• Seajay

    I’m so glad you had such an easy time with this. My son started climbing out of the crib about a week or so after I first saw you mention that Leta hadn’t started to. Since we had a convertible crib, we quickly changed it into a toddler bed. Since then he has gotten out of the bed almost every night. We have to sit outside of his door at bedtime until he falls asleep or he’ll keep getting up. We have to sit out there at least an hour every night. Nap times aren’t fun either. He’ll be three at the end of April, but we’re already planning to move him into a full size bed. There’s only about a foot of space left on the bed when he lies on it (he’s quite tall.) I’m hoping we have as easy of a time with this as you seem to have has with the toddler bed.

  • http://www.queenofdysfunction.blogspot.com Steph Matulich

    Why are other people so concerned about how you raise Leta? I mean, really. What happened to the good old days when you could beat the hell out of your kids and nobody would say a thing until the little ingrates were old enough to dial up the police themselves?

    Some people…

  • http://vitaminsea.typepad.com Laura S

    Leta was a “little screaming frog” ?!? LOL, PRICELESS, Heather! I wish I’d thought of that nick when my girls were little.

    They’re teenagers now, so maybe it’s not too late to use it anyway. ;)

    And that’s the coolest bed, ever!

  • http://www.moosh.nu/ Jenny

    That bed is so cute.

  • CuteIvan

    My son is 30 months old and still in his crib. I didn’t realize it was such a big deal. And he did climb out once about 6 months ago, but hasn’t since. Immediately afterwards I bought some sort of encapsulation device (zip on tent crib cover) but never installed it. One of these days we’ll make the transition to a toddler bed; for now, I’m too chicken. I enjoy having him encaged at night. Like Leta, he cries out at night for me, too, although he says things like “I need the telephone!”

  • http://www.kirida.com hello insomnia

    All that bed needs is a mini-fridge at the foot of it so I can store all the booze I’ll need to get through the post-crib transition.

  • http://www.frenzieddaddy.com/ rustifer

    That is an awesome bed.

    Hope you’re not exhausted from so much blinking. I wanted to comment on your “why haven’t you potty trained Leta” post but typekey was too daunting. My post there can be summed up in one sentence: Our ten year old is still required to inform us when she poops.”

    Leta will be fine. And I hope your sense of humour about yourself shows her an excellent way to deal with criticisms that idiots aim at her. You’re an excellent role model for her.

  • http://www.myspace.com/acleex38 ACLeex

    We had an easy crib-to-bed transition…until she decided to leave the room. So stage 1 was “baby gate” – 2 year old leaves bed, opens door, WHAM! babygate action.

    Now, she can easily climb the babygate. Not a big deal until this past Thanksgiving. So…Stage 2 – reverse the door handle so the room locks from the outside. We had a few scares where we *thought* we’d locked the door and she still got out. “Lockpicking Toddler” was not something we were ready for. But it was just more parental negligance on our part and nothing to worry about. Now, we don’t even have to lock the door – she just sits in bed and hollars for us. We don’t get “WIPE MY NOSE” – we get “MY NOSE IS YUCKY” or occasionally “I WANNA WATCH DORA!”

    Good luck – I know what you mean about being in love with the toddler version of your frog, as we have been celebrating much of the same with our monkey. Thanks again for sharing so much with the rest of us.

  • Alsbonbongirl

    Way to go!

    But I personally need to find this one http://tinyurl.com/2ny2pj that M to the D O Double G posted in a king size.

    That bed kicks ass

  • http://www.redneckscottsdaleprincess.blogspot.com liisemignon

    Does that bed come in king size?

  • http://crumleydotorg.chattablogs.com mrscrumley

    Our son is two and still behind bars, but they are German bars. His bed came from my parent’s neighbors in Germany. This is a crib that is very low to the ground. He can climb in and out of it and I feel very safe with him in it.

    Here is the thing. He can climb in and out of it, but he rarely does. Instead, at 6:30 in the morning I hear through the baby monitor, “Mommy, where ARE u? Mommy? Where are you, mommy?” over and over.

    I love Leta’s new bed. It totally suits your style.

  • rose

    i love your style heather! you are hysterically funny and you brighten my day, and on the other end of the spectrum, after reading some of your posts my heart aches with you, and i want to give you a hug and share stuff that’s helped me.
    i think leta is soo very beautiful. i miss my girl (all grown up – just the testosterone, adrenalin riddled boys home now)) and i love reliving that time of my life through you, jon and your girl.

  • JessicaP

    “Wipe my nose” is so much sweeter than what my younger brother screamed out whenever he needed something, “Hey, somebody, come wipe my hiney-hole” in a very sing-song voice.

  • CJ

    That is a cool bed. No wonder Leta liked it.

    You have wood floors, right? One thing I both love and dread is the THUD, patter patter patter, Mommy I awake! that my almost 3 year old does. So when Leta does figure out she can climb down on her own you will at least be rewarded with that cute sound sequence. I hope so.

  • NixMom

    Another cold and sterile piece of furniture for Leta’s room. JOKING!

    Looks great. Congrats Leta for being a big girl~

  • mau

    Leta Rocks!!!

