• Noemi

    I don’t think I’ve ever even tasted edamame

  • http://www.londonukgirl.blogspot.com/ christine

    I don’t think lying is necessarily a bad thing at times.

  • Lynda

    Well…Leta said she went to the bathroom…but she did not ACTUALLY say WHERE…
    I hope you are not scrubbing the floor for an hour tomorrow…and she has learned to lie and is blaming Coco…tee hee…

  • Caroline Anne

    Soybeans (edamame) are that thing in tofu, of course y’all know. Yum in the tum … soy ice cream is quite good, and so is my soy protein powder for smoothies … BUT it is sometimes an allergen – especially in higher quantities.

    I overdosed on tomatoes and got a very rare allergic reaction … resulting in an inability to swallow (a complication of reflux disease). It repeated whenever I even remotely ingested them …


    Any food must be balanced and in moderation. And kudos to Heather to more or less tell us she will not be mothered by her readers – who BTW care about her, I’m convinced :)

  • Catie

    LOL, I just tried to blame a broken lap on our dog and got caught! Thanks for the life lesson at such an applicable moment.

  • Patti

    I did notice the amount of Edamame you brought home, but didn’t think too much about it since I, too, love those little salty beans! Funny post by the way.

  • Therese

    I misread and thought you bought lots of edamer – as in the dutch cheese! Having read today’s entry, I had to google edamame to find you what it is you’re consuming in your house. Looks nothing like cheese at all.

  • Blaise

    Good on ya. Nothing worse than a bad liar! :)

  • Kristianne

    Ill-fitting thong? Got 20 of those. That is the best secret ever discovered for a mother with 6 pregnancies under her belt. And if it kills me, so be it. I’ll have died as one tight, well, fill in the blank …

    This is no lie.

  • pnutsugar

    Edamame is so good and good for you…you can never have enough!

    And make sure you tell Leta not to look to the left when she lies…I hear that’s a sure giveaway!

    And they have the blocks at http://www.bambinomountain.com. Just got some for my granddaughter.

  • Gretchen

    What is fun about edamame? Sitting at a sushi bar and looking like a hipster diving into a bowl of it …

    Or, sitting at home and sliding the beans out of the pod, between your clenched teeth (think snap peas, but different approach), into your mouth. Soybeans are pleasantly slick on the inside of the pod, but al dente to the bite – satisfyingly not too hard or soft. The outside of the pod is green, almost a touch furry – a tactile mouth sensation. The salty part gives you a nice contrast. Or try salt-free, shelled or with another flavor added. Tofu takes on the flavor of whatever you add to it.)

    Edamame can be a healthy addiction.

  • Jeff

    It’s going to come in handy that Christmas where she calls out, “Mommy! Grandma gave me the new Ariel doll that Santa gave me. I don’t want another one!”

  • Yo Mamma

    How’s this for lying? My 3 year old pees in her pullup (yep, still not potty trained) and when I ask her if she’s wet, she claims someone else peed in it!

  • http://www.doubledanger.com Shala

    Who would want to raise a bad liar? I’m proud of you and Jon.

  • Nichole

    wondering: is it a joke that the ad at the top of your website is for a free book of mormon?

  • http://www.elygerbin.blogspot.com Ely

    My sister used to tell me that it’s only lying if you get caught.

    But I kind of like the successfully part better–it makes it seem like something sophisticated!

  • http://weistfamily.blogspot.com ern

    I was also wondering while reading the story if maybe she really went to the bathroom somewhere else…and when you would find the surprise??? Thank goodness it was only lying. That’s much less messy.
    Also, I know comments are closed on it, but I just read your entry on the Princess Song and I am still crying from laughing about wanting to glue a bucket to her head and point her to walk blindly into a wall. Man, can I relate… I have a 2yr. old boy. nuf said.

  • KMac

    Hi Heather and family – I love all the publicity you are getting. Long overdue and well deserved, you work your hiney off! I thought the blonde chick on the show made a couple jabs at you and I wanted to reach in the screen and pull her goldie locks hair! She made a comment about how she had said things about her family she wished she could take back “but, hey, I LEFT them up…so…THERE!” She did it another time, too that I can’t remember. I was just curious if you caught that vibe at all.

