• http://www.catsaremyfave.blogspot.com Amy

    Best part of travelling to Europe and Sth America? The bidets. For all their lack of other toilet cleanliness (the loo paper goes where? In a BUCKET???) the bidet makes up for it.
    Dad used to tell us they were for cleaning your feet when you came in from the beach. Then he would snicker and watch us splashing away. Is that weird?

  • http://www.loraleighvance.com/blog Loraleigh

    My dad told us the EXACT same thing! Hmmmmm, wonder if it was all part of an evil plan…

  • Jennifer Erdosy

    i so totally want one of these. someday when i save my sheckels – i’ll promise DH his big-screen TV if i can only have a heated toilet seat to wash my ass after i aggravate my hemis… after all, it’s his monster children that gave them to me!

  • Deborah

    This is what I want most of all.

  • http://www.jannysplace.blogspot.com Jan

    OH YEAH…gotta get me a Loo Loo.

  • http://www.dilettanteindistress.blogspot.com krista

    Amazing. We may have been the first on the moon, but we completely missed out on the toilet revolution.

  • http://www.craftwhack.com Jeanette

    Yes. I love your damn blog.

  • http://www.martybanana.com Marty Banana

    I gotta get me one of those!

    But first I gotta get me some 30-foot-high ceilings, because I don’t want to break the light fittings with my head.

  • http://2witchesblog.wordpress.com mama kelly

    OMGs that is one of the funniest things I think I have seen in a long long time. I can’t wait to show hubby!

  • http://www.peglegstarfish.com Julie in Houston

    That is one freakin’ fancy toilet!

    I feel really bad about myself knowing that I never have and never will make a face like that….ever!

    WTG Heather. :(


  • http://goaliej54.blogspot.com Jessica

    LMAO! (And hopefully someday, Loo-Looing my ass off.)

  • Anonymous

    That video really grew on me! reminds me of my friend’s husband’s obsession with his bidet!

  • http://bipolarbearsohmy.blogspot.com Jodie

    Wow, this might be better than anti-psychotic drugs! I might be able to be normal again if I had one of these or a washlet. Throw away those anti-depressants and get a looloo or washlet!!! I NEED ONE.

  • http://dropdeadchris.blogspot.com/ drop.dead.chris

    im speechless! that is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

  • Hotpants2000

    This really does get funnier each time you watch it. I know, because over the course of the day, I must have watched it at least 15 times.

  • Kelly

    Does the Toto version clean the lid? That’s an issue I hate … “hovering” as someone calls the air squat LOL. But I only feel safe while I hover, getting a good glute/hamstring/quad workout as I go … multitasking, eh? If I kiss the seat with my backside, I feel I’m risking some bacterial/viral thing – or heaven forbid, could I get an STD??? …
    Dry-wiped toilets are still dirty. Sell me a great solution for cleaning the lids in public facilities, and I’ll buy that …

  • http://minjenah.blogspot.com/ Min

    It is a Korean commercial. Having used something similiar to a Loo Loo I will tell you the faces are true. They have warm water to wash you as well as warm air to dry you.

    Totally awesome.

  • Pascha

    What happened to the monthly newsletters? Have you stopped doing them?

  • http://www.ieatmypigeon.wordpress.com Liv

    The commercials are a safety measure, as one must be primed before using such a toilet. The buttons are, of course, not in English and if you are like my visiting brother, completely unfamiliar with such Asian toilets and curious as to what the funny buttons are, you will press and be greeted by an extremely unpleasant surprise.

    On another note, I happen to live in Japan and I am constantly amazed at how a country can have, sometimes even in the same bathroom, a toilet like the Loo Loo and in the next stall over, a filthy squatter. Why?

  • Doocefanclubmember

    Oh those Koreans….never a dull moment…LITERALLY

  • http://www.talda.com/blog talda

    is it bad that as soon as i saw the korean writing i KNEW it would be worth my time to click play? because that’s exactly what i did.

    i love my korean brethren.

  • http://erinjarvis.com Erin The Great

    If only my toilet made me make those faces…I know a shower head that might.

  • http://www.caitlynnicholas.com Cait

    A song stuck in your head is called an earworm. Just thought I’d stop by and share.


  • Jane

    Lol, I remember seeing this commercial in Korea. ^-^ True, those toilets keep you HAPPY. Although, the random ‘squat-till-you-drop’ toilets will pop up once in a while and amazes me that those two toilets can exist in harmony.

    Ahhh, I love Korea.

  • http://gorgeousfootstepsinthesand.blogspot.com/ Katelin

    Gotta love a song with toilets, haha.

  • Anonymous

    So my husband and I just got back from a vacation to South Korea and Japan. Some of the hotels we stayed at had these toilet seats. We both found the pre-warmed seats, a little disconcerting.

