• http://www.facebook.com/jypzi Nicolette Nelson Hardinger

    OMG! I love everything about this post. Somehow my one daughter is halfway between your two. She loves to bake, but has all the attitude that is natural in 10 year old girls. And I about *died* when you called Chuck a jerk. “Jerk” is my current favorite insult. It is *exactly* what I would have said in that moment. Love you, love the post, love everything about it!

  • Amy

    Shameless attempt at promoting my etsy shop where I sell aprons for the tot who loves to cook (among other things). http://www.etsy.com/shop/needlesandpins77

  • Amber


  • Sue Johnpeter

    best cooking post ever.

  • Starla Dear

    I love to bake, and I beg to differ on flour being odorless–it has a wonderful aroma!

  • Margaret Lukes

    Chuck doing Al Pacino; “SAY HELLO TO MY LIL’ FRIEND!”

  • vp

    Hahahaha…. Awesome post

  • Krain

    Best part of the story:


  • diane – d3 voiceworks

    people, too! a shitton of americans might want to put down their big gulps and give it a try –> healthy eating!

  • http://twitter.com/omgDrinkWater Ni Hao

    This post is perfect. Literally, perfect!

  • lisa

    you are awesome.

  • laraharley

    I think these pictures made me laugh more than any other you’ve ever posted. Flour???

  • jeannine

    totally perfect for the site “dog shaming!!” bless your heart!

  • http://www.thecrustydiaries.com/ Heather

    This had me in tears – great story!

  • The Tart

    This is the BEST post eveh! I have not felt like Christmas until this moment. Happy happy holidays!!