• Krystyna Salvetta

    Absolutely stunning post. Thanks for sharing it (and her!) with us.

  • Krystyna Salvetta

    Sending prayers for comfort and strength to you and yours…

  • Shellbelle486

    Heather, you never ever cease to amaze me with your beautiful, touching and lovely words about your children. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us.

  • Missybeme

    I always loved reading stories about Leta…but I’m not gonna lie…the stories about Marlo ALWAYS make me Laugh out Loud! Your writing is so awesome, I can just imagine her spirit. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  • LisaAR

    This is beautiful. Of all the ways you’ve shared about Marlo, this by far is a “nutshell” that I can see and feel. How blessed you are.

  • Gwendolyn

    Amazing display of love. Your Marlo is my Olivia, down to the lisp. I love to love her…

  • Sue


  • tksinclair@cox.net

    One of the most beautiful things you’ve ever written. And I’ve been here since I accidentally stumbled in literally the day you were heading to the hospital after having Leta. This writing not only captures Marlo (I’m sure I know her) but captures a little piece of what every parent feels as they watch their kids grow. My daughter just turned 18 with a 4.2 GPA, beautiful, headed for college in the fall and I still feel and see all these goofy moments. How did it go by so fast? I look at photos and think “Oh, just take me back there for a day, for a moment” but the moments are fleeting and you can never really relive them. Well, unless you’re lucky enough to read this piece of writing. Then you feel it’s expressed for just a few seconds. That someone else “gets it” and understands that feeling deep in your heart. Very very VERY well done…this is the real deal for those who may not have childen.

  • Becky

    That was such a great post. I feel like I know your daughters personality already! She seems like a fantastic kid. Enjoy your time together, they grow up too fast!

  • KymmiePNYC

    DUDE. I’m running out of excuses when my coworkers ask me why I’m crying at my desk.

    That’s one lucky little girl you’ve got there.

  • Dita

    Now THAT’S a love letter.

  • Annette Martini


    My little guy woke early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I could hear him whimpering as I got dressed work. He rolled to sitting as I opened his door and held his arms out to me, big grin on his face. He cuddles with his whole body, too. It’s so much harder to leave in the morning when he wakes before I go.

    Note: have you tried mineral powder sunscreen for the girls’ faces? Could solve the sunscreen in the eyes issue…

  • cattail722

    Such a great post!! Thank you! One of your best, for sure, and I’ve been reading you for many years. Marlo is fabulous, and your words paint such an amazing picture of her.

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  • Nicole

    Well hell. You haven’t made me cry in a while. I’ve been following you gosh, since 2002ish? This is by far one of your better posts! Thank you as always for sharing.


    Ah this brought a tear to my eye but it’s so beautiful. My daughter also had a lisp and it was a sad day for us when she grew out of it… was the cutest thing. . . Your daughters are both so lovely, and viva la difference! Happy Birthday to Marlo, 4 is such a lovely age. x


    Ah this brought a tear to my eye but it’s so beautiful. My daughter also had a lisp and it was a sad day for us when she grew out of it… was the cutest thing. . . Your daughters are both so lovely, and viva la difference! Happy Birthday to Marlo, 4 is such a lovely age. x

  • Jenn


  • Erin Gill

    That was so beautifully written. You’re not a mommyblogger, you’re a writer. Pure and simple.

  • http://www.sweetandsavoring.com/ Christy Milford

    That was….beautiful. Thank you, for making me laugh and tear up all at once. Thank you for giving me some idea what it’s like to be a mother. You’re such a wonderful writer- I read so many blogs, but you stand out. How have I not read a book of yours yet?

  • Stephanie Brower Czosnek

    Oh Heather! You have captured the essence of Marlo so very well. I often say about my second born (my crazy ass, fun loving, booty shaking, loveable second born daughter) that Evelyn taught me patience and how life is all about having fun. My first born made me a mom and opened up my heart to worry, kindness and a love I never knew existed. But it was my second born that taught me life was to be laughed at and laughed at loud!! Happiest of birthday’s Marlo!

  • Elizabeth

    Hey! Quick tip! And I swear to god this is not spam. I’m not sure where you’re buying your glasses, so if you already get them online ignore this, but you can get them DIRT CHEAP if you’re willing to order and wait a couple weeks. At some point my kids will need them (our eyes are shot) and we’ll probably do ONE pair from the optometrist’s office, then I’ll go back on Zenni (that’s what we use) and order something that looks similar and stash them away… maybe three or four of them LOL.

  • http://OKRoserock.blogspot.com/ Rose Marie B

    You made me cry at my desk yesterday, great post Heather!

  • Adel

    stay like this forever

  • Gabi

    God, you are such a good writer.

  • issascrazyworld

    I adore all of these posts that you write for the girls, but this one was just amazing. Happy 4th birthday to Marlo.

  • Marlene


  • kellyannseaman

    Welp, I’m crying. My little guy, Hendrix, is “free and a half,” and I swear he and Marlo are twin souls. Such a beautiful letter to Miss Marlo. Happy Birthday to a little girl who I know brings so many people so much joy. xox

  • Leanne

    This is absolutely your best post ever. It brought tears to my eyes. It’s so clear how much you love your kids.

  • Karen Z

    They grow up way too fast but the memories last forever!

  • mary

    I was enamoured with Leta, am over the moon with Marlo. Maybe because my big brother was the Leta in the family and I am definitely Marlo!

  • http://www.y8friv.asia/ Friv 4

    i want to ccome back the chilhood to enjoy the freedom, not be care about the life, free to anything i want, so wonderful

  • maybe

    That was beautiful. Your love for your daughters shines through in these lovely letters, and it’s such a pleasure to be a witness to that joy (at the heart of even the most absurd situations you end up in with them).

    Thank you.