    However, these toilets were much more preferable to the eastern-style toilets we ran in to, which were basically porcelain holes in the ground. Good times, especially when wearing pants. :)

  • http://dailypiglet.wordpress.com/ piglet

    i missed out on the action, the video is no longer available. got anything else for me that could be the most fantastic 35 seconds of my life? hee.

  • win

    Kelly said: “Dry-wiped toilets are still dirty. Sell me a great solution for cleaning the lids in public facilities, and I’ll buy that …”
    I live in Japan and a lot of public toilets have a disinfectant dispenser on the wall which u spray onto TP to wipe the seats before using.

    One note to moms or moms-to-be; having a bidet totally saved my life while recovering from giving birth. No painful wiping of sore areas, & you feel SO MUCH cleaner at a time when u probably can’t hit the shower as often as you’d like.

  • http://blog-stipation.blogspot.com/ Blog-Stipated

    What I never really got about bidets is that, fair enough they clean your bum, but then you’re just left with a wet bum. You still have to wipe it dry anyways.

    I dunno. I am just an ignorant Aussie. We don’t have bidets here. Most of the time we don’t even worry about using toilet paper, the smell keeps the flies away from our face.

  • Scott K

    I want one too!


    If only I had about $700 to spend on this! Screw that new laptop!

  • http://my-mundane-musings.blogspot.com/ Melek

    what in the world? hahaha…that’s crazy. and we thought the “herbal essence” commercials were risque!

  • http://believeintheflowers.blogspot.com KAS

    Going back and watching this again has made for an awesome birthday for me (I’m 22 today!). You still rock.

  • http://hippobrigade.com Hippo Brigade

    That is the same exact face I make right after I take a dump too, weird.

  • http://www.danajoywyzard.blogspot.com http://www.danajoywyzard.blogspot.com

    LoCal……it is odd that you would downgrade something as simple as a bidet when it is obviously the very thing that you NEED in your shallow, up-tight life.

  • http://www.thejadednyer.net The Jaded NYer

    OK… so where can I get one because that IS exactly what’s missing from my life! Who needs a man when this fabulous bidet is on the market??

  • http://www.gorkyrises.com gorky

    Yes – but now can you post an instructional video on how these darn things work? Seriously. They are everywhere out here and I even have one in my apartment. But… But…

    It scares me…

  • Anonymous

    Holy smeeps, Japanese pop culture never gets old. That was fawesome.

  • http://spicycabbage.org Jenny

    That’s a korean commercial I’ve seen many a time in my day. But for some reason it’s not as funny airing live on korean tv as it is playing on your website.

    Those things suck anyway; they may clean you off without toilet paper but then you’re butt/thighs are all wet and you have to use toilet paper anyway, if not more than usual.

  • http://mizmell.blogspot.com mizmell

    They look tickled, for sure. I was giggling by the end (come to think of it, they were giggling by the end, too, weren’t they?).

  • http://NorthJerseyDad.blogspot.com NorthJerseyDad

    If getting the Loo-Loo is going to cause reactions like that, then put me down for 2.

    It’d be great if it played the Loo-Loo jingle as I was sitting down to take care of business.

    Check out http://NorthJerseyDad.blogspot.com

  • Erica

    for someone who makes a living off blogging, you don’t update very much..
    just saying

  • amber

    will there ever be another newsletter to Leta? that’s why i started reading this in the first place. pretty please?

  • http://pollyvousfrancais.blogspot.com Polly-Vous Francais

    Well, I’m kind of upset because Lou-Lou is my pet Parisian goldfish’s name and I don’t think she’d be very happy with the bidet branding. All that flushing is scary to a goldfish.

    But bidets are still a happening thing in Paris — curbside:


  • justbe

    I can’t believe I finally got on, usually by the time I read this comments are closed.

    I don’t get what everyone finds so funny, don’t you all make those faces and jump around after you use the bathroom?

    I just don’t get how they get all the water off the ceiling.Well I guess it just matters how big your butt is.

  • melen

    I read some other blogs and you are the only one who has something new almost everyday. That must be very difficult to do. I have to give you a lot of credit.

  • lisa

    you have the same warped sense of humour I do!!

    i love that face at the .24 second mark – hysterical!

  • http://dailypiglet.wordpress.com/ piglet

    my life is complete, that is slap full of awesome-ness.

  • Anonymous

    Lame video…..lame blog!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/jdickerson John Dickerson

    There was some talk they might add a George Foreman grill to one of these.

  • Priya

    You crack me up Heather!!

    I have this Indian friend whom we affectionately call Chaloo coz he loves sitting in the loo….damn thats where he spends most of his waking hours. I am gonna send it out to all my friends. Thanks for the giggles.