• preppypitbull

    I love love love the costumes for all 4 ‘kids’. We tried putting our pitty in a dinosaur costume last year, and thought he loved being in it, only to find it ripped in 1,000,000 pieces when we came back downstairs. So, no go on the dog costumes in our house anymore. As always you made my day with your post. Too bad about the Trunk or Treating thing, sounds sad. I love that we have lots of kids come to the house, even though the doorbell makes the dog go crazy, it’s worth it.

  • jennisdrinking

    Ok, I’m in Ohio and you know what?? About half the state did trick or treating on Sat, the other half on Sunday, and there were a few nutjobs who did it on FREAKIN FRIDAY. And we have that “Trunk or Treat” thing here too. Some churches use it as a way to lure people in, “oh hey, here’s some candy for your kids…now that they’re all sugared up, come on in and hear about the flames and brimstone”.. Um. No.

    Some of the truly masochistic ones hit 3 or 4 (or even FIVE, God help me) T&T events in one weekend. One Boo at the Zoo, then hit the mall where the tortured retail people hand out candy with grim expressions, zip a few miles for a trunk or treat, then trudge thru the streets for actual old-school trick or treating. Our town even had a classic car/trunk or treat event downtown with INFLATABLES. Cause ya know, what good is a floorlength Princess Belle costume unless you’re climbing a bounce house while clutching a bag of stale tootsie rolls?

    Long story short (too late, I know, ba dum bum), you’re not alone.

  • jennisdrinking

    Oh, but thank you for posting your costume pics, I really needed that. I love it when you dress up Chuck, and now Coco! Serves her right!! I must ask though- no drunkenstein this year?

  • Britta

    In our township, in PA, we trick-or-treat the Thursday before Halloween. Even if Halloween is on the NEXT Wednesday. Our liquor laws are stranger than Utah’s (where I’m from, by the way) as well. Who knew the Beehive State was so normal?

  • EvilG

    That is the best dog costume ever!

  • joni l

    Too, Too, funny! I think I peed a little reading this all!

  • HDC

    Ah halloween.

    My four year old is just getting over a cold. Too much candy last night. This morning, a sneeze plus a surprise. The husband and I coined a new term to honor the gift. Ladies and gentle persons, I give you snomit, the lesser known known cousin of the vorp. Yes, sneeze and vomit at the SAME TIME! Twofer bonus!

    We’re still trying to decided if we’re laughing at or with the boy. In the end, the jokes on me cuz I got to clean it up. But there we are.

  • AussieMel

    I thought “how cute” at the frog and the butterfly but oh my God, Coco’s expression!! She looks soooo huffy but as usual the unflappable Chuck had me laughing out loud. Happy Halloween anyway(we try but it hasn’t really taken Down Under)

  • JessicaM


    I love all of their costumes, even if Chuck is the only one who can really pose.

    Leta has bershon DOWN in that last picture.

    Coco – hilariously demoralized, and the fact that you dressed her as a sheep is deliciously ironic.

    Marlo–cutie patootie, and I love that the frog costume got another shot. Chimpanzee costume next year!

  • devilss

    The dog is bette then GaGa))this story is for the whole

    essay company

  • PunkinP

    Yeah, I feel ya sister. Halloween just wasn’t the same this year since my 15 month old can now walk/run/barge-into-complete-strangers-with-the-force-of-an-ox. We took him down to our local festival. Streets were blocked off so no cars, but it wasn’t the strollin’ with our baby thing it was last year when all he could do was sit in the stroller on his butt. No, he wanted to go the OPPOSITE way than where we wanted to go, and he wanted to do it at 50MPH. I was freakin’ out of breath following him. And when we tried to put him in the stroller? MELTDOWN to end all meltdowns. Yeah, maybe next year…hrumph;-)

    But the girls looked way cute! Leta gets lovelier as she grows up. They’re both such photogenic kids.

  • ilovelucy1976

    I love the trunk or treat. I live in a good part of CA and we still have ER’s that will send your candy through X-Ray machines because people are mean. At least I know my kids candy is safe. I also think that kids don’t care where or when they go as long as they can get dressed up and go. The only thing that brings them down is our attitude about change.

