• barbara

    OMG, Chuck’s costume is hysterical!!!

    Apparently they change the trick or treating day in West Virgina too. My friend is from there and she was all confused as to why it was on Sunday this year. I had no idea why she was so confused. Makes sense now.

  • adamsrice

    I heard Border Collies where sheep dogs, but I didn’t think they would take the stereotype so literally.

  • juliejackson

    OH MY GOD, Heather, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life! Those dogs steal the show for sure!


    Best post EVER.

  • Ashlae

    SWEET BABY JESUS!!!!!!!!!!! Leta looks just as I did as a kid. I am slightly weirded out.

  • Caro

    Heather, you rule.

  • doublebuttons

    I don’t know of any neighborhoods near me that trunk-or-treat, but my son’s daycare does on the day they do their halloween party/parade. It makes sense for them. I couldn’t imagine doing it otherwise.

    I always manage to take away all the candy after a day or two, usually because I am sick of the sugar highs. Then I forget about it. I just found last year’s bag in the bottom of my closet.

    Love, love, love Chuck’s costume.

  • tallnoe

    I wondered how you got Coco to sit still in that costume. Did you glue her feet there?

    Oh, and the kids are super cute. I love Leta’s grrrr motion. Or is it rarrrr?

  • atlasmeow

    OMG, your kids look adorable, but Chuck and Coco are HYS. TERICAL. Awesome. What more can I say??

  • TexasKatie

    This post just made me smile BIG TIME. What a great post!!

  • kirstanator

    ahhhhh … LOL … I was giggling at the stories related to the girls’ costumes and then got to the dogs and almost started crying. LOVE.IT!!!!

    Your girls are truly beautiful and I love when you post pictures of them.

    Thanks for making me feel human and normal.

  • Idiot Parade

    Aw, quite a few trunk-or-treat haters! We do it out here too, in the CA high desert. Houses are spread really far apart, without many street lamps, and there are very few sidewalks. The kids love going from truck to truck–some of the bigger ones have haunted houses in the truck beds!

    The girls are adorable, as are the dogs. Leta’s monster face is my favorite :)

  • writtendad

    Yes, Baby Rambo would have been fantastic, but she makes a damn cute frog. Plus, she had a worm, now she’s a frog. It’s like she’s moving up the ladder of evolution. And the last picture of her and Leta (and Jon on the side attempting to direct frogzilla) is great. Halloween disorder at it’s finest.

  • Rich

    Thank the Lord Jesus someone finally explained what the hell Trunk-or-treat was. All those FB status messages finally make sense now. I could not figure it out. Anyway, what the hell is the point of it? Mormons have to do something else that sets them further apart from the normal to stand out?
    BTW, Marlo is a doll, how can you not just want to hug her all the time?

  • amydronen

    I have this problem where I read your blog while I’m at work and I know that something is going to make me laugh at a time I shouldn’t be laughing…this time it was ‘Alejandro’ of course.
    We also had a fairy in our house for Halloween, but it was a hand-me-down costume that looks incredibly similar to Leta’s but the brand was Barbie. I ripped every visible Barbie tag and emblem off the sucker before we got out the door so I wouldn’t accidentally throw up on my own child.
    Happy Halloween!

  • uvula_envy

    I’ve followed your blog for awhile, but I’ve never posted. Wait, I did once when I could have won a playstation or something.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share with you an awesome “mommyblogger” post about Halloween.


  • dosvegans

    I wanna take a ride on your disco stick!

    Does Marlo still have ringworm??!! I got it a few years back from a stray cat I found in a parking lot. My Dr. told me to use Lotromin, its the anti-fungal creme for athlete’s foot and it cleared up in a couple weeks. Seems like she’s had it for a long time…

  • thejunebug

    Seeing Leta’s costume (complete with long pants and long sleeved shirt) cracks me up. I still remember those Utah Halloweens as a kid when my costume was nothing more than a pattern printed on a plastic garbage bag (and a mask!), sold in a set at Harmon’s, because it had to fit over my snowsuit & boots.

  • VickyNguyen

    AAAAAHHHHHH. So late to the party but this was SUPER adorable. Coco’s costume is perfection. Horns. And Alejandro. Visual chocolate.

  • simpliSAHM

    Ah yes, Utah Halloweens… I was stunned my first Halloween in Utah that happened to land on Sunday when I learned that an entire state will somehow manage to change the date of a ‘holiday’ (you know what I mean) just because the Mormons declared it be so. Gah! Oh, and the “Trunk or Treat” thing…I think I was living in Happy Valley when they started that crap…now everybody’s doing it.

