• Shannon

    You get lots of POOR BABIES from me !! Feel better soon.
    Glad the meds are kicking in ! Had mastitis too and with my 38G boobs it was extra fun :O) Thought someone filled them with quick dry cement.

    A masthead ? What’s that… Screw em’ only a man/childless person would ask why it hasn’t been changed. So ridiculous. BTW, been reading for years and that one made me laugh so hard. Only you would think of it ;O) Loved it !! (The pink tutu and sweaty goat balls were also favs)

    Sure your too busy to read anything but a prescription label so I’ll run along.

  • Lee

    OH my hell, mastitis!! Look at it this way. When Marlo is much older and you need a “guilt bomb” for her, you can say “Look at what I went through for you. You almost wrecked my rack.” I would say that it’s worth probably several really good Mother’s Day gifts..
    just sayin’

  • Kathy

    Gee, I don’t know Heather…feed baby, take care of boob instead of change masthead. Um, yea, we (well, at least the majority of us and not the cornhole who complained) totally can WAIT until you are doggone good and ready to change it! You just take care of your babes and your boobies. We will soldier on without a new masthead!

    Hope your boob gets better quick. When I had it, it was the closest I ever came to completely passing out cold. It totally blows. Feel better and I wish I could send you some sleep :)

  • Heather

    maybe the new masthead should be a shot of you giving birth. then that writer will want the cigarettes back…

    marlo is adorable… keep up the good work breastfeeding. (i had mastitis and thrush – hang in there!)

  • Penelope

    Awesome. Totally needed that laugh from the last comment :) I canNOT believe people are bugging you about the masthead. No mothers, I hope.

  • Ruth

    God Bless ya!
    and I’m an atheist.

  • http://humanbeingblog.com Lynn @ human, being

    Holy cats that hurts. And really? If your masthead stays the same for another 6 weeks the people who are crabbing about it should go find something else to do. Seriously–as if your life should revolve around anything but you and Marlo (and the rest of ‘em).

  • merseydotes

    Heather, keep your eyes peeled for thrush, which does not always present as white stuff in the baby’s mouth. I was given a big dose of antibiotics during labor because I was running a fever, and I came down with thrush that went undiagnosed for nearly six weeks (because my daughter never had the cottage-cheese mouth – not even a little bit), during which time I had open welts and eventually blisters on my nipples. I have scars on my nipples. (How many people can say that?)

    The sensation of a yeast infection in your breast/milk ducts is that of a hot ice pick being hammered into your nipple when the baby latches on and then slowly working its way through your breast, all the way through your body and into your shoulder blade (if you let it get really bad). If you get it, screw all the wimpy hippie advice of yogurt, Nystatin and air drying your breasts. Get thee to a competent doctor who can prescribe Diflucan and lots of it. I took, um, 9000 mg over the course of six weeks to get rid of mine. But if you catch it early, a two week course of 3000 mg (400 mg the first day, 200 mg every day after for 13 days) should whoop its ass.

    When you said your breast felt like it was full of glass, I immediately thought you had a yeast infection. I hope you never get one cause you seem like a nice lady, Donettes, cigarettes and all.

  • http://knittingisfunnerthancleaning.blogspot.com Keppy

    I feel for you, Heather. Mastitis is horrible. I had it terribly bad when my 7yo was an infant. One minute we were sitting in Red Lobster and I’m like, dude, we gotta go home, I’m not feeling so well. And then by the time we got home I had a 103 fever and shaking uncontrollably. Hang in there, those antibiotics will help so much. :(

  • Nicole

    I had a constant strain of mastitis after my first child. It started in my left boob and then once that cleared up it moved to the right and then back and forth until I finally got a huge infection and had to have it drained. Bleh…

    I am glad that you are feeling better and I hope that you don’t get it again!

    Love your blog!!!!!!

  • K

    Some people have no humor- ex the man who said your masthead is bad…
    I hope you feel better. You are prioritizing right. Take care of yourself so that baby reaps the benefits!

  • Jen M

    Poor Heather! I’ve heard that mastitis is awful, but I’ve been lucky enough not to have personal experience.

    Do not spend one minute thinking about idiots that have the gall to complain about your masthead when you have a newborn. You’re on leave! Any posting or other maintenance you do is pure gravy!

  • Sara

    I think it’s funny that it’s MASTitis preventing you from doing your MASThead.

    They both have the word “MAST” in them. get it? HA!