    She seems so mellow and content. I guess it pays off to actually grow up with your parents and not in a day care situation.

    While we have to go to work, our soon-to-be-born kid will have his grandma take care of him for the summer, and then, when he grows up a bit more, he’ll be off to daycare.

    You guys are lucky!!! And you’ve earned it!

    Congratulations on the new bed! =)

  • SarahsMama

    Our daughter is 2 and has never tried climbing out. I have had a few people ask me why we haven’t switched her over yet. I feel like everyone is in such a hurry about things sometimes. She doesn’t mind where she is sleeping so we’ll make the switch when we think she’s ready.
    Surely won’t still fit in her crib when she is 10.
    (joke people….just a joke)
    The transition is going so well for you because you and Jon are just plain awesome and how could it be anything but good?

  • http://www.agirlandaboy.com leahkay

    I appreciate that the bed is close enough to the ground as to foil any monsters who might like to hide under it.

  • http://www.paintingchef.com PaintingChef

    That is adorable. But, um, when you introduce her to tequila then please for the love of all that is good and chocolatey will you include video?

  • http://www.omarphillips.net omar

    My wife and I are just starting to have this talk. My son turned 2 in November. He absolutely COULD get out of his crib, but he doesn’t. I actually think he likes it in there. We’re not in any hurry to take that joy away from him.

    The dilemma is that I don’t want to wait until he realizes how great it is to roam free in his room to switch him over to a “big boy bed.” Because if he already knows how fun it is to roam unsupervised, he’ll do it all the time. If we make the change while he’s still in the “bed is fun” frame of mind, we’re hoping that he’ll stay put.

  • http://www.thejoyof.blogspot.com thejoyof

    Oooooh, bitchy Catherine is going to hate this!

    I, on the other hand, think this will fit in perfectly in Leta’s room – very nice indeed.

  • http://workman.blogspot.com Workman

    Allow me to add to the congrats on the transition.

    I’m impressed that Jon was able to put it together. We had so many problems putting together out cribs that we actually had to bring in a professional. It was quite emasculating.

  • Abra Cat

    That’s an awesome bed! My now 3 1/2 year old co-slept with us up until he was about 3, and went from there to sharing a bunk bed with his older brother. It’s been mostly successful, although like Leta, he likes to occasionally call out to me in the middle of the night for mundane things, like covering him with the blanket, or picking up his toy off the floor. I hadn’t really thought about it as “come show your face” but that’s as good a theory as any (another would be “I’m too lazy to get my own damn blanket and toy”).

    Oh, and god bless sliced bread!

  • http://carmensincity.blogspot.com CarmenSinCity

    You should enable comments more often! this is fun! I voted for you for the blog awards. I looooove the bed. How adorable. I’m glad you had an easy transition – she’s so cute!

  • http://www.gollygolly.com faustina

    OMG – I hate you! Not really, just because today, the very day you post about your fortunate luck to keep Leta in her crib until the age of 3, my little rough ‘n tumble anything is possible with these amazing limbs called arms and legs 2 year old boy climbed out of his crib. I am in the process of ordering an amazing super low loft bed from Ikea (I am side stepping the generic toddler crap completely) and hoping not to hear toilets flushing, pans dropping, knives stabbing during the night. Wish me luck. By the way, love your choice bed, I never thought of you as the butterfly unicorn type.

  • http://bluebirds.wordpress.com sarahekite


  • smiffy

    Thats great! The fact that the transition was so easy is a good indicator that she was ready and your waiting was definitely the right thing to do!

  • http://www.icemycake.com Amanda Cowan

    I will build a crib in my daughters dorm room at College if she wants. She has no desire to get out either. In fact, most of the time she spends trying to get back in. Oh I can’t believe Leta is in a toddler bed!! She’s growing so fast!

  • Millie

    I, for one, don’t think it’s wrong that a (just) three year old is sleeping in a crib, since she wasn’t climbing out. Just for the record….

    Our older daughter too was never a climber. We moved her to a big girl bed when she was two, because her sister was to be born any day. She’d wake up every morning and call for us, just like when she was in her crib. I think she was over 2 and 1/2 before it finally occurred to her that she herself could climb out on her own. Those were the days…

    My younger daughter is much more physical and much less trustworthy out on her own (think toothbrush in toilet, every chance she gets) so she’ll be staying in her crib for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

    Cool bed!

  • rbiggs

    Enjoy this new era. My daughter only got sprung from her crib due to a new baby ruining her life! I believe that she didn’t even know that she could get out of it. She would lie awake and yell “Mama, I’m awake.” We never let her think that it should be any other way. She is now 10 and back to being difficult to get out of bed again.

  • http://www.ittybit.blogspot.com Toyfoto

    I. Am. So. Jealous.

    The the screaming frog at the edge of our bed (on my side) in the middle of the night (EVERY NIGHT) is quite a treat.

  • http://www.mrstito.blogspot.com MrsTito

    Congrats! We finally moved our muffin to a big girl bed a month ago, and were (and still are) pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. Now, I’m just hoping that one day she’ll tell me she’s ready for the potty and it’ll be over that easy. I can dream right?