  • jon

    Remind me to schedule my appointment for a vasecto

    Oh, yeah. Sorry.

    Carry on.

  • Dani

    Whew! I was wondering where the Chuck costume pictures were.

  • curlsz

    CoCo looks embarrassed – FINALLY!!

    Ok so Baptist have been doing the trunk or treat as well – which leave it to the church to take a perfectly great place to stash drugs and / or dead bodies in and turn it for their own purposes of candy and religious tracts

  • theurbancowgirl

    I would like to have a dog, or a child, solely for the purpose of dressing them up for Halloween.

  • mamatabea

    Just browsed through the pictures quickly….so funny. Heather, YOU should have dressed up as Lady Gaga, totally :) We’re no luckier up here in Canada, Halloween is always coooooooold. But even the church-goers go on Sunday, us included. Well, even though it seems unfathomable, Utah and all of Canada (that is east of Vancouver…) will make it through another winter. Thanks to you there’s always something to laugh about, even on the coldest, greyest winter days. Hang in there Armstrongs!

  • TropicalPopsicle

    Alejandro! Rah Rah, ah ah ah!


  • nuttermother



  • gail37

    A young friend of mine, born and raised here in Utah, recently moved to New Haven, CT. She got raised eyebrows and weird looks, not to mention absolute amazement, when she asked a local if kids would be trick or treating on Saturday. “But Halloween is on SUNDAY!” Finally, I get to say, “Poor Chuck, she makes you balance so many things! You are sooooo put upon!” And how did you get Coco to stay in that costume?

  • Essembee

    Gorgeous photos! It’s a bit trippy seeing how tall Leta is compared to Marlo now.

    Also, I very much enjoy the irony of Coco dressed as a sheep, although I’m not sure she gets it…

  • LizC

    A lot of places are doing the trunk-or-treating now. They do it here and I don’t think it’s always church specific. They just find an empty parking lot. I think it takes all the fun out of Halloween.

  • Tobie

    LMAO @ “Alejandro.” Will never listen to that song the same again.

    Yeah, a lot of the little neighborhoods do “trunk or treat” here as well, with people saying that it’s “sooo much safer.” Is it, really? Teaching kids to…take candy from strangers’ cars? Is that really ~safer~ than going to houses, just ringing doorbells with your parents standing right behind you? *Sigh* whatever, I’m agreed that it takes all the fun out of Halloween.

  • apostate

    The trunk or treating thing gets me riled too. Aside from the fact that it’s offensive to imply that those of us of a certain religious persuasion are more trustworthy, I think it’s incredibly dangerous to have little ones wandering around a parking lot in the dark as cars pull in and out. Trick or treating should be done ON THE SIDEWALK with parental supervision. That means that you walk by your little ones and hold their hands. You don’t unleash them in a giant parking lot and give yourself props for being safety-conscious.


    Sunday Halloweens in Utard are always the worst. Back in 1993, I lived in Nevada where people didn’t kowtow like they do here. I slept over at my friend’s house because the following day was a state holiday with no school and her mom (who was also Mormon) let us go. I was 16 and way too old anyway. But it was fun. My mom was not happy when she found out how I had “worked” on the Sabbath for all that candy. LOL.

    My son was the same frog as Marlo when he was one year old. My husband taught him how to growl like a bear because apparently, saying “ribbit” was too hard. So he was a growling frog. Somehow, it was adorable. I guess whoever designed that costume at Old Navy didn’t consider how hard it is for a one year old to say “ribbit”.
    We used the costume for pajamas for the rest of the winter because he looked so adorable in it. Nice and warm.

    ps: It didn’t snow on the West Siiiiiiiiiiiiiide. Just a little drizzle. I guess that’s the price you pay for prime Utah real estate. :)

  • Becky Cochrane

    I do, I DO care about the beautiful Armstrong girls, but OMG–Coco and Chuck. Best Halloween moments of this year, and I had some good ones.

  • juliemewood

    GRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Trunk or treat is no good. No good at all! And that’s from a full fledged mormon girl! Love, love, love the costumes, especially coco’s!! hahahaha! ( I hate lol) :)

    Loved the post too!

