• lrgeorge

    i love that one twin especially at 3:34

  • Mimi119

    Love it. The part where Jon attempts to dance is too cute.

  • bayhmom

    Love seeing Lovely Leta look so happy!

  • nelsonducks

    I love that the gay friend with benefits was there with your family. Love, love, love that.

  • mishelle3kids

    My daughter absolutely hates to sweat too! I loved watching the whole family get involved, especially baby rambo!

  • Breanna

    My favorite part of the video is how it’s bringing everyone together to have fun. It’s just awesome to see everyone having fun TOGETHER. I love to entertain friends and family at my home, so a Kinect would be well used and well loved in my home. :)

    Thanks for the entertaining video. It made me smile. Especially watching the kids having so much fun.

  • castlelogical

    Someday I hope to have a child like Leta.

  • ewatts

    Family Dance Party! Love it. I need to win this so that I can show my kids my mad skeelz.

  • alwaysanna

    The best part? Clearly the “Does anyone know a good HR lawyer” part!

  • gogr

    I have never commented before on ANY blog but that video convinced me that I NEED ONE OF THOSE THINGS!! Yes. All Caps and TWO exclamations.

  • bjline

    I would love to have everyone at my house and have this as the entertainment for them. It certainly would be an ice breaker.

  • melodywise

    i can only hope the “elaine” move is reinforced by a lot of kinect practice!

  • cctty

    I loved watching Leta get really into the games. She looks like she’s having so much fun, and very focused at the same time.

  • harpist280

    The dancing is hilarious.

  • teacherlady

    Holy Cow! Looks like some great exercise…I can put away that wii fit?

  • amydronen

    Too many good things in that video to pick just one, so…

    *I love a good random baby shot

    *Leta’s face is just like her dad’s but her gangly skinny arm movements are totally yours! it’s fabulous to see her jumping around when I can remember the posts of her not wanting to be mobile at all.

    *I want to have a dance party with Tyrant.

  • jcwalton8

    the best part of this video is that you can’t actually see the game being played…and the captions are priceless!

  • BecSchn

    Your nephews are getting so big. Must feel good to be the best aunt in the world. They looked like they were having a great time.

  • 1trophywife

    I liked seeing the Avon World Sales Leader show her moves. Her jump was great! : )

  • deedelgado

    Love it!!! Thanks for the laughs to start my day!

  • cnipp

    What an awesome group of family and friends you have. Looks like you guys had a great time…including Baby Rambo! My fav was that booty dancing….very nice!

  • jen in pa

    i love when jon and leta dance together!

  • watts.kl

    Jon dancing is the clear winner in the video.

  • greenclogs

    Love it! I love how Leta moves just like Jon.

  • midwestmediagirl

    I love the shots with your nephews in them. I thought you were editing it to have two of them BUT there ARE two of them. Very funny! My family would LOVE this! Thanks!

  • blackstonestudio

    Random Baby! Such a fun video!!!

  • stacielb

    I like Leta’s face when you are doing the butt dance. I know that is exactly what my daughter’s would look like.

  • Justkim

    The mutual sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen between you and Tyrant was my favorite part for some reason.

    Looks like fun was had by all!

  • Missybeme

    Your niece likes to dance, I saw her doing the moves in her chair!
    Leta and Jon at the same time…so in synch!
    Gee, was coco banished outside during this? I’m sure she’d want to get in on the action!
    I’m also suprised that 1) your nephew didn’t go through the ceiling and 2) Tyrant doesn’t dance as well as most…uh…yeah, you know! ;-)

  • Ginsburg

    I loved your twin nephews dancing. Way too cute. I have 16 year old twin boys. I should get a prize just for the fact that I have not run away yet and they are still alive. TIt makes me laugh that you can not tell your nephews apart. Mine are not identical but still people can’t tell them apart.

  • iruninheels

    I love this video! It’s hard to pick a favorite part…but your niece just kills it. I’m envious of her dancing skills. Maybe it’ll get me up & moving too!


  • Sabine

    Wow. I am totally torn on my favorite moment. At first I thought it was your flailing elbows at :42 matched with the evidence at 1:12 that Leta TOTALLY has your flailing elbows. But then we got to see Tyrant and his friend dancing together and that was too cute.

  • oslothecat

    john’s moves are priceless!

  • Reta

    yup, jon and leta are the best part of this!

  • BrandyInBoise

    Oh my gosh. HILARIOUS. My favorite thing was trying to guess what game was being played. Also, the commentary. “A friend….with benefits” HAHAHA.

  • erinn414

    Love Leta’s facial expressions! Would love to see my husband dancing around!

  • elegant_phoenix

    Your “twins” are too precious. Looks like the Kinect can get even the most clumsy of us moving.

  • doodiepunk

    Watched this again this morning and am already imagining it in my living room. Even if I don’t win, this may be my Christmas gift for my boyfriend (so I can play it, of course!).

  • lucesco

    I have to vote for the butt dancing officially, but being a long time reader I miss seeing Leta on a regular basis, so it was a sweet bonus to see her too! She is adorable!

  • autumnangel83

    My favorite part is, by far, your ever lasting jazz hands while dancing. FABULOUS!

  • BrendaG

    This is great. I love watching Jon and Leta get out there and shake their thing! It is nice to see a video game engage the entire family.

  • marthajoyous

    I loved that video! My husband wouldn’t even TRY to dance, but he would look just that awkward.

  • sarahem321

    I love that your brother in-law is the best of the bunch. That is if you exclude Tyrant and Friend with benefits. ;)

  • tracy.dps

    Oh, this is a tough one. Leta raising the roof with her cousin cracked me up, but Leta dancing with Jon was Capital C-Charming! I think that I would have to go with the Daddy Daughter dance for the win!

  • Call Me Al

    I love the videos you post to the site almost as much as the stuff you write. PS. Randomwhatsamajig should totally pick me to win!

  • Kristi Kirschner

    I need to watch the video a few more times to get your moves down. Leta still makes me smile.

  • kikimonster

    Hollaaaa on the rump shakin!

  • dandyell

    Leta is the best because she just rocks.

  • afdyer

    I love that everybody looks like they are having so much fun, regardless of age or skill level. Nicely done.

  • mandolin

    I think your butt dancing, and Jon’s dancing are the highlights! Hilarious!