• radkitch

    I hope that this doesn’t become your “I tore the door off the car….’cause NO PEN!” moment. Call me if you need cooking advice on the sly…I’m a professional

  • moggit girls

    Guys are so damn visual, aren’t they?

  • mommaruthsays

    I always pour grease down the drain – I just run hot water for a few minutes before and after.

    Is that so wrong of me?


  • Daddy Scratches

    Has anyone seen my ass? Because I’m pretty sure I just laughed it off. Thanks for that. Now I have to walk around all assless and junk because you just HAD to be FUNNY.

  • baron

    We either cook bacon on the bbq (spread out on tin foil) or in the oven (spread out on tin-foil covered pan). No pouring of grease is ever required – just remove the bacon, then wait for the grease to cool and toss the foil. Easy clean-up. Best bacon ever! I know it’s not great for the environment, but hey- bacon grease is just gross. If I’m cooking anything else that has grease to be drained, I spoon it into a glass dish and scoop it into the garbage after it cools. Because I’ve been there done that with the plastic bowl. :)

  • JillyLly

    mommaruthsays: I do too! Thanks to Dooce I now know better!!! Haha! Is it possible that I am the root cause of the apartment below mine getting its pipes clogged and causing their drain to leak? (whistle whistle.. do do doooo)

    and wait.. you did a back hand spring on a trampoline after drinking your own homemade wine? WHY was there not a link to this story??? That sounds too amazing to not know the details of this incident. MUST HEAR MORE!!

  • Wombat Central

    Girl, you need some kind of NASA suit. Maybe put that on over the bubblewrap suit.

    BTW, I pour bacon grease into those clear deli containers that hold things like parmesean cheese. How the heck can they be more heat resistant than that bowl? That was incredible.

  • Garnetgirl

    If it makes you feel any better:

    I was making candles (back in university) in little clay plant pots.

    I thought I would cover the little hole at the bottom with some tin foil and pour the wax into the pot while it was sitting in the sink. Just in case I made a mess of course.

    Did you know that tin foil floats in wax?

    Long story short, the whole mess of melted wax went through the pot, down the drain and immediately congealed into an impermeable plug.

    Did you know that draino has no effect on wax?

    Long story short, had to call the father in to save the day.

    I feel your pain…and hope that Jon doesn’t give you too hard of a time about this one.

  • LuckyMama

    Seriously Jon’s ‘tore the door off the car’ moment was far worse than melting a bowl.

    Neither my husband nor I drink coffee, but we have coffee cups for straining grease off of meat!! Next time Heather…maybe shoot for something that is meant for molten hot lava.

    @Mommaruthsays: Your pipes are probably pretty nasty! Ugh. You would need to pour boiling hot water down your pipes for a good 20 minutes to clean them puppies out!

  • mommica

    I think two is plenty old enough to know how to control your bodily functions.

  • kayakgrrl

    That. Is. Exactly something I would do. (And I love the melty picture =)

    I hope your toe heals quickly – that hurts!

  • MustangSally

    My non-Husband-Approved methods for dealing with hot bacon/hamburger grease is:

    1) pouring hot grease into a big bowl/pan in sink, squirk a buttload of dish soap in there and continue to fill with hot water until it all goes down the drain coated in happy bubbles (I figure if Dawn worked for cleaning up seagulls after the Exxon Valdez it’s gotta work, right? Takes grease right out of your way???) If I accidentally forget and pour grease right down the drain I just follow with a healthy chug of soap and blast of hot water. I never had a clog until I forgot to follow with water one time. Then I got busted.

    Method #2 (hubby has neither approved nor disapproved):
    2) sop up all the grease with paper towels then throw them in the trash.

    Method #3 (hubby wholeheartedly approves)
    3) Prepare a bowl of dog kibble in stainless steel or heat safe bowl/pan. Drizzle hot grease over kibble. Stir. Watch dog drool for 5 minutes until it cools a little. Serve.

  • suzanne

    I don’t cook and don’t even attempt it anymore – my recent mac and cheese from the box didn’t even go well. I got distracted after I added the noodles to the boiling water and didn’t stir them and then they cooked all glommed (is that a word) together. However, my husband is way too fond of pork and when he cooks bacon, he puts the grease in one of our coffee cups. It grosses me out, though, cuz then WTF are you supposed to do with it?
    And confession time – I go to the Daily Chuck before I read your blog. I love Chuck.

  • KatieMama

    I had no idea bacon grease could melt a bowl! That’s scary! I always poor my grease in a paper cup and put it in the freezer. You must make a lot of bacon if you had that much grease!