  • Midnight

    If it comforts you to know that Utah hasn’t spread it’s Mormon tentacles everywhere, here in the Philly burbs, we had trick or treating last night. In fact, we had a big neighborhood party with pizza/beer/wine/juice boxes, followed by 2 hours of trick or treating. AND, despite the cold, instead of hiding out in our respective houses, a bunch of us sat at the end of our neighbor’s driveway in camp chairs in front of a fire pit with wine/beer and handed out candy to the kids and beer to the adults.

    Trunk or treating sounds like a bunch of crap to me.

    Love the costumes! My kids went as Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters this year. I might be biased, but they were hilarious.

  • jan001

    I was all “awwwww, how sweet, that’s the keeper” when I was looking at the picture of the three of them. And then I saw Coco in sheep’s clothing and busted out laughing. Hard. And it only got worse (better) when I saw Chuck-Ga. And Alejandro.

    At the risk of being all schmaltzy, “memories are made of this”. Cool pictures.

  • greeblemonkey


    Declan had the EXACT same frog costume when he was M’s age. And it was the year Kerry was running and we were out campaigning and there was little Declan on the corner with a sign that said “Frogs Love Kerry!”

    OF COURSE I can’t find the photo anywhere right now. But… IT WAS CUTE.

    He has grown up quite a bit since then… He went as a Dementor this year:


    And I have to say I love Halloween, but you are so right about the sugar-high.

  • grad.nauseam

    The look on Coco’s face is priceless. She’s just completely demoralized. I’d be sleeping with one eye open.

  • amyptucson

    That first photo of Marlo wins the prize! File it under Prototypical Reaction of Young Child First Seeing Herself in Costume in the Mirror.

  • c_kidman69

    I was raised in Utah and did the trunk or treat thing, then we moved to North Eastern Washington, we were kind of rual and the local Wal Mart hosted a trunk or treat, they provided ALL the candy and the cars had to be parked by a certain time and could not leave until it was all over and the kids were gone. I was shocked, shocked to learn that outside of Utah people did a trunk or treat also.

    Love the costumes, I love Marlo’s long toes, I have kids with long skinny feet and they are just precious to me.

  • apostate

    “the cars had to be parked by a certain time and could not leave until it was all over and the kids were gone.”

    Here’s the question though: If you arrive with your kids and leave with them, then how do you regulate it so that the cars can’t leave until the kids are gone? Do you have to sit in the car with your kids for 45 minutes? A car full of kids who are hopped up on chocolate. Sounds like fun.

  • msjo

    I live in SLC. We had two forlorn little boys show up Sunday night. Apparently new to Utah and did not get the message. I had leftover candy, hoping others in the neighborhood did too….

  • carolinebodkin

    My co-worker totally did not believe me when I told him that the Mormons move Halloween when it falls on a Sunday. I always thought it was odd that Halloween was so big in Utah (at least when I was growing up there) since it’s kind of a pagan holiday, no? Maybe because the haunted houses are the best option for groping on group dates. Thank you for writing this blog so I could prove that my non-Mormon childhood was not just a dream!

  • nelsonsmama

    Trick or treating was on Saturday night here in good old Middle Tennesse, but I’d like to think it was more about the wisdom of a weekend night rather than a school night.

    For the record, I love Halloween! It’s a wonderful time in our small town – everyone is out and about, golf carts are decorated, lots of cocktails are consumed, kids are pumped up on sugar…it’s one big block party.

  • gretchie

    Chuck, you had me at ‘Alejandro’.

  • Schnauzie_Mom

    Hahahaha! OMG I loved this post. Everyone was so fricken’ cute but Chuck takes the award for best costume again! And Marlo’s feet are so big! Perfect frog flippers:-)

  • Amber_D

    Great post. Hilarious pictures, but I have to take a moment to say how much I love the new masthead.

    Also, I think my whole life is one giant chocolate-fueled, irrational, outburst. Is that bad?

  • Amy K

    It was cold here in Michigan too but we got to go house to house. My daughter Emily is just a bit older than Marlo (17 months) and it still pretty much confuses her :)

    I love Leta’s and Marlo’s costumes :)

  • goodfairyofny

    Best dog costume. EVER. Now I finally understand why walmart was selling so may lady gaga wigs this year.

  • relativevirtues

    Best. Costumes. Ever.

    The look on Coco’s face. “Woman, what have you put me in…?!”

    And I laughed out loud, for real, at Chuck. Those songs will never be the same for me again.

  • ln8r

    The Alejandro modesty patch actually made me cackle. And not in an intentional Halloweeny way, in an “I can’t believe that sound came out of me” way.