  • http://idroppedmybonbon.blogspot.com mpotter

    oh no! mastitis totally sucks.
    i had it 5 times this year. tho admittedly, 3 were mild. which was great, cuz you know- mild pain is SO much easier to handle when your child is literally sucking the life out of you.

    one thing that did sorta help me was putting warm water in a disposable diaper and using that as a compress. it stayed warm much longer than a washcloth would’ve.
    and then the diaper pulled double duty while i leaked all over the joint.

    i never tried the cabbage leaves.
    i don’t think i could bring myself to stuff my bra with them, but i’ve heard it works.

    my favorite part about mastitis is that i never seemed to get it during a weekend when The Mr. could’ve actually helped. no, i got to hold a heavy heavy screaming baby much of the day while also crying in pain.
    fun times.

    here’s hoping your antibiotics do well and you never get a recurrence.

  • Heather

    Awww, I’m sorry you had Mastitis :( I’ve had two children and was lucky that I never had it. Although, I know people who have and it was very painful for them.

    Even though I check you site daily and hope for new pictures and cute stories, I would NEVER write to you and try to rush you into a story or a Masthead when you have a little baby. I hope you just enjoy as much of your time with that precious girl of yours. xoxo and take care!

  • Kate

    Oh, man. Mastitis is the one boob problem I DIDN’T get when nursing my baby boy. I am a-feared of it with #2 about to be here.

    Yikes! I’m glad you have some resources (ie, Jon) to help you out during recovery. It sounds like you’re taking care of yourself, which is awesome. Keep at, Mama.

  • Bruno Guima

    You’re awesome, your blog’s awesome, your masthead’s awesome… I love the way you talk… You talk like a human being, a real person… that’s the best about your blog… girls don’t need to become saints because they’re moms… on the contrary, they get a lot of credit from becoming moms, as far as I’m concerned, so they can screw up and talk shit a lot more than the rest of us and simply get away with it! LOL!
    Get well!

  • http://www.wyliekat.com wyliekat

    a quick one up the pooper.

    I’m going to go ahead and assume that this . . . open-ended* statement was not left open-ended by dint of exhausted mommy-brain, and was purely left for our entertainment as we contemplate exactly what “one” should be quickly inserted and removed from the guy’s pooper. Because you know, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

    *C’mon, you didn’t think I was going to leave that alone, did you? Scatalogical humour is the divine connective tissue that makes us part of the larger hole. Whole.

  • Mary

    You are hilarious! Rest up and please keep the inappropriate photo.

  • Nat W.

    How DARE you have a baby and neglect your masthead! The horror!

  • http://www.ownslc.com jared

    I love your June Masthead! I think perhaps you should consider making it permanent :)

  • Charl

    Could you *be* more awesome?

    Your description of mastitis makes my boobs flinch in agony. Hang in there, Heather. Feel better!

  • Anu

    Hope you are feeling better. Screw the masthead!! There are bigger things to worry about. How often will you get the chance to put up such an awesome masthead anyway…unless you plan on having another baby :-)

  • Alessa

    Just change the month on the current masthead. You just had a baby for crissakes.

  • Disconcerting

    Hmm…I read the mastitis entry on Wikipedia and apparently inflammatory breast cancer can be misdiagnosed as mastitis. Hopefully your doctor knows that as well, since you have had cancer issues in the past.
    Feel better!

  • http://theminivansoapbox.blogspot.com/ Kerrie

    I have often thought that if you don’t change the masthead – therefore not telling me what month it is – I am simply unable to read what you write. Growing and birthing babies aside.

  • http://18andlifeblog.blogspot.com/ Debra

    Oh Heather, so sorry to hear about your mastitis. Suffered the same with daughter, high fever, vomiting, milk duct at a right angle from the rest of me, ugh. Be well soon! (and keep the masthead)

  • Clare

    Vitamin C is supposed to be a good cure for the mastitis. Take an overdose of it–like 2400 mgs or something.

    love ya!


  • http://fearealized.com/ NaysWay

    Please rest. I’ve been lucky enough to have thrush once and I thought nothing short of cutting of my breast because of the pain.

    As far as the masthead complaining guy, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a nice, juicy lick from Coco after a good poop eating.

  • http://www.ieatmypigeon.wordpress.com Liv

    Sorry about the mastitis! At least you haven’t lost your pep and vinegar; I almost spit out my milk when I read the line: “SHUT UP – ANOTHER BUFFET?”. I think your public can deal without a new header for a little while – millions of women get months of maternity leave, why can’t you take a few days? Settle down, people.

  • http://meringuebakeshop.blogspot.com Kristin A.

    Ok, now im adding that to my list of fears of having kids. its up there with labor. and nausea. i had to stop reading your post because i was starting to feel queasy just thinking about it.

  • rose

    ohhhhh yes. the mastitis monster. that guy needs to get the hell out of town. so sorry for that. i had it with my second also. thank GOD for the 21st century and antibiotics huh!
    and i don’t think the cabbage leaves help with mastitis- i think only with engorgement- which is also a nasty mean monster.

