• NatalieChandler

    Lovely! And not over themed at all. Glad this decoration wasn’t a headache like the other one!

  • Red Stethoscope

    That tile work is gorgeous! I was going to comment that I also wanted to have sex with it, but then that sounded weird and ménage à trois, so nevermind! :) It’s some nice marble, indeed.

  • CraftyCrab

    I would be remiss in my job if I did not point out that that is a sea lion, not a seal. Just sayin’. Beautiful powder room, for sure.

  • Norabloom

    Very pretty. I love the marble tile and the style of the vanity. I bet a rug with some blue in it, or perhaps a sisal rug, would look lovely in front of the sink. You know, to continue that beach theme. : )

    By the way, you do realize that your toilet paper is hanging the wrong way, don’t you?

  • mk26

    It’s a really beautiful, tasteful room. There are so many cool colors, in tone, like the tile and silver fixtures, I’d suggest paiting a warmer tone on the walls. Perhaps a really muted blue/green with some grey undertones.

    It will help your carefully choosen art to pop and tie the fixtures to the beautiful floor.

    /unsolicited advice.

  • Johi


  • subjectivitis

    I love that border, it almost looks like rope or something!

  • district of confusion

    At first when you said beach themed bathrooms I was worried it would be a (ironically) tacky bathroom a la beach houses that haven’t been redecorated since the early 80s. But yours is great!

  • Pleonasticky

    Skip the wallpaper in bathrooms! We had ours papered when I was a kid and the moisture level in both (even the half-bath/powder room/whatever you call it) made the paper peel from the bottom. Which meant that we picked and pulled at it and it drove my mother crazy. Granted, there were four of us, but I feel like Marlo can take the wallpaper-wrecking place of four children, no?

  • patrickahles

    About the soap: you did see the Fight Club, didn’t you?

  • tallnoe

    It’s quite lovely and soothing.

  • Mammy_P

    GAH! What is wrong with me?! I looked at your lovely pictures and my first thought was, “Oh, Jon sits there to poo and read his iPad.”

  • slapper

    If that color liquid is coming out of your body you probably need to see a doctor.

    Love the fishy plates!

  • jameil1922

    Seriously? You must be like “This can’t be life” when you have to preempt comments about the color of your soap…

  • susiefish

    I hope you see the humor in this article. I’m laughing WITH you, not AT you.


  • jacqueline

    May I move in with you, please? By way of rent I’ll bring the weather and beach with me from Florida. (The weather’s great, really – no tornadoes, even, but how do you feel about hurricanes?)

    Also just wanted to say I’m loving today’s Daily Style.

  • kimrowell

    Beautiful bathroom – I love the fixtures and the tile.

    About that wallpaper limitation…you could stencil to get around it. I read a blog called “Centsational Girl” and she stenciled the wall behind her bed in her master bedroom. Looks great!

    And, selfishly, I know you would have great posts doing that project !

  • JourneyBeyondSurvival

    Well I like your soap, and it’s color.

    But most especially your grass and marble. Mmm.

  • reymiland

    Well at least the tiles match..somewhat.

    May I suggest blue soap and blue shells to pull down the blue from the picture on the wall..and a matching nice blue-green rug in front of the sink to pull it all together.

    Nice job but it could use something additional.

    Just sayin’.

  • DeeDeeBee

    Dooce, I’m a big fan, and I love this room, but, uh … aren’t koi freshwater fish? As in, non-beach fish?

    Ah well, maybe your beach has a koi pond on it. Guarded by a sea lion named after Heidi Klum’s husband.

    It looks really nice!

  • JenniferAnn

    I love your taste! I’m not a fan of the beach look in bathrooms, personally – mainly because I’ve seen one too many beach-themed bathrooms. But I do like how you pulled it all together. It’s very nicely done.

    I’ve seen how you put together other parts of the house and love it. Classy modern. Please come decorate my apartment! It’s so bachelor(ette) hand-me-down college-y look and I’m in my early 30s!

    I did take one step toward my ideal pad though – got a nice vintage 1940s wood desk. No cheap-o Ikea knockoff desks anymore.

  • Linka72

    I like it and thank you Baby Jesus that you only have ONE container of shells..The beach theme look can get “out of hand” pretty quick if you are not careful.
    And just in case you were wondering, (and I’m sure you weren’t)I’d poop in there ANY day…thankyouverymuch

  • jenwilson

    Okay, so, I know your banner’s been up for nearly a month, but it catches me off guard every time and makes me laugh. :)

    Your bathroom looks beautiful. (Is that weird to say about a bathroom?) I totally get your … um, laziness? waiting? whatever … in decorating. We moved into this house nearly nine months ago and we still don’t have curtains (or any window covering) in the living room. It faces the street. We may or may not walk around naked and we’ve gotten so used to not having curtains that it just doesn’t phase us anymore. Maybe we’d better get on that.

  • They made me choose a username

    It looks like I can out-OCD you this once (not that my house’s bathrooms are anything pretty to look at) and it has nothing to do with tiles: I don’t think I could hang plates in a bathroom. No matter how decorative the plates, their original intended function was to be eaten off of, and I can’t forget that. Ew.

  • theotherlion

    I LURV it. I really love the plate. There’s themes and then there’s barftastic. This is nice.

  • May

    I love your bathroom! Your marble looks like our new marble kitchen table.

  • Kris Mulkey

    Very nice. Not sure I’ve ever seen plates hanging in a bathroom before. I get that the fish on the plate goes with the beach theme, but, it seems weird. Just sayin’.

    My new favorite wallpaper: http://www.janechurchill.com/

  • cory212


    @Norabloom: the toilet paper is correct!

  • Daddy Scratches

    I’ve been through Basic Training. Given the choice between reliving Basic Training, or reliving my children’s baby/toddler years, I’d … um … I’d … uh … [mental vapor lock]

  • acm

    I like the tile border a lot — really pulls the walls together.

    don’t really understand the photos + plates, though — color me pedantic, but I find the saltwater/freshwater thing jarring (no koi on the beach!!)… undermines my apprecation of your otherwise great assymetric arrangement. sorry…