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    In these days of Fireproof, Love Dare, Mars vs Venus, Five Love Languages and other silliness, it just goes to show that when love gets simple it gets great.

  • http://www.surprisingwoman.com/blog Brenda

    This is awesome. I am so glad y’all are doing well.

    You deserve to be happy.

  • Sheila

    You are all very lucky to have each other.

  • Suzanne

    Beautiful post. I’d love for my husband to read Jon’s writing. Thank you!

  • Zoe

    Guh!!! A married couple who actually express their love for one another. There is hope. I don’t mean for that to sound nihilistic or anything; it’s just that it seems so much more common to hear about the shortcomings, the difficulty, the imperfections of a relationship (especially a marriage), and it is really freaking refreshing to hear from the other side. It sort of renews my faith in love and makes me think, okay, neat, I won’t have to be an old, lonely cat lady (though I can if I want to). I will find someone (I am only twenty, so I’ve got a while I guess). And it will be awesome. Epic-ly awesome. Like you guys.

  • http://www.ieatmypigeon.wordpress.com Liv

    Very, very sweet and touching. It’s great that it’s been so much better this time around. Good luck to you both!

  • Tina Babb

    You are very lucky to have a husband who is willing to listen and help you out. Some of us have the “It’s all in your head and you can get over it” husbands.

  • Dave

    I wonder if there was a tiny part of Jon who thought his post would get him laid!

    Just kidding, awesome post.

  • http://datingisweird.blogspot.com/ Serial

    I wish I was having a better day, so I could just be happy for you guys rather than get all angry about not being able to find MY John.

    Effing PMS.

  • Shannon

    God you Cancers have such a way with expressing your feelings and emotions!

  • Julie

    Jon’s post yesterday seemed like an amazing observation resulting from years spent working on an already great relationship. You two have different ways of processing and seeing things, but it is so clear you both work so hard on this. Thanks to each of you for sharing such an honest journey. Yeah – I used the word “journey” without any irony or vomit in the back of my mouth.

  • http://www.ownslc.com Jared

    One of my favorite posts of yours. Makes me sit back and realize just how lucky I am in my life as well.

  • http://www.fromsingletomarried.com Tabitha – From Single to Married

    What a sweet guy he is, glad he’s been so supportive of you and even more happy for your new Marlo!!

  • http://rocketshipunderpants.com Tricina

    I am one of those people like you. I found your site a year or two ago and I’ve read every entry since. I don’t read it just because it’s about two people making a good life with depression and anxiety obstacles, but I have to say it’s nice to see the happy ending. It’s wonderful read a true story about this familiar struggle and see the happy ending that doesn’t really end. That’s the best. Most stories have a clear end, leaving us to wonder what happened next. What about the next challenge?

    Thank you for letting us in on your life, for sharing your struggles and triumphs so openly. It is very, very appreciated.

    -One of Those Like You

  • http://winginiteveryday.blogspot.com/ Jocelyn Stott

    You just made me cry – right here at my desk at work. I am so happy for your happiness.

  • http://littlenuttreeblog.com nutty mummy

    awwww.. that is very sweet.

  • Alexa Beth

    This made me bawl like a damn baby and also pose the question – when you have a mental illness, how do you bring it up to someone you’re seeing?

    It’s not like anything else. If you have divorced parents or are an orphan or if someone in your family has a mental illness, it’s easier to talk about because it isn’t you.

    When it’s you, how and when is the right time/way to bring it up when you’re navigating the beginning of a relationship?

    Any thoughts?

  • Kelly K.

    i wish every woman were as lucky as you are… me included!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful. I hope one day to have what you do in life. Love, support, family, and a partnership with someone that is considerate and respectful. Congrats on #26. Your amazing!

  • Sarah

    Such beautiful, honest, brave writing from both of you. Thanks for sharing so much of your relationship with us – I know it’s helped me and I’m betting thousands of others.

  • http://sarahisawake.blogspot.com Sarah

    I really hope to have, one day, what you and Jon have together. Even the crazy dog.

  • http://www.amymusings.com Aime in Ohio

    Now I want to know what question the reporter asked you. Do we get a link???

    Very sweet hormone induced sleep deprived poignant post.

  • http://graceofimperfection.blogspot.com Amanda

    Very sweet. I met my Husband in 2001, and we now have two beautiful boys. I often feel the exact same way.

  • Chloe

    Oh shut up Heather im so jealous I cant stand it.

  • Attilla the Mum

    That has to be the most beautiful post you (and Jon) have ever typed. I teared up, it’s true! Ya’ll are so lucky to have each other, but I believe it was meant to be that way. We find those people we’re meant to share our lives with.

  • Aislinn

    Doocekins – Please finish posting about your labor experience. I’m in an absolute panic I won’t see it until after I’ve had my 2nd baby (due Sept 2nd) and I’m afraid it might hold key information that will help me! I am 34 weeks and have just realized that if I don’t prepare myself better for going natural, I’ll never make it. I’m about to hire a doula and have received scads of second hand books on doing this au naturale. My first child’s birth was probably a similar experience to Leta’s and I have quietly been thinking to myself that I want to go natural and have finally gotten the nerve to tell my husband (I didn’t want to tell anyone because – what if I failed at something that was important to me and others knew it?) This is my last baby so I really want this experience. Anyway, this has gone on long enough and you could be spending the time it’s taking you to read this and finish it already! TY, Loyal Reader #95462766

  • http://labradoris.weebly.com/ Labradoris

    Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? :)

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    John John John. What a man.