  • motheroffive

    What are those masthead monkeys thinking? The fact that you can put several words together, all of them spelled correctly, and form coherent sentences is nothing short of a fucking miracle. Take your time. There are WAY more important things to deal with. Like mastitis. And Marlo and Chuck and Coco and maybe even occasionally Jon.

  • julybirthday

    Christ on a cracker, who cares which masthead you’ve got up, you’ve got mastitis! You need REST, and to hell with the complainers (especially men, who’ve never had the joy of infected mammaries…)

  • motheroffive


  • Milusha

    Oh Heather, I feel your pain. Elliot is 1 month old and I too have had a bad few nights. Speaking of breasts and shattered glass, the pain is incredible and yet my doctor does not think I have an infection!! Docs are weird.

    Baby’s are hard. I fell apart this morning but I am trying to stay positive. Your blog reassures me that I am not the only one going a little nutzoid!

  • http://www.coachabby.blogspot.com Robbie S. Redmon, LPC

    Heather, so sorry you have been under the weather, and happy to hear you are feeling better. You know what? The true bottom line is, “This is your blog…You Do What You Want To Do.” So, if changing it makes you happy, then change it. If not, then leave it alone. Those who don’t like it can just not visit. How about that? Now!

  • ssheers

    Nursing so that the baby’s chin is pointing to the clogged spot will help unclog the clog and make you feel better.

  • http://i8pixistix.blogspot.com/ j.cro

    I was wondering when/if you were going to mention the amount of angry comments/emails about your out of date masthead. Sheesh – you’d think they’d get how just having a baby puts a crimp in your orderly schedule. For fuck’s sake people, haven’t you been READING?

  • cristen

    i fought thrush breastfeeding my 3, and it IS awfully painful. i found that taking acidophilus pills helped. hope you get better soon! you can do it!

  • http://walkingtomaine.blogspot.com Betsy

    Haha, I am unapologetically one of those peeps bummed about the masthead. C’mon, we’ve been spoiled to them for how long now? And Heather, mastitis??? Why do all these things happen to you? Because God wants you to have a good blog, that’s why.

  • http://crazymonkeyhouse.blogspot.com Natalie

    Did your nipples turn white? That’s when I knew I was in trouble. Amazingly, the fact that air hurt my boobs wasn’t the tipping point. It took chaulk white nipples for me to go to the doctor.

    My cause? Losing weight and wearing bras that were too big. The rubbing introduced bacteria.

    Bra free since 93. (I wish)

  • Thea

    Ouch! I had mastitis when my son was about 1 month. I never got a fever though so I kept thinking it would go away on it’s own. 1 month later I finally went to the doctor only to have to do 2 rounds (or about 3 weeks) of antibiotics before it got better. I kept feeding him throughout the whole thing!!! Hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, hands down. Feel better soon! Marlo is SO pretty, just like her momma :-)

  • Molly

    Just writing to say, remember that you, too, get a maternity leave, even if you run your own business and it’s a blog. There’ll be plenty to write about later and we’ll still be reading. Feel free to take some time away from us.

  • Virginia

    I hope hope hope for your sake you can avoid thrush – I had it for almost 2 months and it was hell. Hell, I tell you. I mean, mastitis sucks (probably how I got the thrush), but thrush makes you want to slice your boob off.

  • Tracey

    Wow, and ow. I’ve headed off mastitis several times. Not fun at all. All my doctors, and then my midwives, told me to nurse my baby more (not less) during it, to help get the infection out. My babies were all fine, so I guess the docs/midwives were right about mastitis milk not hurting them.

    Cabbage leaves really do help. Got that one from my Asian OBGYN. Chill the whole head really well, and then just rip off a large leave and tuck it into your bra. If you develop a cracked nipple from all the extra nursing, then shift the cabbage leave to cover your nipple and tuck a moist tea bag right over the nipple. The tannic acid will help heal the cracks, but be prepared to die the whole bra in tea afterwards, or you’ll have quite the conversation piece: a bra with a shakily square tea stain over the nipple area.

  • http://intelligenceisacurse.com/index.html/blog Tellie

    Ouch! mastitis sounds painful…get better soon! I haven’t had any kids yet so thanks for scaring me!

  • Daisy

    Yeah, mastitis sucks. I wish you lots of rest and peace. The cabbage leaves do feel good, for the minute they stay cool before your breast reduces them to a pile of cinders.

  • http://flowerzinherhair.com Amy J

    Did you say it was a guy who said you were a bad example? I think he needs to have his man parts cut open and then sewn up and then let a baby suck on his boobs non-stop for oh say a year and a half and then we can talk the importance of mastheads!

  • Erin

    Just have Jon go change the “NE” in June to “LY” and call it good. Screw the rest…maybe there will be more time in August.