  • suzanne

    Please put more things on Chuck’s head! I love that. hee hee

  • Daily Cup of Jo

    I’d recognize that IKEA bowl anywhere. Great for cereal. Yeah, maybe not bacon grease. The important thing here is – YOU WERE MAKING BACON FOR THE FAMILY. Everything else is secondary.

    Oh, and the toe. The universe IS single and childless. We can’t slow down. We don’t really know how.

  • Svaha

    ~ that bowl looks a lot less expensive than the car door (just sayin)

    ~ if you ever ‘have‘ to pour grease down a drain just run cold water, not hot, while you’re doing it. Hot grease cools in the pipes and builds up, like arteries about to have a heart attack. Even when running hot water it will all cool before it makes its escape. Cold water clumps the grease up and keeps it from sticking to the pipes. Not recommended for septic systems, but hey, life happens, and when you have kids it happens all the damn time.

  • ddee

    Please take a picture of The Bacon Bowl on Chuck’s head. He’ll love it, I’m sure, ’cause it smells like bacon! Unless it smells like fumes-that-will-kill-us-all.

    You know, Heather, I’m seeing a whole line of Bacon Grease Dishes. As an installation in an art gallery.

    Yes, I’m serious. After the exhibit, you can sign them and auction them off for charity.

  • perky123

    is it weird that im just ever so curious as to how you got a BEFORE picture of the bowl? haha im weird i know :(

  • Jangogh

    Pre-cooked bacon is SOOOO much easier.

  • kymmi

    ATXGirl – Biscuits on Fire is a great band name. Or title of a memoir. I’m going to have to steal that one.

  • SOLO dot MOM

    Great info. I will store this somewhere in my brain for the future.

    I can say I probably would have done the same thing, though. Just the other day I noticed a pot of gravy boiling over while I was frying eggs, making biscuits, and etc…. so I picked it up and set it on my breakfast table… so that it could then melt the veneer off in the process… who knew!?

    Why can’t they make kitchens and their utensils a little more fool proof for those of us moms who are trying to spin so many plates at once… we get a little distracted in the process that goes on in there.

  • tmehraban

    just a suggestion for next time – save an empty soup/beans/whatever tin can and put it under the sink for the next time you need a container for bacon grease. I promise it will be able to take the beating.

  • Tiggerlane

    Okay, as a former high school Valedictorian myself, I would CERTAINLY think that “microwave” or “dishwasher” safe means that bacon grease is perfectly acceptable! I mean, have you ever touched a glass right after the dishwasher has finished? And I know people who actually COOK bacon in the microwave. SO…if you had cooked the bacon in the bowl, in the microwave, would it have been okay?

    I’m vacillating between wondering if a slower rise in temperature would have kept the bowl from melting – or if you have been a victim of consumer fraud!

    Then again, I’m married to a Southern man who believes bacon grease should be stored, kept in the refrigerator in a jar and REUSED….so, yeah, shutting up now.

  • ginaious

    I LOL’ed for real – out loud. I totally feel your pain.

  • 3xx1xy

    Oh Holy Hell!

  • apostate

    Bacon grease in an IKEA bowl? LOL. That’s something my mother would do.
    Actually, about 20 years ago our family got new carpet and right after it was installed, my mom noticed a small dark dirt spot on it. So she ran to the kitchen, saw a tiny orange tupperware dish and assumed that of course it must be water inside, and poured a bit on the carpet to wipe the dirt out. Turns out it was bacon grease. Somehow it didn’t melt the tupperware bowl, though.

    Don’t feel bad. Look at this as a “bowl half full” scenario. Now you have an excuse to get yourself down to IKEA, grab a replacement set, and have some meatballs. You know you want to. I know it’s your favorite place.

    At least they’re cheap.

  • JelliDonut

    Dang, my husband thinks you’re accident prone. For once, I agree with him. Maybe you should get Jon to build you one of those giant hamster balls. You might be safe in there. I think bacon grease is the least of your problems. I hope the rest of your bones are safe. Heal fast.

  • Mama Ark

    If you do cook a lot of bacon I completely recommend the old can trick. Pour your bacon grease in a soup, bean, tomatoe can – whatever you’ve got – and store it in the freezer. Less smelly and not accessible to babies and dogs, even by accident.

    Oh, and even those of us who fancy ourselves as cooks do stupid stuff in the kitchen. We once decided to baste our roasting chicken with a cold beer. Hot pyrex pan and cold beer = shattering and no more roast chicken.

  • mommy gourmet

    Okay, now I really want you to try putting the other bowl in the microwave and see what happens??