to watch – thank you for including her in your blogging life. I want a child that effervescent. WITH TEQUILA.

  • http://mccathy.blogspot.com/ Cathy

    Ah – the push for the big bed. I don’t know why so many parents are in such a hurry. My brother had both his kids out by 18 months…and not because they were climbers. It was like a race to grow up. And neither one of those kids sleeps very well.
    I must say, I give all the credit to the smooth transition to your parenting with the help of the Sleep Book. (Healthy Sleep Habits…). Our son is two and half and still in his crib and never fights bedtime thanks to that book (and our parenting). We’re expecting another so will have to move him at some point…unless we just get another crib. They could both stay in there until they’re five, right???

  • slouching mom

    Leta, Leta. She is a funny girl. (Well of course she’s funny, because you’re funny, and well, so.) My nine-year-old was the same way about his crib; he never tried to get out. This personality trait has endured — he’s a compliant, easygoing kid.

    When we did finally buy him a bed (last month), it took him ONE YEAR to realize he could leave it. One day he just appeared in the hallway during naptime, and he was as astonished as I was that he was there. He had this cat-who-swallowed-the-canary look, as if he had learned to build a suspension bridge while he napped.

    I wonder how long it will take Leta to leave her bed?

  • Max’smomSarah

    That bed is so cool! Thanks for including the link to where you bought it. I wasn’t going to consider a toddler bed for when Max transitions out of his crib until I saw the one you got for Leta. I’m glad she’s made the switch smoothly!

    Loved the tequila comment!

  • OMG!

    You mean you didn’t buy her this one? http://tinyurl.com/7b85t
    What kind of mother are you?

  • http://wendrina.blogspot.com wendy

    Man, I’ll never be able to introduce my kids to tequila, but that’s because tequila hates me. It hates me a lot.

    All my kids were in the crib until 2.5 or later, and only left it because they wanted to or were being booted out forcibly for a new baby.

  • http://www.meninaprons.net meninaprons

    Heather that is an awesome looking toddler bed. Enjoy the toddler bed years. They are so much fun.

    Our sons were like Leta. They never cared to climb out. Just one of life’s mysteries.

  • MDZ

    I’ve been reading you for months now and LOVE your tongue-in-cheek humor. So many of us have been in the same parenting situations you have, we just haven’t had the courage to post it on the internet for God and everybody to read.

    Leta is a beautiful child and in the photos you post you can tell she loves you and Jon with all she’s got.

    Leta’s new toddler bed totally rocks! I wish something like that had been available in my area when I needed one for my now 6 year old daughter. Totally cool. Shabby chic. Way better than the white metal tube looking thing we had.

  • http://misha-pooh.blogspot.com Mish

    great bed and so nice that Leta loves it. You see, this just might prove what an awful, horrible mother you are. though I was cautious to the point of scooting down a 2″ step to the patio I did manage to fall out of my crib. Turns out that this waa something that all the “gifted and talented” kids in my class had in common. Msybe it coulnt hurt too much to drop her on her head. God, or lack thereof, I am NOT evil. Ask your parents if you ever fell on your head as a toddler. I was much younger and flelxible than leta though….so maybe its just an obviously bad idea. See – now I might get hatemail instead of you :)

  • http://melinor.blogspot.com MelanieinOrygun

    Man, that is an awesome toddler bed. I want that bed for me, forget any toddlers.

  • http://pungsnotded.blogspot.com/ pungsnotded

    That is one nifty bed. I love the little bench at the end. And lucky, you, to have a little one that is not a climber!!

  • TJames

    Yay for the ease… I also had an easy switch after finding my 18 month old with one bare foot on each of the rails, naked except for a cowboy hat, holding his stuffie BabyPony and screaming “WHOOOO HOOOO! RIDE EM’ COWBOY!!” while he bounced like he was on the most buckingest bull in America. How he, or, more importantly, my nerves survived must have been part of the contract when I sold my soul to the devil. He was in a big boy bed that night with nary a complication.
    I’m glad that Leta has such a pretty bed to tumble into dreamland in.

  • http://table4five.net Elizabeth

    I love that bed so much more than the typical plastic toddler beds. And the bench on the end is so cute, the perfect place to sit and read books. Congratulations to Leta on making the transition so easily!

  • Jackie

    Aww great milestone. Mine was one of the “early climbers” so she switched out early, but no I can’t think of what lifelong trauma it might inflict to leave your kid in their crib until they’re 3 or something. Anyway, cute bed. Mine also decided the floor was more comfortable than her bed for the first few weeks as well so a big “high five” to Leta for realizing her bed is a much better place to sleep :)

  • My Name Is Amanda

    Damn that bed is cute. Jess is still in a crib (we call it a cot in Australia, don’t ask me why) and we are in no rush to move her to a bed – we enjoy being able to decide when she gets out of bed, not vice versa.

