• greenplanner

    I love that the whole family gets to participate.

  • vasichde

    Jon dancing was hands down my favorite part of the video.

  • Krisitin

    I am not sure which parent gave Leta her moves – methinks it is an amalgamation. But, Meredith is hands down the best dancer of the fam.

  • lkanis

    my fave part is your ba-donk-a-donk dancing…. in the least creepy way possible. thanks to whomever froze that. repeatedly. hah

  • hkak

    Your not kidding about Leta being Jon’s mini me.

  • Michelle F

    The hesitant butt slapping is clearly the best part!

  • mccarrie

    Seeing the whole family having a blast together in an activity is definitely my favorite part. The editing and typed commentary really made the video especially hilarious!

  • Accountant Jake

    It is humorous that even though the twins are identical. One happens to have a little more balance than the other.

  • ajky

    I still like the part where Jon dances and looks like he’s about to fall down.

  • kellyfaboo

    I love the bit where Leta does a competent raise the roof followed by somewhat spastic arm flailing.

    And I can so see her that she is her father’s daughter. Too cute.

  • amydpp

    Tyrant and friend should win first place. If it were a contest, which it’s not, because we don’t want anyone to get their feelings hurt. Oh hell, just give everyone a trophy!

  • caitlinkrausss

    I am definitely a fan of the booty shaking! I would love one of these things!

  • patcast

    the best part to me was when leta was dancing alone and her arms were flying around so fast it looked as if she were in fast forward :) .. ty for the smile today

  • Cateyez

    My favorite part is when Marlo (aka Random baby) joins in!

  • Mrs. G

    My favorite part is definitely Jon and Leta dancing together. Looks about like what my husband and my son do, lol…

  • hoosiermama

    My favorite part was Marlo doing the baby bop!

  • Kuffy

    My favorite part was all the Leta clips, especially the one with her dad. She is clearly the only one taking this thing seriously, ya big bunch of goofballs!

  • haggardmom

    Oh my Lord! I thought it had peaked with Heather’s sweet White Girl Moves… THEN, THERE WAS JON. Wow, there’s just no topping that!

  • ghenghy

    I cracked up at you and Tyrant dancing together, but I really enjoyed seeing how much fun everyone was having. The whole thing made me smile.

  • slapper

    Jon is just short of doing the white-man overbite. Love it!

  • Simflips

    Haha, I wish I could get my mom to do that!

  • emilyannemcpehrson

    “He is six feet tall.”

    My husband could use a good workout. He seems to be a kindred spirit of Leta.

  • gretchen0911

    That looks like a lot of fun! I loved the video it made me laugh right out loud in a couple of spots!

  • pharmerjess

    Great video! I liked Marlo!

  • ska1ser06

    It was a toss-up between Heather’s butt dance with the kick, and Jon and Leta dancing. I’m a sucker for dad’s dancing with their daughters, and then posting it for the web! Too cute!

    Loved this!

  • DoubleDs

    This video was so funny! I especially liked Jon and Leta dancing together. =)

  • whitty.teacher

    Omg favorite part is Jon all the way. Cracks me up. Game looks like tons of fun! *crosses fingers*

  • caits

    The gangly arms – anytime anybody rocks the gangly arms I am all about it (this coming from a fellow gangly armed one). Leta’s are the best!

  • KaiLind

    That looks like so much fun! I loved seeing your mom dance and the smile on her face. Great way for the whole family to have a good time together.

  • mkdsmall

    Leta – John
    Father – Daughter
    Dancing like maniac geeks together

  • Stacy4855

    Jon dancing — could be my husband! ;o)

  • MsIdaho

    The tyrant is a good dancer, so is your neice! my favorite part is John and Leta dancing together, though I also appreciate the gusto with whih your nephews jump.

  • allyouhavetodoisask

    My favorite part is your husband and daughter dancing together – awesome!

  • amdelso

    oh, John is hands down the best! You should post some vid of John dancing daily.

  • txala1

    How much fun does that look! The twins are awesome.

  • pandabear

    Now, wait, you say Jon is Leta’s father? After seeing them dance together there’s no way I’d believe *that*…:)

  • thesparkler

    Ok, I seriously had tears streaming down my face this was so hilariously funny. It may also be that I am 35 weeks pregnant and exhausted but really I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

  • whurlgurl

    I think that maybe you should invite Carmen Diaz over and have a booty dance off! You really should teach Jon & Leta your moves!!!

  • Truthful Mommy

    OK, I just re-watched this video and I must say..Leta is the cutest freaking dancer I have ever seen. She is so engrossed and engaged that even when she is sitting on the sidelines she looks like she is about to bust a move from her seat.I’m also laughing my ass off at how she is looking at you like you are insane when you are doing you bootie dance:)Bwahahaha God I hope I win this..my girls are 3 & 5 and would absolutely go crazy for this!

  • amotschall

    The twins you live with :)

  • sunnygirlsf

    I love when Jon dances…and the captions try to reassure us that he had nothing to drink before dancing. Uh huh.

  • caitlinkrausss

    I am definitely a fan of the booty shaking! I would love one of these things!

  • ufbrooke

    That looks so fun! Your nephew doing the robot was my favorite part, hilarious!

  • Openshrew

    My top three moments in the video are:

    3. Jon
    2. Jon
    1. JON

    My 14-year-old son is TERRIFIED of moving his body in any way that doesn’t involve a football play, mostly because I think he would look a lot like Jon :) … so this would be a GREAT way to get him out of his comfort zone!

  • Amy24

    I loved that everyone was having such a great time…and all the laughing…but my favorite part was Jon and Leta dancing together…really precious.

  • Carole1222

    By far, the best part for me is the cameo from the “Avon World Sales Leader”.

  • tanjohns

    This looks so fun! I love that so many people were brave enough to do this in front of EVERYONE!!!

  • Cissyrene

    Haha. My favorite part has got to be the really absurd John dance. Granted, I have no idea what he was supposed to be doing, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t THAT! Also, your niece is really good!

  • kmcgui02

    Very funny!

  • serin

    Leta’s spastic dancing was great!