• austinscott

    Oh great. So my attempt at blogging is going to scare the crap out of Leta. lonebanana.com is doomed.

  • Petit Elefant

    My son, you know the one, was called “unfit for public consumption” until about, oh. Last year. He was in a sling, stroller, or backpack until he was 4.

    You can do it! It just might take 6 years. Or so.

  • gavintiegirl

    Going out to eat is overrated ESPECIALLY with little ones.
    Don’t convince yourself it will be plesant because it won’t be EVER
    Even if you bring bags of toys and oodles of entertainment. Staying home is always
    More satisfying and enjoyable. This I know after years of trying it and realizing that it
    Sucks!!! And will always suck!!!

  • Kendell

    I forsee this class in Leta’s future

  • Laura Jones

    At restaurant Friend’s kid needs to go to the bathroom and naive childless me offers to take him. He has soiled his Scooby Doo underpants so I shove them in the small metal box that hangs in each stall. He is now clean but commando and comes out screaming about his favorite underwear being left behind. Friend is in the floor laughing.