  • Kristen from MA

    Yep, he’s a keeper alright. :D

  • http://buymotor.com.au motor

    Thanks for posting the link to Jon’s blog. I didn’t know it existed but really enjoyed that read.

    Thanks Heather.

  • http://www.suburbanmatron.com Becky

    Beautifully said. I feel exactly the same way about my husband–can’t believe those two teenagers (dear lord) who were all over each other in college are now the ringleaders of this four-person circus. I love every minute.

    I’m so glad you guys are finding your new rhythm!

  • http://vocabularyvixen.wordpress.com/ Rachel

    Heather, Jon, this post couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Mental illness sucks, and after a particularly tough and gnarly night last night that involved some of my severe anger management issues coming out for another round, and my husband just holding me once I was done violently smashing things (my hand, namely), this post really spoke volumes.

    I am so lucky to have the man in my life that I do. He is more than justified in leaving me at any moment, yet he stays. He has proven time and again that through the good and the bad (especially the bad, I’ve been seeing more of that lately), he’s here.

    Between this post, and your book, I completely identify with you. In fact, it’s a very eerie parallel. I do not have children yet, but I can see already where we parallel almost completely.

    The noblest and most selfless thing you could have done was gotten help when you needed it. I am doing the same, and I hope that the end result is like yours. It’s rough now, but I’m taking it a little at a time.

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    Crap now I’m crying… That’s rather embarrassing at work!

    As I wrote on Jon’s blog, I’m so happy for y’all. The whole world (or at least those of us that matter :P ) has fallen in love with you. Thanks for showing us there are happy endings, even if there are dragons too.

  • http://toptermlifeinsurancequotes.com kevin

    This is really sentimental. Thanks for showing us that it’s okay to embrace our sensitive side.

  • Rose

    Awesome. I long for that :)

  • Melissa

    As someone who WAS left by someone because of my depression issues I am jealous. I find myself googling him, and he is doing so well and for that I am glad.

    On the other hand he promised to love me, and he knew I was troubled and that makes me kinda jealous.

    So seriously, you are so lucky.

  • http://justmekids.blogspot.com deb

    I read the post by Jon and living with someone who lives with depression, excellent. I’ve been depressed for most of my adult life and my husband has a very difficult time with it. I told him that there is not a day that goes by that I don’t work on not being depressed. It’s a hard way to live.

    Take care of yourself woman.

  • Desiree

    Heather…I loved what you wrote and I went and read all of Jon’s orig post…I am also one of those women that have a husband that not only adores me…but he loves my crazy too. I often joke about it with him…gotta remember my crazy pills…recently I decided to take a hiatus from my meds to see if they were really needed. After a couple of months it is my wonderful husband that held me close one night and said, “I love you…we need you on your meds…” I started them the next day and I know now that I will always need to take them or I will sink into my dark aloneness…I love reading your blog…I love reading Jon’s blog…I’m glad that you talk about your depression…it has helped me talk about mine too. Thanks Heather.

  • http://www.yoyobelly.ca sarah

    ehem, there’s something in my eye.


    that’s incredibly beautiful and simple.

  • http://silverstreamer.blogspot.com Bethany

    Dude. Right on.

    And I love you times a million for the pic of Chuck with the Prep H.

  • Anonymous

    I am sharing Jon’s blog with my husband. I don’t often pause long enough to wonder what it must be like to live with me, as I am usually angry at him for not understanding.

    Thank you.

  • Tara

    I am so genuinely happy for you and your family. My first baby was born 6 weeks to the day before Marlo and while we have certainly had our challenges, it has made me appreciate my husband in an entirely new way. Thank you for sharing your stories, they brighten my days.

  • http://irritableblogsyndrome.typepad.com Dayna

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That’s about as articulate as I can be about both yours and Jon’s posts. As a fellow “crazy”, and one who is fortunate to have an understanding husband as well, I send much appreciation to you both for writing about it openly.

    I think you’re next book should be called, “Crazy Mofo Women…and the Men That Love Them.” It should be a book with submissions from your readers, edited and commented on by you. =)

  • http://jamielorenz.xanga.com/ Jamie

    I’m trying to cut back on reading so many blogs. So I cut yours. But it didn’t work out, I missed it too much, and I’m back. So thanks a lot for getting me addicted.

  • http://www.deedoos-digital-scrapbooking.com Janet

    Heather, both you and Jon deserve all the love and happiness you have found with each other.Thank you for sharing (much of) your life with us. Blessings.

  • Ashley

    Oye, you just made me cry at my desk.

  • http://www.lorenadavis.blogspot.com Lorena

    This was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Sometimes it’s just as wonderful to read the things that aren’t necessarily funny, to read the things that are lovely.

    (But don’t stop the funny. I’d die.)

  • Shelly

    awww. I hope I have the love you two have someday..

  • http://lookingforlucy.com Sharon

    This was the sweetest post! I feel a tear coming. Good grief I am such a girl!

  • Natasha

    This post brought tears to my eyes right here @ my desk. I’m really glad that you both have found that all encompassing love for one another that knows no bounds. Leta and Marlo are very lucky little girls…growing up surrounded by all that love.