• mpt

    I SO have a Jon and a Leta. ADD my ass.

  • Heather James

    ADD doesn’t just mean distraction… it can also be its exact opposite… extreme focus. Even if your kid did have ADD, it’s not a hindrance or a bad thing. Some of the most creative, ingenious, interesting people in all of history could have been categorized as such.

  • http://littlestfinch.com Finch

    When I was three years old, my aunt accidentally locked me in the car with the keys. I was told never to leave my carseat and not to unlock the doors.

    The police came. Candy was promised, but still – “My mom told me to stay in my carseat.”

    My aunt tried, bribed, and eventually someone had the sense to get a coat hanger and jimmy the lock. I was freed and immediately:

    “So where are those twizzlers I was promised? Also, you’re going to tell my mom I didn’t get out of the car seat, right?”

  • http://alternatelexicon.com Ali

    It’s obnoxious to read comment after comment with the same thing restated. I get that the ADD/ADHD crowd is out in force, but seriously, a quick perusal (or even the “search” function) would show you that hyperfocus has been mentioned dozens of times. Say something new and interesting, or give a new link, but repeating the same information doesn’t add strengh or validity.

    Leta sounds lovely, clever, and a little bit awkward. I am sure that you and Jon will continue to parent her splendidly, along with Marlo. Make sure to get her into gifted education, though–she’ll need it.

  • Suzanne

    This was hilarious! I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old and we have many of the repeat conversations “We are going to (insert activity here), right?”, “Soon we will be (insert activity here), Ok mom?”. We also have those moments when we want to turn and say “YES, BUT STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY!” Loved the post!

  • http://daddyscratches.com Daddy Scratches

    We have a sitter come play with the kids two days a week while my wife is out of the house at work. I work from home … which is how I heard my 4-year-old daughter recently say to the babysitter “Can I have a fudgesicle? And please don’t tell my mommy.”

    I had to swoop in and leave her with the impression that Mommy and Daddy can hear *everything* and will always know when she is trying to hide something from us.

    Sounds like I’m in for more trouble than you are.

  • http://www.dramaminequeen.com brandy

    Well I guess she’ll never agree to ride in the trunk of a car with a boy to a bush party…not that I’ve ever done such a thing!

  • http://www.backseatgourmet.blogspot.com Cheryl Arkison

    I suppose it’s better than your daughter repeating your exclamations about the friggen’ god-damn stupid dog that shit on her bed again, every single time the the dog walks in her room or shits where she is actually supposed to in the dog run outside.

  • http://www.theprimamomma.com Kristy Merrill

    Priceless. My daughter (3) actually said “I have to ask my mom first.” When offered ice cream the other day. WHAT? What happened to the little girl that sneaks into the fridge at home?

  • http://rubyredrudabega.blogspot.com Charity

    I thought I was #1, oh well. That is funny. I have a child like that also who would be so mortified if I allowed them to sit in the front seat while the car was stopped. I love this child for always making sure that his brothers and sister follow all rules to the T, and me also, he will tell me when my driving is not how it should be. Thank goodness for thos special kids.

  • Sarah

    The ADD comment makes me think of this classic Onion article, http://www.theonion.com/content/news/more_u_s_children_being_diagnosed

  • Heather

    do you know how often i get stared at like i’m going to drive off with my nursing baby attached and feeding when i do that?

  • Con

    I was that kid, half dressed, playing with Barbies (or DAWN dolls, if I really want to date myself.) You’ll be happy to know I sometimes now get all the way dressed without picking up a book. Unfortunately I get distracted by BLOGS when I am supposed to be working….

  • http://www.fromsingletomarried.com/ Tabitha (From Single to Married)

    What a great story – I love that little Leta!!

  • http://pogmothoinblog.blogspot.com/ Jen

    My niece is three and has moments like Let’s. Last weekend I visited her and her brother and the plan was to go see the town’s parade. She asked me ten times if I was really coming with her to the parade?

    “Yes, kiddo, I’m coming.”

