• ChristineQ

    Who doesn’t love a good fart joke?

  • Agent Scully

    Tyrant is way too good looking to come after Coco.

  • Crazy Card Lady

    So what happened to your lovely assistant who had the cute little baby? Was she replaced by the Tyrant?

    Also everyone CHECK OUT THE NEW BANNER! Who resembles baby Heather? OMG! The craziness lives on!!!!

  • aslapintheface

    AWESOME WALL ART … I told my therapist about you too. :)

  • chimera

    Continue to be a fan of yours, but also continue to wish/hope that you will consider captioning your future videos for those of us that are deaf (or hard of hearing)! I appreciate the challenges that accompany captioning videos, but in the spirit of accessibility for all and drawing more readers/viewers from the deaf community.. :-)

  • dooce

    @chimera I will definitely try to make that happen! Thanks for pointing it out.

  • MichelleBarra

    What a lovely message to your readers Heather. Lovely, but as far as I’m concerned, unnecessary.

    To me, it is obvious from your warm, friendly tone, the frequency & generosity of your posts, the gorgeous clean lines of your website and the minimalistic approach to sponsorship and advertisng that you care about your readers.

    So well done you for striking such a happy balance!

    From a formerly flat-chested Michelle (currently 31 wks pregnant so shamelessly flashing cleavage at every available opportunity!)

  • slw

    Hi Heather – I appreciate you being so scrupulous about your sponsorships … not to mention for the awesome content that you bring to your audience. I’ve been following you for years! Also wanted to let you know that I work for an online video platform that does closed captioning for your hearing-impaired visitors. Pls let me know if you’re interested in details on that.

  • apostate

    Just wanted to point out once again that I’m ever covetous of your chin. My head just kind of blends into my neck making an extra ten lbs look like 80 in portraits. (sigh)

  • smithie1996

    Thank YOU for making us laugh, cry, and feel like normal mothers in this weird crazy world of parenting.

  • kcbelles

    Still awesome, but totally gracious; must be cuz you’re Southern :)

    Poor Tyrant – you must pay him well to put up with all that you do, and now coming after Coco (although if I were in the line-up, I think I’d prefer to come after instead of before, too – that way I could keep an eye on her mischevious little furry butt.)

  • francabollo

    @aslapintheface I’ve told my therapist about her, too! In reference to Heather’s posting about her mental health issues. A valuable service beyond measure. Thank you, Heather. Really.

  • Miss Bits

    A compliment wherein you gain nothing is the bestest. We’re redoing our bedroom tomorrow in an effort to make it appear as if functioning adults live in this house. At the least we’ll be able to leave the door to our room open when friends come over, instead of flying off of the sofa in a panic when someone starts heading in that direction “looking for the bathroom”. We have a small room, so space is at a premium. Necessities only and storage is the key word of the day. Life would be so much easier if objects hovered.

  • vaefitz

    I never “chuckle” out loud. And I only rarely post a comment. But, seriously, that last parenthetical comment inspired a heartfelt chortle. Thanks! (And BTW: do you design your own CAPTCHA combos? Because they are so, so… Dooce!)

  • NolaMomma

    Okay if you love fart jokes….I know you have this book already, but just in case you don’t…Walter the Farting Dog. It’s a good one.

  • Deb Haw

    I’m convinced Tyrant may be my soulmate with the things he says/does, but since he doesn’t swing my way, I’d settle for being his bosom buddy/bitch witch. :D

  • labradoris

    @NolaMomma, we have the Walter the Farting Dog series at the winery I work at (we treat it like a coffee table book in one of the corners of the tasting room). It entertains kids and [tipsy] adults alike! ;)

  • theotherlion

    i think my mom needs to unwrap that on christmas morning. she’s always asking me what i talked to my therapist about.

  • Jeni

    dooce, I love you! Thanks for the daily laughs!
    another great masthead btw.

  • oddFrogg

    You continually amaze. You’ve kept it up all these years because you’re an interesting person with interesting, funny and heartfelt things to say. How you choose to feed your family is your business. Here’s to more Dooce! Rock on.

  • socaldede

    “I Sparkle when I Farkle”

  • Becky Cochrane

    You consistently make me happy in some way. Thank you.

  • Cellar Mouse

    I love that picture. I need one. Fun stuff, thanks for sharing.

  • table4five

    I enjoyed seeing the office coming together, and it was great of Verizon to help with the phones you needed. I can’t even imagine how many pitches you get every day from companies who want you to talk about their stuff.

    Every time I think you’ve made the best masthead ever, you go and top yourself. You are my very favorite ‘well rested self-entitled ho bag’ :)

  • useharmony

    I adore your blog, verizon or not. And I’m going to hate you for one whole week because I am jealous of your beautiful office. So there.

  • AshesVonDust

    You are so unobtrusive about sponsorship, and you’re clearly doing well. It makes me wonder why more sites don’t follow your example and be tactful about it!

    I love that you are thankful and gracious enough to take the time to thank your sponsor again, even though it’s not in your contract. It’s what I would do, and it shows that you can be a real classy dame!

    @Miss Bits “We’re redoing our bedroom tomorrow in an effort to make it appear as if functioning adults live in this house”
    I hear you, I’ve got to get on that as well! My bedroom looks like two teenagers living in a dumpster! With several very hairy animals (anyone else have uncontrollable kitty tumbleweeds?!)