• Amanda81930

    I absolutely love this post.

    Heather and Jon, clearly, you have both done (and continue to do) an amazing job with those beautiful girls you have!

    I wish I had the time and money to buy the food that I WANT to have. This post is a reminder to do my best everyday – in whatever way I can.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Leta!!

  • turtlemama

    This is so true. I’m trying to better my self and body and hope my daughter sees what I’m going though and it becomes a part of her life as well. This actually brought a tear to my eye! Well said!

  • makfan

    Amen. They are watching and learning from the way we behave. There is nothing more important than being a good, healthy example for them.

  • girlplease

    Very inspiring. I went from exercise/good eating to three years of doing neither after my child was born. One would think it would have been the opposite but dag-nabbit, scheduling. My son has amazing healthy eating/exercise habits and I”m the shameful slug on the couch eating cheese and crackers.

    I need to do something about that.

  • Aunt_Lala

    Happy, happy, happy birthday, Leta! I hope you’re having an amazing “Born Day” with your amazing family!

    I’m not a parent, but sometimes, Dooce posts something that makes me wish I had a kid. This is one of those times. What a beautiful post.

  • Truthful Mommy

    This is fabulous! You are being such a great example for your daughters. I think many of us Mommies in our mid thirties realize that we have to be the example. It’s not just what we say, its what we do that counts.You go girl!