• MaryR

    is it “step up 2 the streets” or “step up to the streets” dance on doggies!

  • ccharrell

    Coco is obviously sending out a secret message- HELP MEEEEEE!

  • jataylor02


  • divrchk

    Your poor dogs. Hours of entertainment :-) I’d love to win this for me, I mean my kids.

  • hhannon

    “REALLY? the internet is interested in what we are doing/saying so much that millions will watch this video of us? really? forget Pinky and the Brain, this morning chuck asked me what I want to do today and, well, you know the reply…”

  • ab42111

    She’s totally harassing Chuck by playing the repeat game. Just annoying him by repeating everything Chuck says!

  • bleufly

    Coco is as excited about second chance giveaways as me! But wait, I didn’t say I wanted poop (that was Coco)… I want the Xbox!

  • mahvelousmeat

    “As long as I get to eat the poop again…”

  • ms.p

    i think she’s just playing dumb but really she’s controlling all of you…and maybe all of US!

  • MilkshakeJunkie

    My best guess is CoCo is trying to figure how to get the one pea in her head back into its socket so she can focus on destroying something. Well, that’s what my dog tries to do so I figure all dogs do that.

  • Joy777

    “Damn thats a good looking dog in there!”

  • unwisely

    I always figured her conversation was something like “I like food food FOOD! running, hey a SQUIRREL c’mere squirrel!! Food, people! I love that people! And that people!” etc

    I …. might not be a dog person.

  • RT

    Coco is in cahoots with the random generator…she’s programming it to pick RT’s posts because RT’s boyfriend has been very good this year and really deserves to have this XBOX for Christmas!

  • sweet december

    She’s saying, “what the hell are you talking about chuck? let’s go outside”

  • redhead-grrl

    “What?”; “what?”; “what?” HERD! Must break free and HERD!

  • civanas

    Coco is warning us of her plans to take over the world.

  • Amadeus93

    “That high-pitched voice hurts my ears…”

  • kempmullaney

    Coco wants to know where they can buy rubber pants in their size.

  • simpliSAHM

    The overall gist of it is something like this: “Why must our human “parents” put us through this nonsense?”

  • compumom

    You are all wrong. She’s definitely saying, “Oh look, a CHICKEN!”

  • Flinga

    elephants eat only plaid tshirted peanuts- can’t we hide the pig tailed child in a peanut? that’s what I got!

  • Laura Jones

    Coco: Wouldn’t it be better to lead her to the closet where they found that cat? The cat disappeared and no one blamed us.
    Chuck: She might cry and alert them to her location. Better to just end it quick.
    Coco: No, no, no remember those wolves that raised Caesar? She could rule the world and then we’d have a life of luxury.
    Chuck: Caesar is a dog.
    Coco: Does he eat poop too?
    Chuck: Only you. Now help me get the little one to the stairs.
    Coco: Stairs? Didn’t that witch Harry live under them? Let’s just shove her there. She can conjure us up some good grub.
    Chuck: Do you mind! I’m in charge here.

  • kmg9g

    Asking for food, of course!

  • PaulaJo

    Coco believes she needs to stick around to protect everyone from that man in the blue who keeps dropping off suspicious things everyday.

  • Averil9787

    I imagine that Coco is saying things like “OMG I LOVE DOG FOOD!!! WANNA COME SNIFF A RUG WITH ME?!?!” And Chuck is scolding her telling her to pay attention while he’s reading her The Perks of Being a Wallflower and telling her it’s life changing.

  • alexis

    “I don’t wanna hurt the tiny human, I want to play, why don’t we play first and then hurt the tiny human? I think that’s sounds like fun!!! Doesn’t it?! Doesn’t it?! PLEASE, pretty, pretty, pretty please? I am begging you!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!”

  • doodiepunk

    Thank goodness it’s Friday! That’s what she’d say today at least.

  • delo

    Coco has clearly read the Art of War and is telling Chuck that the control of a large force is no different than the control of a few men, it is only a question of dividing the force, or poop as the case may be.

  • designerMIL

    When is nap time?

  • jilllovesbacon

    Love the video. With all the head tilts, I keep thinking she’s asking, “Why? Why? Why? Why?” over and over like a four-year-old.

  • MN Sukie

    she’s saying, “I am so pretty and Marlo is pretty and if we do away with her who will I corral? I am so pretty! Chuck do you think I am pretty?”

  • atomes

    She’s saying, “Awww, but there’s a new episode of Burn Notice on tonight!”

  • Jules

    Coco is clearly trying to say that this plan isn’t devious enough. MORE DEVIOUS!

  • carosyrup

    Coco is asking, “Is it time to eat?”, “Are you going to feed me now?” “How about now?” “Now?” “How about now?” “You’re going to feed me now…right?”

  • LolaLala

    I think you were pretty close with “Yum, poop is good!” but I think it was actually “Yum, Marlo’s poop is good!” You just haven’t found the evidence yet…

  • dz2dizzy

    Shes saying, I know you will ignore me if you get that x-box! I just know it! Please take me for a walk! Rub my belly! Please throw the ball! Are you listening to me! THROW THE BALL! PLEEEAASSSE!

  • treechick

    Chuck: It’s time to take over the world, Coco.

    Coco: What’s a “world”? Can I eat it? Does it taste good? Does it taste like poo?!!! Can I chase it? Can I bark at it? Does it make screaming noises from the tree?

    Chuck: No, it is none of those things.

    Coco: Oh. I’m going back to licking myself then.

  • coachkaekae07

    She’s saying she wants Lindsey Lohan to be on Dancing with the Stars.

  • erinlizzyb

    Coco: What up world? That’s right. I eat my own poop. Merry Christmas to me!

  • Snarkmeister

    I ate seventeen balloons! Can’t you hear them rubbing against each other every time I move?

  • daedreelong

    “Maybe if I keep tilting my head like a goofball I’ll deceive the humans into thinking I lack intelligence.”

  • turinia

    Shiny…do you have my shiny? Where’s my shiny? You’re not my shiny…oooo, shiny….

  • 2bdboys

    i think she’s discussing the location of her next poop spray with chuck.

  • GailBV

    Where’s the food? Do you know where the food is? I don’t know where the food is, do you?

    I don’t know where the food is. Do you know where the food is? Is there food here? Where is it?

    Where are those people who bring us the food? The food that is good? The food that sustains us? Where is that food? Do you have the food? Where is it?

  • singlemama


  • SouthsideAmy

    My dog, Rory, stood by the computer and was very entranced with what Chuck was saying. Rory thinks that both your dogs need intensive therapy.

  • eijas

    Bridge. Gate. Big Red Hill!!

  • GeneralKaty

    Kanine Krunchies can’t be beat, they make each meal a special treat!

  • stonnes

    Nice accountessa! I was totally thinking that I love how well the “personalities” of Chuck and Coco fit pinky and the brain. I do always wonder who is the genius and who is insane, though…

  • heatherj

    Yay for second chances!

    “Where is everyone? Where are the squirrels? What are you talking about Chuck? I’m loosing my miiiinnndddd!”