  • http://bluestalking.typepad.com Bluestalking Reader

    You were so right not to rush Leta into the big girl bed. We rushed my daughter, because there was another baby on the way, and my hand to god it was one of the worst things we ever did. She threw a fit every single night, but we stood firm. She kicked and screamed herself to sleep, she cried and cried, but the baby had the crib and that was that. She still sleeps for crap and she’s THIRTEEN YEARS OLD…

    Keep trusting your gut instincts. It’s right 99.9% of the time.

  • http://www.creatrixblog.com Creatrix

    What a great big-girl bed. How does it fit in the room? Can we see a pic?

  • http://juliloquy.typepad.com/ juliloquy

    Hey, congratulations! We’re nearing this transition ourselves, and now have a deadline as we’ll need the crib for the new kid in 7.5 months. Wish us luck that it goes as well at our house as it did for Leta.

  • http://www.thisisnotachair.net/blog Chair

    You’d think Leta and my Spud were separated at birth, except for the hair and 8 months age difference and other stuff. She’s 27 months and is happy as a pickle to be in her crib, has not once made any indication of wanting to climb out of her own accord, and will, instead, spend hours quietly talking to herself in there in lieu of naptime when the mood strikes her.

    We’re more likely to kick her out when/if we have another Spud than we are to just because she’s 13.

  • http://themetamorph.com The Metamorph

    Wow, what a cool bed! Congratulations on an easy transition.

    Please share your favorite interior design/shopping sites one day, because I can never find The Cool Stuff.

    And also? You get funnier with every post.

  • http://www.lulumiko.typepad.com Jamie Hircock

    You should see the looks I get when people find out that we use a crib tent to keep my 21 month son IN the crib. I plan on using that sucker for as long as possible! Do you think it’s weird for a 15 year old to sleep in a crib?

  • Megan

    I love that bed! I wish I could go back in time 1 year to when I transitioned my 3 year old into a bed! We had an equally easy time, and now we never worry about toddlers roaming the house while we sleep because our dog helpfully wakes us up with a loving growl whenever our son is up before we are.


  • Roshi

    i LOVE this bed! it’s so toddler chic! is it IKEA? i would sleep in this bed instead of ‘grown-up’ beds! happy belated birthdat Leta and may you have many sound nights and sweet dreams in your new bed!

  • http://justchickenfeed.com justchickenfeed

    Congrats on the big move to the toddler bed. I wonder what Catherine thinks of the bed. Too sterile and clean for her tastes, I’m sure. My kids have always transitioned into their big kid beds just fine. Probably because they know that within 10 minutes they will be climbing into mine!

  • http://www.muthahood.com HeadMutha

    What a great looking bed! I wish I would of seen that one for my girls!

  • bev

    Pah! All these milestones and all those nasty emails about how far behind you supposedly are have forced me to log in and post. I shoulda done that earlier about the potty post, but hell…I was busy comforting my EIGHT year old daughter who still has poo problems and encouraging her to drink some water. Anyway…

    My youngest boy HOWLED when we took his crib out of his room. Even though he referred to it as his “cage.” As in: “Why you take away my caaaaage? I wub my caaaage!” The only way he’d go for a big bed is if he was able to abscond with half of his older brother’s room (and stuff) and the bottom bunk. Heh. He’s good, that one.

  • http://www.encryptedentry.us dmcclell2000

    “Oh, Leta, I know. Wait until I introduce you to tequila.”

    This had me laughing out loud…lol.

  • http://flubberwinkle.blogspot.com/ Flubberwinkle

    Glad the transition went smoothly. Leta’s the coolest kid. The bed rocks too.

    Happy (belated) three to little Leta!

  • http://magiccookie.blogspot.com/ CM

    Heather, I have been reading for a while but haven’t commented much. I have nothing to say about cribs and beds, but I did want to comment that I love how you turned this story into a mini-tale of suspense with a surprise happy ending.

  • http://faydean.typepad.com amy Jacobs

    We did the EXACT same thing as you. We waited until our oldest was three. And in truth, if it hadn’t been for the fact that we were having another child and I needed to get her into a bed in a new room, I wouldn’t have pushed it then either. She did climb out and we took the side rail off for safety until her big bed came. But, just for the same reasons you gave, we just let the crib fly until something changed the need. Second kid…need was there. I know alot of moms who moved their kid to a bed as a young toddler (as in a year old or so) just because they thought they had to…not that they climbed out or anything. I thought those people were nuts. A small child, just learned to walk, having full access to the house…at NIGHT while there is supposed to be sleep going on. Poor sods. I’m doing the same thing with kid two…wait until the need arises. She just turned two and LOVES her crib. She sits in there conducting her own world experiments, oblivious to the need to escape. Perfect, perfect child. Bars are good! Chic toddler beds are even better. Great find! Love the bed. That’s why Leta isn’t getting out of it…she’s contemplating her next post modernist furniture purchase. I’d love to see a pic of it in her room sometime. And what bedding you used. I bet its darling.

