• Truism 31

    I’m with Jenny (#69)!

    Hope you have a crew filming ‘the making of’ — would love to see the contact sheet for this shoot!

  • http://maybeinutah.blogspot.com Mari

    Awesome. One of those could be your next book cover. Who says jello is our main food in Utah? Why not donut gems and pabst… dinner of champions!

  • Stephanie

    OMG. The PBR! There is no other beer appropriate for the epitome of a White Trash photo than PBR.


  • http://jodfoster.livejournal.com Shannon

    Heather, this is the BEST THING YOU HAVE EVER POSTED. In fact, I think this is the BEST THING EVER POSTED ON THE INTERNET. You deserve an Oscar (shaped bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup) for this. Truly truly amazing.

  • Kristine

    Simply. Awesomeness! A trailer trashy Lucille Ball. Love it!

    Ironic, I was just reading this as the 6:00 news is on (I’m in Atlanta) and a local trailer trash resident tattooed his 3 yr. old son. Maybe he blamed it on the PBR?

  • http://www.survivethemayhem.com SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem

    Heather! Way to channel your inner trailer trash mama–nice touch with the hair, too. The irony is considering where you live and who you are surrounded by because we all know that when you’re not one of “them” they basically think of us pretty much like this anyway! I know that may not have been where you were going with this, but the potential underlying message is equally hilarious!

  • Pat

    Hey – Sugar is necessary for the baby’s brain development! Donettes are GOOD for the baby. Hee. Great pix.

  • elismsue

    OMG…….Absolutely great pictures. I love your sense of humor!

  • http://l.yimg.com/g/images/spaceball.gif Andie Grace

    A friend shot a couple of pics of me in the desert at 6 months (i linked one from my name here) with a cigarette and a bottle of whiskey. I’m sometimes fearful that people see them in her flickr stream and think I was actually smoking and drinking. Oh well.

  • Mindy

    Donuts for you too eh? I just started craving them last week and put on a good 10lbs since my last appt…ah well. Thank God for your posts to make me laugh so hard I cry. EDD 6/17/09

  • http://hanasueng.blogspot.com Hanna

    You’re so funny!

  • Candy

    I love you. You scare me.

  • http://mysensitivegirlhole.blogspot.com JenH

    I like to call this pulling an Amy Sedaris.

    Well played.

  • Krys

    Holy shit, I want to be Dooce when I grow up.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/mmendelson/802386509/in/set-72157600802464792/ Andie Grace

    Oh good, i was hoping the pic I shared would be broken. Trying again.

  • http://grapesatmidnight.com Karen Dietrich

    These photos are so priceless! I wish I had staged something like this when I was pregnant. I applaud your choice of PBR (classic, of course), but I think I would have gone with a box of wine and a blunt.

  • http://coldhouserules.blogspot.com/ JB


  • KT

    I’m 32 weeks and pretty much any food items that are remotely nutritious make me gag at this point so I too am guilty of consuming mostly empty calories.

    Also, the leg cramps and paralysis you describe sound very familiar. When I stand up 5 times per night to go pee yet again I’m convinced that I am really paralyzed this time as I take the first couple of steps.

  • http://thaxtonfam.blogspot.com Hokie Deb

    –>I absolutely love those pictures. You must have had so much fun getting dressed up to have them taken.

    Can’t wait to read what people under the cloak of “anonymous” say about them.

  • http://www.alisgravenil.com Another Heather

    OMG those are awesome. The pics were blocked on my reader at work… so glad I came here to see the original. Love that it’s Pabst. It had to be Pabst.

  • http://craftastrophe.net Sam & Karen

    You TOTALLY need one of these: http://craftastrophe.net/2009/05/redneck-tank-top/
    Awesome pics, Heather!

  • http://shriekhouse.wordpress.com shriek house

    Dear Heather, I’m extremely concerned about the can of PBR tucked into your waistband possibly placing too much pressure on your unborn child or the placenta. Also if the can is cold it could give the baby a chill. Please exercise appropriate caution as befits Motherhood. KTHXBAI!