    Keep up the great work…and I LOVE EDAMAME TOO!!!

  • Mike from Mortimer

    “………Emily, yes I did have to Google. To me the food groups are:


    Most importantly, you forgot alcohol on the essential food group list!!

  • http://vwbusnut.wordpress.com/ Sally in Florida

    Google is scratching their collective heads right now, hiring a new employee to cover the massive hits for Edamame.

  • Kim

    I too was shocked by how edamame heavy your grocery bill was. I was wondering if you were running a Japanese bar on the side, ha ha.

  • http://lightofzia.blogspot.com/ Dos

    I love Edamame but be careful it has a lot of estrogen so if your husband is really emotional you know why, or at least have a clue.

  • http://nitebyrdsnest.blogspot.com/ nitebyrd

    I have no idea what edamame is. It doesn’t sound lethal or illegal, so have at it.

    You sound like fairly normal parents who want to raise a fairly normal child. Tell the naysayers to kiss off.

  • http://www.janegallagher.co.uk Jane

    what’s Edamame?

    (sorry, I can’t be bothered to read through 263 comments to see if it’s already been discussed)

  • Annie in Scotland

    You just have to write a parenting book! It will be full skills I needed 30 years ago. It fun now watching my kids tell their kids to go back and flush!!

  • http://www.janegallagher.co.uk Jane

    Looks like i’m a bit behind – just googled and found an article called:
    “The rise and rise – and rise – of edamame beans in Britain”

    no-one told me!

  • Laus

    My parents taught me to lie successfully. It didn’t work, but it was a nice thought.

  • Melissa

    Great post. What the hell is up with the banner ad on the site from the Mormon Church? Do they know? I know advertising is advertising. Just thought it was funny! Oh yeah, THANKS for the photos of Palm Springs. I miss those reminders of home.

  • Anonymous

    The first time I lied I was not sucessful; I told my mom Mr. Oser had given me the pretty purple marker and all was fine until Maria told Mr. Oser that I had taken his purple marker, then my mom was called and I was in trouble. STUPID MARIA!

    Let’s face it, the kid will have to lie one day, might as well do it right.

    I like edamame and I was surprised because they remind me of string beans and I loath string beans.

    Funny post. :)

  • http://mollyhenderson.blogspot.com/ mollymalia

    i have to do the same thing with my stepdaughter. when she goes in to the potty we have to tell her ‘wipe, flush, wash’. and even having that said, she will still come out with no flush and completely dry hands saying that she did it all. then as i go in to check she runs past me, closes the bathroom door and takes care of the ‘flush and wash’.
    the lying reminds me of another news clip about a mother and her son that she made stand out on a street corner holding a sign that pretty much stated that he lies to his mom and keeps getting caught.

  • CortneyRae

    The key is successful lying… nothing makes me madder than when my step-son lies about brushing his teeth and doesn’t even make the effort to wet the toothbrush. Seriously! Try harder!

  • Liz and Boys

    My 8 year old is still a HORRIBLE liar (which makes it great for my husband and me…he’s easy to catch)…the most frequent lie? “yes, I brushed my teeth”…when will he figure out to WET HIS TOOTHBRUSH when he tells that lie? He hasn’t figured out how I know and why I tell him to go do it again, just to show me how he did it – then I stand there and observe, as he tells me “you don’t have to watch me do it”. For such a smart boy he’s a very poor liar.

  • http://www.benjaminboudreau.ca Ben

    Do you taunt concerned parents for sport? ‘Cause if you do, that would make the whole experience even better for me.

  • http://www.night-swimming.org/blog.html Lux

    Thanks so much for the recipe. :) Can’t wait to try it out.

  • http://www.fuckedupchick.blogspot.com J.

    Definitely a talent that will come in handy when Leta is called to testify before Congress. My husband always says, “Don’t lie about anything that can be verified.” Other than that, I agree with Ely’s sister, it’s only lying if you get caught!