  • JetLime

    I laughed my head off :) ) Halloween sounds like fun in Utah! Luckily my flat is in a secure building where trick or treaters aren’t allowed in so I never have to worry how much chocolate (or shampoo, interesting idea) to buy.
    The pictures are hilarious, I’ll try kermit on my nieces. Or maybe Lady Gaga. The last picture of Leta is fantastic, she looks like a painting of a fairy princess. Actually, I might use it for a painting if you don’t mind.

  • thecattylife

    Wow Leta has grown up so much. She’s like stretched out or something, but in a really good way. Guess she has tall parents!


  • akhowell

    It’s ironic that you can say anything in your blog posts, crude, rude, socially unacceptable, whatever (not judging! I think you’re hilarious) but when it comes to Chuck, you always include the modesty patch. What’s wrong with showing a dog’s junk?

  • Dharma

    Coco is finally broken! Hah!

  • tonya

    Girl, those kids aren’t the only ones on a sugar high. You are WOUND UP! It took me forever to get through that post because I was laughing so hard. Then I’d pull it back together only to lose it again. I texted my friend, who is another faithful follower, “Go read dooce NOW. She’s in rare form. Even for her.”

    Whew. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that on day FIVE of strep throat with my super needy ten year old who’s about to drive me loco.

  • WebSavyMom

    –>Thank you for the pictures of Chuck and the “edits.” That just cheered up my otherwise dull morning with a nice couple of laughs.

  • peppylady

    Halloween here is matter fact dead. No trick or treaters which I can complete understand “no are home isn’t over haunted. Homes are so far apart. That people drives there children into town.
    But I did get some full size Reese Peanut butter cups. See we have had trick or treaters in past.

    Hey my mom said she was going door dress up like a hillbilly asking for drinks. Instead of saying the regular saying what kids do “Trick or Treat” she was going to say “Trick or snort” and hold out her shot glass and see if they would give her a drink

    As living in Idaho I’m not sure if the Mormons goes around trick or trunk or not. You see I live in the North part of the state I understand the Mormons up here is a completely different breed.
    I know there some of the church here host party. “You know Halloween is holiday to promote the devil” and one of local church gave out, crap I can’t get one word spelled right.
    “Huliaha boxes”

  • Cooky

    The November masthead is wonderful and my favorite pic from the whole group is with Jon trying to get both girls to pose.

    Thank you for your hilarious posts. You always brighten my day.

  • tlg

    You’ve been living in Utah too long :) Trunk or treat is 100% non denominational. Just about every church here in southern CA had their own trunk or treat and not on Sunday because having a party on the sabbath is not keeping the sabbath day holy. Even the malls do their own form of it and Disneyland had one every night the week before Halloween. Here’s an article from a few years ago in the New York Times. It was interesting and fun to read.
    But since you’re a halloween hater you probably don’t even care! haha
    Sweet costumes on the kids and the dogs! I vote that you and Jon dress up next year…dressing up is so fun!

  • MissMissy

    Coco looks EXACTLY like my dog does when I put a costume on him — nervous, embarrassed, unsure as to whether it’s safer to move or just sit still. I can’t help laughing at the pleading look in Coco’s eyes!

  • kturney

    Hilarious. What’s a little broken skin when Marlo looks so happy?!


    Bossy hates Halloween SO MUCH that year after year she forgets she got a Great Dane solely for the costume potential.

  • missusclark

    Coco looks completely humiliated!

    I have never heard of “truck-or-treat”. Methodists don’t get their knickers in a bunch over a Sunday Halloween. From a practical point of view, any school-night Halloween has it’s consequences. My twin’s kindergarten teacher had a rough go on Monday…

  • Gardenfreak89

    Gaga – alejandro.. rahh ah ah … you are a genius I tell ya… HILARIOUS… LOVED it!! Coco was adorable in the sheep’s outfit…

    your kids are always the cutest… that’s a given.. leta is getting so big..

  • emilylentini

    Oh my god. I am giving birth to one of these in 6 weeks…
    How fun!

  • kelseywithak

    The first picture of Marlo looks a lot like baby Leta!