  • http://www.Ramblingsofasahm.com Vanessa

    OMG I freaken love the pictures! Your post like always was great! Thanks for putting a smile on sucky day!

  • Adelas

    The “Donette Armstrong” shook an actual LOL out of me after I got over my initial gawks. This is why you deserve to be famous. Because you ROCK.

    The smudged mascara really throws it over the edge, in my opinion. Classic.

  • Meagan D

    Heather you had me laughing so hard (that quite inner laugh that ends up in a snort) I almost peed my pants! I have already emailed all my friends that they have to see the new post. Good luck with the next few weeks, you are almost there!

  • http://joeandbetsy.com Betsy

    You are my idol.

  • Anonymous

    Best pregnancy pictures ever!

  • Rissa

    I had the CRAPPIEST* Memorial weekend. Thank you for this!

  • http://www.themommydocuments.com Jess


  • http://www.myspace.com/outnoise Aime in Ohio

    You’re HOT MESS!


  • http://labradoris.weebly.com/index.html Labradoris

    What I would love is to see a video of the brainstorming session that produced the idea for these photos. I mean, seriously. You could take over the world with these ideas.

  • http://letterw.blogspot.com Madame x

    oh.help…. I’m dying of LOL(ing)

  • Natasha

    OMG!!!!!! Those picures gave me the first genuine belly-ful laugh I’ve had in days!!!!! Love them!!!!!

  • Diane

    That’s a good look for you! You would fit in well at my local Wally World. :)

  • Anonymous

    Damn you’re hot!!

  • Kim K. in Western PA

    I have just stopped laughing at your pictures. Please make certain that you put that in the baby’s memory book. I can hear your voice now. A rasp punctuated with a chesty cough with a belly belch for an exclamation point. You are too much! Thanks for the laugh today. I needed it.

  • http://www.warmheartshappyfamily.com Rachael

    Funny! And I can only imagine how reading 133 comments of “you are the shit” would do wonders for ones self esteem. Go you! :)

  • http://www.movingarden.com/blog Anonymous

    Your pictures are brilliant!

    I think this is a good look.

    Congratulations, on the new baby!

  • http://www.groovymarlin.com/blog Groovymarlin


    You are an inspiration to me, and also my sides hurt from laughing. Thanks!

  • Susan

    I was drinking my coffee while waiting for your page to load.
    When it did, and I saw your photo’s – presto, coffee spit all over my new monitor!!!
    Perfect picture, just great. Don’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard.
    Had to de-lurk to say thanks for the laugh – and thank you for the wonderful blog!!

  • Lauren

    Am 3 weeks post-partum and had to go buy donettes today, simply because of this picture.

  • http://blogspot.petuniagrace.com Heather M

    OMG – thank you, thank you, thank you for the much needed laugh. It’s a damn good thing I wasn’t drinking anything, like say a PBR because it would have been all over the screen!

  • http://twelvekindsofcrazy.blogspot.com/ Tina

    Heather. B. Armstrong. You. Rocked. It.

  • http://www.elisabethantimes.blogspot.com Elisabeth K

    Oh my word. These photos made my not-so-fantastic day fantastic. GENIUS!!!

  • Michelle

    Haha…awesome. I hate that you can eat such shit and still be so thin. You look great. Good luck!

  • Karlee

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. Your wit and humour have caused me to spit out my tea on my laptop on more than one occasion.

  • Lisa

    Heather, you have truly outdone yourself this time. Fabulous pictures!

  • Anonymous

    This cracked me up!! Love it!!

  • http://www.erinanddallas.com Erin L Thiele

    Brilliant. You are amazingly brilliant. I couldn’t breathe when I opened my reader. I want donuts real bad – which really doesn’t fit will with the diet right now. Guess I’ll have to go get my hubby to knock me up so I can have a box.

  • http://kristentatious.blogspot.com Kristi

    Holy crap! I always wondered what Jerri Blank would look like if she were knocked up, and now I know! Thanks for sharing your awesome photos!!