  • claire

    I too could not find a bed I liked, My son never climbed out of the crib so I was in no rush to give up peace of mind! Aidan used to stand up every morning and yell,”Mommy come get your boy”. I also did’nt want to give that up, so cute. Well he is 15 now and I kid him he’d still be in the crib if I had’nt found a bed I liked. He is a freshman at boarding school and he has a hammock rigged up, I swear he’s still trying to get back to the crib!

    PS no judgement on the Boarding School anyone, he wanted to go. He did’nt think the local schools were challenging enough.

  • http://starshinereport.blogspot.com Star Shine

    Yea! I’m so glad it was an easy transition!

    Free shipping rocks.

  • http://www.randomandodd.com Kristine

    why the hell did I ever take my children out of their cribs? Now they are 16, 2 13 year olds, 10 and 8…and OHhhh how I miss having then contained in one room.

  • katerino

    Fantastic bed! We had to put our not yet 2 year old in a big girl bed right after the holidays, as we’re expecting baby #2 any day. We’ve not had the luck you have had, and I’m totally envious! My daughter likes to get out of her bed and play with her toys until one of us comes in to holler at her. She always acts like she’s terribly surprised to see us – “OH, hi!” And the best was the other day when she woke up (we keep a gate on her door so she doesn’t throw pans down the basement steps) I went in to get her after she called out, and she looked right at me and said, “Get back in bed RIGHT NOW, mommy!” I guess she’s learning.

    and yes, please post pictures of the new bed in use!!

  • Ken

    I’m sorry to say, but the Internet does not deliver beds to your house; it’s not a big truck…

    It is series of tubes!

  • Joel

    Excellent. Sam was almost 3 by the time we bought him a new bed and we only did it because the baby was on the way and the crib was needed in the other room. I like that bed, much better than the cheapo bed rails we have to use. Also, don’t let them get you down about the potty training. Ours is so lazy about it he stated that he might switch from diapers when he turns 5. He’s now 40months (yes, I did that just to make you do the math).

    PS Make sure it’s good tequila, not that crappy stuff most 3 yr olds settle for.

  • http://causaleffect.blogspot.com/ causaleffect

    “Wait until I introduce you to tequila.”
    At least you do have a grasp of the future. And when you and Leta get to share that shot or two of Tequilla, you can laugh your asses off about her day in 5th grade and your day blogging. I can’t wait until that blog post. LOVE IT, every bit of it!

  • http://www.nemiller.com N. E. Miller

    It’s amazing how we build ourselves up to events with our kids that end up being so anticlimactic. My wife and I were so paranoid about making the switch from crib to bed — but the addition of a second child made it necessary. Just like Leta, our little girl was momentarily excited and then just slept in her toddler bed like nothing had changed. Now if we could just conquer the potty training, life would be golden…

  • redthewitch75

    What a cool bed! (Oh, and I finally figured out how to post comments! Uh, obviously, eh?)

  • http://justnicky.wordpress.com nickyp

    Some people really don’t have enough to worry about, do they? If the kid’s happy in a cot/crib why rush them out of it? People get far too hung up on pushing kids through milestones.

    My son, Finn, moved into a bed at about 2 and a half because he’d started to climb out of his cot and the bed seemed much safer. If not for that he’d still be in the cot now, at 3 yrs, 4 mths. And I wouldn’t have to worry about putting the cot back together for his little sister who is due in March.

    That’s a great bed you got Leta. I found it really hard too to find kids’ beds that aren’t horrible or ridiculously expensive. Finn’s is a bit of a compromise – I don’t really like it, but it was the best we could find at the time.

  • Gretchie

    Wow! How awesome about the smooth transition. I broke my 2 year old free of the crib… she didn’t like all those bars, not that she climb out, but she hated it. I took the side off (it’s one of those convertible jobs) and… she stays put. I guess she likes keeping her options open. Kids are funny that way. Unfortunately for us, she still makes her way into our bed every night between 2 and 4am. Maybe she’s still too much a baby, maybe she’s just too spoiled. Whatever. It’s not the the entire night. *shrug*

    Oh, and dig that bench action. Can’t wait to see action shots!