  • http://scarletvirago.blogspot.com alex

    At around the same age as Leta, my daughter would start telling me a story about her day and end with how the fairies and mushroom dragons swooped in to feed the party rainbows. Huh? The thing is, she was so skillful at it that I never knew exactly where in the telling she made the switch!

    So I just played cool parent and let her wind down before I called her out with, “that was a fib, now wasn’t?” And the reason I could be all cool about it was because MY mom taught me how to be a successful liar! So no worries, successful lying is a necessary PARENTING skill that you’re instilling in your child.

  • Tim

    Admit it people. How many of us had to Google Edamame before finishing the story? I’m number one.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO! I love you Dooce!

  • shuping

    u can’t stop once you get started on edamame. i know why u need 15 bags. i need more than 20.

    leta started her lying career with going to the toilet. that’s cute. :)

  • JennyM

    I love you guys. I really do.

  • Renee

    In response to KMac…I caught the same vibe that she was knocking Heather when she said that. I was more than slightly annoyed.

  • http://www.spriteskeeper.com Jen

    The only thing I noticed about your receipt was that the Yoplait was on sale for 10 for 5.00 and you were charged 55 cents for one. I’d say the supermarket owes you something here…maybe free Edamame?

  • http://thelightersideofgrowingup.typepad.com Ashley

    ah the mean people on the internets and their inability to detect humor. it’s my favorite.


  • http://believeintheflowers.blogspot.com KAS

    I am an easily led person, and thus when you posted that picture, the only thing I looked at was the circled part! I can’t say I’m proud to be an unobservant tool, but apparently I am.

    I had heard of edamame before this, but never in any context explaining what it was – so I was surprised to find that it’s just a soybean picked at a certain time! My town is surrounded by soybean fields (well, and corn, but whatever) and I’m thinking about just robbing one of those of maybe a few hundred pods to try. Not a bean/pea person, though, so I’m not sure how well this will go over.

    However, from edemame.com:
    Nutritional info:
    Calories 125.0
    Protein 12.1
    Carbohydrates 13.1
    Fat 3.6
    Ash 1.7
    Calcium 9.3
    Phosphorus 180.0
    Iron 2.7
    Sodium 5.0
    Vitamin A 130.0
    Vitamin U1 0.31
    Vitamin C 40.0

    LOOK AT THE FIFTH ONE DOWN. Ash? Seriously? Are they joking? I expect something like, “Our homegrown edemame is better than every other brand because we like to smoke while harvesting it, thus increasing your daily ash intake to the recommended amount AND giving you early-onset emphysema so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of smoking on your own!”

  • http://bettycrockerass.blogspot.com/ BettyCrockerAss

    So wait, did she go pee somewhere else maybe besides the toilet?

    Maybe she’s learning from Coco?

    The blocks are in stock here http://www.prestostore.com/

  • http://vanna.vox.com Vanna

    Edamame is yum, but I have to be a party pooper and say that soy is an estrogen mimic and so too much soy could actually be problematic. There are questions about connections to breast cancer (but then again there is evidence to suggest that in moderation it can be very protective). So… just a word to the wise.

    See here: http://www.breastcancer.org/risk/everyone/question/soy.jsp

  • Mercutia

    I need lessons in lying successfully. Please send Leta over if she gets it down pat. Meantime, continue to be hilarious; you’re one of the main reasons the internet exists, if you ask me.

  • http://www.scentsy.com/hguymon Heather G

    Ha ha this just makes me laugh. I love reading your blog! Definitely worth raising a successful liar…I am taking notes as we speak for my 3 year old daughter…thanks for making my day that much better. I love it!

  • http://seren.wordpress.com Seren

    I had never heard of edamame and thought it might be some cheese-related thing. So I googled it. Oh my, it’s soya?! I tried to eat soya beans once. Once was more than enough. I think I’d prefer the cheese. Lying is an art and needs to be learned properly, from a good teacher at a young age. I think she’ll be fine!

  • Susan

    You know what? I keep my granddaughter’s books in the “library.” She LOVES it. Subtle way to get her interested in reading. Been doing this since she was potty trained; she’s been reading in the bathroom for 4 years now and she’s 6. She’s doing great in school and I’d like to take full credit for it:)