• saidarspyder

    I can’t quite make it out, but it’s something about squirrels…

  • jenjowi

    Coco is trying to convince Chuck to chase squirrels with her.

  • tlcaseband


  • teri88

    Sounds to me like she is saying cookies….I want cookies!

  • fosteball

    I have no idea what she’s saying, which is weird, because I normally do speak bitch fluently.

  • mlezqt

    “I’m a dog.I’m a dog.I’m a dog.I’m a dog. Yay. Yay. Yay. I’m a dog. I’m a dog. I’m a dog.”

  • utahbeach

    Coco was saying, “you’re an aging old fart, Chuckie, and when you’re gone, I’m gonna rule the roost, so say what you want now, because this family will eventually be all MINE!”

  • mommato3

    I think Coco is saying “But I like the little one, she had cute hair and drops things!”

  • paroxysm

    Trick question. All of Coco’s thoughts are just the lyrics to Cindy Lauper’s “She’s So Unusual” album on repeat.

  • thelazyvampire

    I think Coco was thinking “How do I eat this thing? Is it edible? Do I care?”

  • Ken Richardson

    I have little doubt that Coco is, indeed, talking about eating poop. Perhaps her own, perhaps Marlo’s, but poop for sure.

  • PaulainDenver

    Coco: Can I have a puppy?
    Chuck: WTF?

  • rowdydog

    Coco wants Zoloft, or Prozac, or Cymbalta, or LSD, or something to stop those damn voices in her head!

  • spaina

    Chuck stays so calm while Coco is trying to back out of the detailed plan they had previously discussed…

  • overcoming inertia

    Coco just wants to go outside, sniff some new stuff, hunt some new varmints and roll around in something stinky

  • asrs900

    I think Cocoa is talking to her alien mother and trying to transfer her secret footage of the Armstrong family on how “not to dance.” Chuck is letting her know that she’s not going to get away with her conspiracy, and that he’s going to blow her cover that she’s really an alien and not a dog.

  • Momnesia

    I think Coco is ignoring the noises and actually thinking about the economy. Dog food is $1 a can, now. That’s $7 in dog money.

  • KendallC

    I can’t hear the sound at work, but I love watching dogs bark..their head tilts :)
    I can’t wait to listen though…I have always wondered what Chuck and Coco sound like!

  • napangel

    I think she’s trying to convince him to destroy the adult units. No adults = no more babies. Who cares if they bring in the food. There are plenty of squirrels and large cats coming in from the chimney.

  • BecomingGrace

    I think she’s trying to explain to Chuck that she can’t do away with Marlo – she’s a part of the herd!

  • ms_honeycutt

    Coco wants nothing to do with the evil plot. She’s just desperate to chase some squirrels.

  • ejanee

    Coco is saying how much she wants to play a different game than talk to chuck about taking over the world a la pinky and the brain.

  • HitmanHoos

    Coco: Damn I look good

  • annette652

    Poor Coco. So maligned. She’s saying “All I want is world peace.”

  • jesusita

    I think she’s saying, “I don’t get the plan…no, I don’t get it…I fall down the stairs all the time, and I’m still here…ooooooohhhh, shinyyyyy…”

  • cschumacher

    Coco is thinking: I am smarter than all of you and why won’t you people just leave me alone.

  • jquig

    CoCo is wondering if she gets a cat in reward for helping bump off Marlo.

  • PrestonK

    “I am the eye in the sky, looking at youuuuuuu
    I can read your mind…

    I am make the maker of ruuuuuuuules, dealing with fooooo-hools, I can hhmmm hmm you blind…

    da da dah ah I can read your mind. I can read your miiiind…

    Oh hey, Charles, what up?”

  • cynsmith

    I don’t think it is Coco talking, but just really bad gas.

  • pink.marleen

    who knows, she is probably thinking, those fools, they’ll never get the genius things I’m thinking about ;)

  • stefliu

    “It’s your turn to go after the crazy squirrel. I handled the bobcat.”

  • jessiCat

    She’s saying to Chuck, “We have gotta figure out the jazz hands move, yo”, to which Chuck retorts, “Oh bothersome one, when will you go play with that small one that likes you and leave me to my brandy and cigar”.

  • Vagabroad

    I love her head twists and turns with the shrill squeaking! Hilarious!

  • caimapet

    Hey! There are two new dogs to keep track of on the TV!

  • mahlookma

    She’s saying: “Dammit! I need a frickin’ vocal coach! I sound like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny!”

  • kiera

    Oh please oh please oh please oh please! I am too buried in student loans to receive any real Christmas presents (instead, I’m asking for payments toward the loans!).
    This would make my Christmas!

  • Professor K

    At one point Coco responded with, “Adept? Dude, I told you not to use those ‘ACT’ words. I DON’T UNDERSTAND THEM!”

  • bostonbrahmina

    I picture her like Gir from Invader Zim. So obviously she’s saying, “I have a sammich in my head!”

  • gretchie

    Coco: “Can we celebrate Hanukkah this year? I hear we get 8 nights of presents.”

  • shortie734

    Coco is simply stating that she’d like more carpets in the house because she has an itchy butt.

  • ErinG3

    I’ll go with the popular opinion here… probably something about eating poop. Maybe… hey I didn’t know I ate corn?!?

  • randijeanw

    How could Coco plot the destruction of such a fantastic creature that produces so many delicious treats from her rear end?

  • kellyannie

    Coco is wondering why she can’t just eat the poop and skip the evil plot.

  • tamsam

    Coco is thinking about how to involve Tyrant in the whole scheme.

  • annmelissa

    I think Coco is probably saying something similar to Beaker from the muppets. :) Love this.

  • xj2608

    Coco is clearly arguing for preservation of Marlo…for at least a couple more years. Surely Chuck knows that the small human shares her food (or at least, leaves it trailing behind her). That alone should save her. And when she can work the doorknobs, she will open the doors so Coco and Chuck can get out to get at the wildlife!

  • lbeem

    I no clue what might have been going on in Coco’s mind, but I’m still commenting.

  • jera4o8

    Coco: “Yolanda Be Cool, We No Speak Americano” Bamp Bamp BAMP BAMP bamp…da da daDA da Da.

  • azahnweh

    Adept at eating my leavings, yes. Thank you for finally recognizing my contribution to this family.

  • Mirimax

    Balls. I got laid off today. Bad news: Christmas is coming soon. Good news: I get to read Dooce more.