    Not 5 minutes later, she’d ask again, “Are you really coming? You’re coming, right!?”

    Silly kids.


    p.s. the verification thingie down below has “penis watcher.” I am amused.

  • http://iknitalone.wordpress.com Jennifer

    Gotta love the rule followers! As one myself who is raising one (not necessarily on purpose) I can totally understand where Leta is coming from. As far as ADD – I always said it’s part of the job description of little kids’ brains to jump around. Not that ADD doesn’t exist.

  • http://icanhascheezburger.com/?utm_source=j-30&utm_medium=bc&utm_campaign=AT-8-09 Grizzly Kitteh

    That’s freaking adorable! I love how her first thought was to secure secrecy from Mommy too :D

  • http://bunnybites.wordpress.com Marisa

    So awesome! I was rather particular about seat belts as a child. I had a friend who was the same way. Her parents always told her she had to wear her seatbelt because they loved her. One day, they were not being diligent about enforcing the seatbelt thing, and she started crying, “you don’t love me!” Kids!

  • http://www.chica425.blogspot.com Marisa @ where’s the party?

    Where do I get a Katey? I seriously need one. Wish Katey’s were as easily available and going to the nearest Target.

  • Anonymous

    I need an assistant!

  • Julianne

    That is adorable!

  • http://beckycochrane.livejournal.com Becky

    I ditto what Tabitha said at No. 17. Leta, like your writing, is a joy.

  • http://brutalism.net Brutalism

    Leta should have her own blog.

  • http://www.ramblingbrooke.com Brooke

    That description of Leta is EXACTLY my fiance. Except he is 27, not 5. Too much concentration to no concentration. Nothing in between. Ever.

    Him: “Do you want water?” Me: “Sure” Him: (Goes upstairs to get it, comes back downstairs with nothing.) Me: “Where’s the water?” Him: “Oh, I checked my e-mail instead…”

  • http://taycesspace.com Amanda

    And so it begins….

    Fasten your seatbelt, the teen years are approaching at lightening speed!

  • http://starpinay.blogspot.com Leoneli

    Your Leta is such a smart kid and I think what she’s going through is quite normal her age. I said that based on my experience with my two sons whom I thought were having amnesia because whatever I ask them to do, they’d forget. But now I wonder if they were doing it intentionally.

  • http://bethstecher.blogspot.com Beth

    I couldn’t help but notice that as Leta goes off and gets distracted while getting dressed, her mom gets distracted and goes off on tangents in her posts (i.e. your “quick aside” today). And I love those tangents.

  • http://angelaraew.wordpress.com Angela

    All I can say is AWESOME! Leta is pretty freaking cool – but I’m certain you and Jon already know that :)

  • Lori W

    No Heather it is NOT called ADD, she has Bored Genius Syndrome.

  • http://wrenandjane.blogspot.com Kate

    Definitely doing something right. Or at least I think that’s what Dr. Laura would say? Maybe that’s not awesome then?

    Regardless, I’m sure there’s no one out there more suited to navigate the many minefields of raising such a unique kid. Katy sounds great. Good luck on the tour!

  • Andrea

    Seriously, what Leta does is not a sign of ADD. It’s a sign/symptom of BEING FIVE. What 5-year-old doesn’t get distracted every second of every day? Jesus, do people really email you trying to give random diagnoses to your daughter…a child they don’t even know? When did the general public receive a collective degree in behavioral health?

  • http://www.thedivasthoughts.com Tee aka The Diva’s Thoughts

    I want an assistant like Katey. Would she agree to cloning?

    Leta is hysterical. lol

  • http://lizraelupdate.com elie

    I love it. I can’t wait till my kid reaches that age.

  • http://dienu.wordpress.com Ashley

    Ah, Leta is too funny!

    She reminds me of my cousin Kami. Anything Kami doesn’t want to do, she says “No, I’m too little for that.”

    “Kami, you want to swim in the lake?” “No, I’m too little for that.”

    “Kami, do you want vegetables?” “No, I’m too little, remember?”

