• towandapunk

    Is it just me, or do the twins move in such a way that they look like balloons in the Macy’s parade? Somehow not quite tethered…

  • scorpstar77

    As seems to be the prevailing sentiment, absolutely watching Jon dance was the very best part of that video. Close second? Watching the Avon World Sales Leader play, with Leta in the background drumming her feet because she was so eager for her grandmother to do something.

  • andratm

    Yeah, so I have to say Jon’s moves were by far my favorites.

  • KateH

    The butt waggling is spectacular. Made. My. Day.

  • luckotheirish

    My favorite part is Leta yelling in the opening shot, or maybe Heather’s butt dance, or maybe John with no alcohol, or maybe the tyrant’s friend with benefits. No the best was your whole family having fun together!

  • evabombay

    Love Jon and Leta dancing – been waiting for more of that since the Coldplay video!

  • tennisewb

    The butt dancing and kicks….the best! Oh and then the twin dancing (Jon and Leta).

  • Cassi

    That looks like soo much fun! I have to say my favorite part was your dancing butt moves! They were awesome :)

  • thallingram

    Jon looks just like my husband did when he danced at our wedding. Wish we had that on video.

  • laurahess

    Basement Jaxx!!! Brings back fond and slightly hazy memories of college clubbing days. Faves are 1) Jon doing the worm… standing up, and 2) one of the twins doing the robot – my 5 year old boy’s “go to” dance move.

  • jaciejwelch

    Seriously…grinding with tyrant. Funniest part. Close second is Leta “Elaine” dancing. I’m still laughing!

  • Scriberson

    That looks awesome! My family would love it.

    My favorite part of the video is Leta dancing. Nothing beats a 6 year old during a dance off – too cute!

  • nerdistheword

    The little dude doing the robot…. ALL.TIME.FAV…. plus that little adorable baby in the pink pj’s…. YAYYY MARLO!

  • Bustok13

    This was very cute… my favorite part was when Jon is dancing, & I think “Man, Leta & he are built & move so similarly.” Then the ‘these are my twins’ caption comes up. Perfect.

  • Lyssann

    I love that Leta and Jon look exactly alike. It’s adorable. Also the world sales leader cameo.

  • julization

    I think the solution to any issue can be found in the butt dance.

  • Sharyl

    What a fun family. I loved when Jon and Leta were dancing.

  • klcruick

    Love seeing where Leta got her dance moves (from Jon!). Thanks for this opportunity!

  • RT

    Marlo’s appearance at :52 is funny. That twin is a Marlo wrangler!

  • susiefish

    Love when Dad and daughter are dancing together – so cute! Very fun!

  • fluticasone

    My favorite part is Jon dancing. I haven’t seen moves like that since the Star Wars kid debuted.

  • teacherlady

    Goodness! That looks like so much fun…I can see us wasting hours having that fun….

  • TashaHepler

    First of all…beautiful house! Love all of the open space. Perfect for dancing. Looks like everyone had so much fun. I was just like Leta growing up. Always reading, I spent some time outdoors and being active but definitely not enough. These days, convincing myself to exercise or go outdoors is challenging. Glad you’re doing all you can to show her how important (and fun) it can be!

  • RustyHeadedGirl

    I loved everyone’s face, you all look so happy! My favorite part is the look of annoyance beyond her years that Leta has when you start shaking your butt at the camera :)

  • shelagh.baird

    Awesome: Leta’s reaction in the background during The Avon World Sales Leader’s cameo!

  • miniwanderer

    I love that you allowed your @ss to be filmed! But your twins are adorable. I like it when one of them is doing the robot. Darling. Looks like a lot of fun!

  • clkingg

    I adore the way you guys got everyone to participate- I want to win! My daughter would LOVE it!

  • Accountant Jake

    It is humorous that even though the twins are identical. One happens to have a little more balance than the other.

  • Liesal

    I love that Chuck is completely unamused by everyone’s attempt at dancing.

  • J9

    Jon’s dancing is the high point, there is no question!

  • circulating

    having fun with happy people, that is what sharing is all about…!!

  • thelazyvampire

    My favorite part was when Jon and Leta were dancing together in sync. It was eery.

  • @gillianmcasey

    Awesome video. I loved Leta dancing, but John was hilarious. Tyrant’s “friend with benefits” was pretty great too. Don’t you just love when the whole family gets together and just let’s loose. My 3 year old has been asking for a Kinect everytime he sees the commerical and I keep telling him no – now, I’ll tell him “maybe”

  • MissCaron

    I love this! I read an article recently about how awesome this is and your video just made me even more excited! I absolutely loved Leta yelling at the beginning…

  • mother of monkeys

    my favorite thing about the video would have to be your awesome new house where you have the space to gather family and do these crazy fun things together.

  • LindaLouT

    Ok, this is more than ‘somewhat’ contagious. I now know why Mormon drinking is a no, no!!! You guys rock!!! My favorite part is the Avon World Sales Leader. She is adorable!

  • surekha

    That looks amazing.. especially the part where Tyrant pseudo-slaps your behind.

  • librarychic36

    Your butt! I love the editorial notes.

  • ekfred

    I love that everyone participates in dancing when it’s a game on a t.v. Jon’s dancing made my day. Are you sure there was no alcohol involved?

  • daniindc

    I love seeing the whole family spending fun time together. All the smiles, all the dance, everyone trying it… really inspiring!

  • iluvscifi

    Your nephew has the best robot moves EVER! Whenever I try the robot people tell me it looks like I am suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Maybe I need to relax my face.

  • lilcis

    I love Heather & Leta dancing together!

  • labbrat

    I loved your nephew’s robot moves. :)

  • susand

    I love how Chuck is not amused. By anything. Not even your butt.

  • hotmelfaye

    I like the friends with benefits part.
    Also, Jon’s dancing was pretty cool.

  • shellsspace

    Great video! My favorite parts were watching Leta, because my daughter is very reserved also, and I could picture her having fun like Leta. Also liked Tyrant and his friend, Heather and Leta and John and Leta. And your niece rocked it. Looked like a fun day :)

  • MarieIsAwesome

    Since I have a Random Baby of my own, the best part of the video was the entrance of Dooce’s own Baby with the Randomness.

    Could not stop laughing (with, not at!) your family breakin’ it down…

  • funkeybaby

    Personally, when Jon starts dancing it looks like he is trying to conduct an unruly orchestra. But maybe, that’s just me.

  • Kam904s

    I keep coming back and watching the video when I’m bored and I find something new to entertain me every time. Yesterday I was amused at Leta and Jon, today I’m laughing at your mom (both in the background and playing). She looks like she’s having a blast!

  • susq

    Yep, like many have said, the twins…