• JodiN

    I’m an iPad widow too. The only time he wasn’t using it since it arrived was when I stole it to read a couple of books using the Kindle app. I had to read pretty fast, or I’m convinced his head would have exploded.

  • Karyn

    *Trying to get over the fact that Jon reads USA Today, just when I thought he was the perfect man, sigh*

  • Stilus

    You may have found a male who can multitask, but I haven’t! My husband can do one thing at once, and if he gets sidetracked we’re stuffed!

    An example of this would be the fact that my whole house now reeks of smoke, because he got carried away on his laptop and forgot about basic things like not burniing the kitchen down.

  • Leask

    Heather, if you start spreading the word that men can multitask, we’re going to start to be expected to! Does your madness know no bounds?

  • debtank

    Geeks can multi-task too…har har.

    Had my weekly therapy appointment and come to find out that introverts are only comfortable doing one thing at a time. Of course, this is a generalization, and I am sure not always true…but it explains a lot about my DH…

    Is Jon an introvert at heart?

  • SuzRocks

    I better not let my husband read this. He’ll use it as proof that I am not allowed to get one. He gets mad enough at me- and I’ve only got my iPhone to distract me!

  • chicagolynn

    My husband works for Apple. The employee discounts are nice, but it would be nice to have conversations about something other than technology. He’s waiting for the 3G version. Here’s hoping it’s back ordered.

  • lissak

    I was just having a conversation about this…. my husband to this day cannot talk and drive, else he will not get off the parkway at our exit (turn at our street etc…)… He gets extremely annoyed when we’re watching TV and I’m doing a puzzle/reading/knitting because HE CAN ONLY DO ONE THING AT A TIME, so he assumes I can and he gets to the point where he can’t enjoy himself if I’m multitasking. (have I mentioned he’s a little OCD/geeky as well?) I’m sure once the 2nd or 3rd gen Ipad comes out, hubby will have one.