• abroblogstalker

    In no particular order: my favs include your butt! and also the music.

  • UpstateNYgal

    I love the fact that the entire family can get in the action and have fun !!!!
    You all looked like you had a great time.
    I am a typical “Elaine Benes” dancer but after seeing Jon, I think I would take the plunge and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE.
    Thanks for the video it is priceless.

  • mczz

    Oh wow, that looks like so much fun. I love the part with the Avon World Sales Leader.

  • madamvonsassypants

    Favorite parts of the video: either the unamused Chuck or Jon and Leta dancing together. Homegirl is getting biiiig! Look at those long arms!

  • jmwrestler

    I’m about to give birth on Thursday and honestly watching you guys dance around makes me want to dance around now! Love the Avon Worlds Sales Leader!

  • crystllee

    I just love that everyone got up and gave it a whirl. I would love something like this to get my family moving together. I think your 6′ nephew getting his groove on was my favorite.

  • nattye

    I think the best part was Jon dancing….pretty funny. The whole video looked like you all had a blast! My husband would LOVE it if I won this. He’s been talking about wanting one since he first heard about it.


  • kreber

    That looks like so much fun! Also, over 2000 comments already? Holy crap.

    I love your butt!

  • NYBeverly

    I don’t think I have one favorite part. The fact that it made me laugh out loud is probably my favorite part.

  • brneyedgrl

    My favorite part is your butt, Dooce and I love that EVERYONE is having so much fun no matter their age. It looks like a blast!

  • FunFunFun

    I liked the kicking and butt shaking. Family fun is so great! so nice to know that Leta likes it too.

  • ABSnow

    This looks like so much fun! There are so many good moments in this video…Jon dancing, Chuck’s tendency to show up (with apparent concern) only when you are dancing, the bit where you are getting all up in Tyrant’s scenario with your butt, and he just starts swatting, like, “make it stop, boss!” but, seeing all of the kids laughing and having fun … the best!

  • hi from jen

    leta is so cute! she is my favorite part

  • tulipbud

    great video, loved the daddy and daughter dance near the end, looks awesome!

  • misdy

    I like everyone dancing!

  • KellyH

    I loved the part where you and Leta are dancing together. That was pricelessly awesome.

  • BeerMe

    I enjoyed the Random Baby.

  • vjl0027

    Heather, without a doubt my favorite part of the video is the synchronicity of Jon and Leta’s moves. Followed by Jon’s “dancing.”

  • L-Bo

    Hilarious fun! Favorite parts: Tyrant, ’cause he’s hot; “random baby”; your noodley arms (mine are more doughy than noodley – I’d much prefer noodles); and obviously, Jon dancing. Now THAT’S good comedy.

  • MrsKelliT

    My favorite part of the video HAS to be Jon (with your butt coming in second).

  • jjford

    Winner, winner – chicken dinner

  • ailouron

    I’ve decided on a new favorite, after sharing ass-slapping hilarity around the office. I like trying to imagine what’s going on on the screen to make people to move that way. That said, the kids and their frenetic dancing/racing/rafting? is my favorite.

  • timateo03

    I like that it is enjoyable for everyone in the room, even those not playing!

  • kathleenNM

    I love the white guys trying to dance.

  • mamajjrox

    What I love about the video: your niece’s hair! The color is gorgeous and inspired me to take a leap and do what I have been thinking about for awhile – Red baby!

  • GratuitousGeek

    I love that Jon actually allow the clip of him (dancing?) to be included in the video. But I’m still not entirely sure that he’s not playing sometime of lumberjack log rolling game. :)

  • kannebuechler

    Saw two kids playing Kinect today. Looked like just as much fun as your video. so cool to see the whole family involved!

  • sleepy

    I love that *everyone* dances, using that term loosely and in the most favorable way, love it love it love it

  • elegant_phoenix

    After thinking about this for several days, the thing I like the most beyond the funny things in the video is that the game brings the family together and everyone can let their hair down, get on their feet and have fun.

    Family game nights like this bring the family closer and you learn fun things about other people that you would have never otherwise known.

    Ass-slapping employers not withstanding.

  • Eveie

    The part with Jon and Leta was absolutely adorable!

  • Tiffany Fairbanks

    Wow. What a family of talented dancers! I think the twin doing the robot had to be one of my favorite parts of the video, although the whole video was a riot.

  • ehayes

    Most definitely Leta raising the roof. She’s got it down.

  • jdawg

    Where to even start? I love watching how much fun your family has together. I love watching how Tyrant (and friend) fit in so perfectly in your family unit. I love watching how this game made even the adults experience childlike joy. I love Leta’s polka dots and stripes combo. I love the background music!

  • elizabethpashley

    That looks like SO MUCH FUN. But did the room stink after everyone left? The only time I’ve been around a video game that made people move that much my dorm room was fully of sweaty gamer boys playing DDR. Ahhhh, good times!

    PS: Best moment: Leta and Jon walking slowly side to side!

  • Mrs. Alex

    Favorite part of the video:
    Dooce’s Conan-esque arm flailing in her first appearance on camera. So awesome.

  • mywholelife

    Oh goodness. My fave moment has to be Leta dancing while cousin does the robot moves. Hilarious.

  • linzyk

    I liked the baby!

  • kreaton23

    i love how Jon and Leta are twins! And also in general that you got your family to dance, that is always priceless.

  • beccasmith2200

    DEFINITELY Jon’s dancing!

  • jenpane

    It’s a toss up between Tyrant and Jon. Tyrant is cute awkward, and Jon is just… AWKWARD.

  • Maisyday

    I loved the part with the “random baby” trying to get in on the dancing! The whole video was great though!

  • snowmommy

    Wow… my family looks less, well slightly less crazy now. Thanks! (oh and- “Butt Dances” are always in style- excellent choice)

  • Whitleigh

    My favorite part is when Jon and Leta are dancing together in unison, and also when that random baby tries to get in on the fun!

  • asteffek

    I don’t even play video games (or dance), but watching that video made me want to start.

  • hrtkizr

    My most favoritest part is your mom playing. I’m sure she really appreciates you pausing her mid jump to point her out. Gotta luv Mom!

  • rntamara

    The problem with Jon’s dancing is that he HAS NOT had anything to drink!!
    Maybe if he had a few if would be better!
    Great video and thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  • setnei

    Nicely done. Jon and Leta doing the blurbo-shuffle was perfect…

  • me

    I wanna shake by butt and look ridiculous! I think my favorite part is if you had no idea what the video was for and maybe speed it up a little, it would be the most hilarious video. actually it’s pretty hilarious already. KINECT HAS IT GOING ON!!!

  • ajh_rigs

    I’m going to go with your niece, she seems to be the only one in the family with awesome moves. (Apologies to your ass….)

  • slmickschl

    I loved seeing Jon dance…er…whatever you might call that movement! Your descriptions in the past do not due it justice…seeing it made me totally understand