  • http://marriageconfessions.com MarriageConfessions.com

    Haha… “Holy grape nuts”. thats great!

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    HAHAHA too cute! (Totally typed “coo tute” at first…)

    And hey, if anyone gives you shit about how you are raising Leta, you can let them know that my mom drove with me in her lap outside the seatbelt when I was a baby. ALL THE TIME. And I turned out just fine, typos aside.

  • http://therestlessmama.blogspot.com Restless Mama

    Thank you for reminding me about coffee. I was wondering why I wasn’t functioning – I too need huge amounts of jolting caffeine to get me from a to b…especially when I’m up all night with a teething baby.

    And yes, sounds like you’re doing the right stuff.

  • http://katehaney.livejournal.com Kate

    That’s no excuse AND don’t they know she can read?

    And I’m going to enjoy the hell out of my evenings from now on.

    p.s. With a recaptcha including sanitationmen, I may have to enjoy the shit out of my evenings instead.

  • http://fearealized.com/ NaysWay

    I swear I love that kid.

  • http://poemsandnovels.blogspot.com maggie may

    It’s so true how if a kid shows the slightest inclination these days toward being … a kid… then everyone’s all ‘oooo he can’t pay attention! ADD!! ‘

    getting my daughter Lola dressed was such a hassle i made it so she picked her own outfit out and although she looks a lot like Punky Brewster at times, she gets dressed much quicker. we started that at 3!

    and! i had the exact same thing happen with my daughter Lola, except it was with Grandma Mary, who drove down the street with L in front- that the promise was extracted from. ( and then broken ) snort.

  • http://www.HollyReed.com Holly

    I’m so glad to know I’m not the only with a child who drags the dressing routine out to epic lengths. And congratulations on having a child that lives in a bit of fear of you even when you’re not around. Sometimes I think I could be waiving a gun around and my son would still laugh and keep right on dancing on the furniture.

  • http://www.belleandnel.blogspot.com Nel

    Leta sounds like the most awesome child ever! “Promise you won’t tell me mom I did this.” Priceless!

    p.s. – Katey sounds awesome.

  • http://www.xanga.com/yourfavoritecynic Ray

    That little girl of yours is AWESOME!! =D Just too cute. I don’t know you in person, but what I read from your entries, “She’s just like you!” ;o)

  • Anonymous

    @LoriW #36 — you are SO SO right! Bored Genius it is!

    Heather, you’re bang on — as the parent of a gifted kid (tested and everything, so anybody who thinks I’m an overproud mom can suck it) — ADD and giftedness present very much the same at this age –

    Stick to your guns — you have a seriously intelligent kid (which is its own roller-coaster ride) — so don’t sweat the attention span. You know the difference, so don’t let anybody tell you different.

    They have the attention span of a flea on stuff they’ve already figured out…but man, try to tear them away from stuff they’re interested in.

    http://www.hoagiesgifted.com– a great resource for parents of really smart kids.

  • Susan

    When my husband and I were first married we lived in a little starter home with an equally little but well loved yard. When we went outside in the evenings we called it “touring the estate.”

  • http://www.myfunnyfunnyfamily.com Carrie

    Sometimes Leta reminds me so much of my 5-year-old, Nutmeg. The way she will get distracted by a million things getting dressed — mainly books she comes across in her room — yet when she is reading or doing something on her own, wresting her attention away from that task is impossible.

  • http://kitkat4real.blogspot.com Katherine SOLO dot MOM

    She is too cute… to say the least.

    How do you keep up with her wit!?

    Your entries about her and your world are just great.

    Keep up the good work… and yes I know you will.

  • Shelly

    Once I was watching my then 3 year old cousin (she’s 4 almost 5 now) and she was potty training, she said she had to go so I put her on the potty and was standing there and she said

    “Cousin Shelly..I need some privacy”

    Ok Kid, got it loud and clear I went and stood in the hall and waited for her to call for me..

    Silly kids.

  • https://momthoughtsedb.blogspot.com Erica

    That is awesome! So sweet.

  • Kristi

    Leta just gets more and more fun.