  • http://family.masson.us Amy

    I didn’t move my son out of his crib until he was 3, only because he liked his crib. I had a friend that moved her kid out of the crib at 12 months of age, and I still have nightmares about putting a one year old in a toddler bed!

  • Kate

    Oh! But what about your adorable Shabby Chic bins that hold Elmos and Doras?? What are they going to do without a crib to live under?? (????)

    I am shallow. I realize.

    Yay for the easy transition for Leta. And that is one rockin’ bed. I really like it.

  • Kmom

    Congratulations on a smooth transition into a very cool bed! I am always more apprehensive about changes like that with my daughter than she ever seems to be. But then she’ll scream about something that’s not big deal to make up for it many times over. Anyway . . . we just moved our daughter from the toddler bed into a big double bed. That transition made me teary-eyed, where, like you, the change from crib to toddler bed didn’t really effect me. I really love my toddler, the baby times weren’t that super! Now she’s almost 3 and taking away that little bed was hard to do! (We need the mattress from it for the crib – new baby on the way).

  • JennJenn

    That’s a great bed and all and I’m super-duper-pooper happy for you both that she is loving her new bed..but…HOLY CRAP I SO cannot get over the Hunter Gatherer post. That is SUCH a typical man thing to say and I am STILL laughing about it.

    Could I USE anymore BOLD typing in this ENTRY??

  • cakebaker

    funny, isn’t it? i expected it to be a huge deal for our daughter too, but she hopped right in. and we went from crib to twin bed at age 2 1/2. although, if i’d seen a bed as cool as that one, she’d be taking it with her to college.

  • Birdy

    I LOVE that bed. I want one for myself…the bench is just want I always wanted, but have no room for.

    My little one, Lorelei, was in a toddler bed by 18 months because by 12 months she could climb out of the crib. BUT she rolled around her crib so much while she slept I was wary about taking off the bars. When we finally got her big girl bed: she still rolled all over, but not as much…so we put pillows on the floor to cushion the inevitable fall. Past month or so she now comes to our bed every night: screaming until she is cuddled up next to me and it’s as if the screeches didn’t jolt me awake. Thankfully she doesn’t roll as much any more and I’m not constantly hit with flailing baby arms. And she is super cuddly.

  • http://smoness.livejournal.com smoness

    Couldn’t she just wipe her nose with the new bedding? Much more efficient, and I’m pretty sure no one would notice with the lime green in the color scheme and all.

  • http://rivetergirl.blogspot.com rivetergirl

    Great toddler bed!

    I don’t see what the rush is to move kids out of the crib. My daughter was just like Leta. She never tried any x-treme climbing maneuvers to scale the walls of her crib. I don’t think that it ever dawned on her that she could try to climb out. Instead she would call out, “Mommy, Daddy, I awake,” in her little sing-songy voice. We converted her crib to a toddler bed well past her 3rd birthday.

    Just recently we moved her from the nursery room, which is attached to our room, to her very, own, big-girl room. She’s 6-1/2.

    We never pushed her into any of these changes, instead we waited until we were ALL ready. It was great.

    And the best part is that it saves your back from having to haul her over the crib rail!.

    Congrats on the smooth transition.

  • t*love

    Congratulations! I’m so glad to hear the transition has gone well for you. Hooray for good kids!

  • http://goingtothecountry.blogspot.com Territorial

    With my daughter, we took a simple approach and just put the box spring and mattress right on the floor. Apparenlty, we were evil according out our mother’s. Son,when he was ready, got an actual twin bed. They both adjusted well to it. Congrats on the easy transition!

  • Erika Haub

    I was amazed at what a non-event this was for our daughter too. However, we now have to unscrew the lightbulb in her room because she will crawl to the foot of her bed where the light switch is in excellent reach (her bed is pretty high off the gorund) and she will flip on the light and start singing her baby brother’s name (who sleeps in a crib about a foot away) until he wakes up. No manner of discipline could penetrate her delight in doing this each night–thus the unscrewed lighbulb.

  • http://verygeorge.com/ GEORGE!

    That bedspread pattern? Pretty sure I have that one too, but it’s on my boxers.

  • ColleenS

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment, for both of you. When she sets it up with all her Dora books, please post a picture.

  • http://amylynn1313.blogspot.com Amy

    “Wait until I introduce you to tequila.” This made me laugh out loud. My 5 year old received her toddler bed only because we gave her crib to a friend. She’d likely still be in it.

  • Mindola

    Clearly another example of how well Heather knows her little girl and knew what would be best for Leta and when it would be best for Leta.

    Take that Mean-Know-It-All-Accusatory-Mothers!

    (Way to sleep in the big girl bed Leta !)

  • http://www.groovymarlin.com Groovymarlin

    Awesome bed. Congratulations on passing another milestone. I often wonder at what point my little froggy will need a real bed, but right now I’m more clueless about when she needs to really start drinking from a sippy cup, and when should I start making her wear shoes.

  • http://www.cheechoo.net/ eatbitter

    Thanks for sharing this bed story just as I was thinking it was time to start looking around for my son.

  • M to the D O Double G

    cute bed. thanks for not choosing this one: