• Kera Linnea

    I love all these photos…Looks like such a good time!

  • Samantha Davis

    Target is my favorite & I love this post. :)

  • Erin

    What are the yummy cocktails? The ones that look orange? Glad the party was a success!

  • tiffanyincali

    Those are the best get-togethers… cozy, comfortable, un-stuffy (is that a word?), and it looks like everyone had a ton of fun. I love the lights- are they from TARGET?

  • Jenn from Much to My Delight

    Your friends are all so…pretty. And with good food, you don’t need no doilies. I don’t understand the point of dessert tables or making labels for water bottles. That’s for people who can’t cook.

  • Rrrandall

    This blog’s recent 200% increase in Joseph is a good, good thing.

  • tmb

    aw man, I’m gonna have to BBQ tonight now. That food looked so good. And it’s 60 degrees and raining here.

  • Jennifer Hewett

    The best part of this? The slightly-hidden bottle of Charles Shaw (aka $2Chuck). Nicely done!

  • Amber Gregory

    Love it.

  • kth201

    I got those lights from Target for my wedding. They are AMAZING. One tip, though: you can’t shake out tangled strands like you can with Christmas lights. These suckers break. So, be careful.

  • nervrom

    Those…look like potato fries.

  • Kate S.

    More Joseph and his outfits, please.

  • kmpinkel

    We bought those lights from target last season for an inpromptu summer party, as well. They are the bomb! Nothing screams “I got it together!” like awesome lighting! (please note this post was never to imply your lights are sooo last season. I prefer timeless)

  • Mindy Williams

    This made me smile wide for you. What a fun night!

  • Mrs. Kennedy

    I’m on my way and I’m bringing avocados.

  • Erin @ Dwell & Tell

    Which camera lense did you use at the party? Photos look great!

  • http://blog.shanparker.com shanparker

    Charles Shaw always brings class to a party!

  • Cassandra Marie

    Who doesn’t love happy people eating with pretty lights overhead? It makes me want to have a get together now!

  • Diane Maggipinto

    i thought the tri tip was perched on someone’s shoes for the photo. so … next time maybe.

  • KristenfromMA

    I agree with what everyone else already said, but I do want to add one thing: any posts that lets me look at pictures of the beautiful Tyrant are OK in my book!

  • KristenfromMA

    But don’t they look totally sweeeeet? ;)

  • Scully

    Miss Schader looks just like Sutton Foster!

  • Frank Purrkins

    Thank you so very much for not being a design blog.

  • Torchness

    More picture captioning and definitely more Joseph

  • WebSavvyMom

    –>I was wondering what the cocktails were as well. Please share.

  • Tai

    Joseph used to run the perfume counter at the Orem Nordstrom before the store was shut down, and cruelly wrenched from us. Every time he pops up on your blog it reminds me, and I go through withdrawals all over again. But sure, other than that, great post! And seriously, Cami has the most perfect hair.

  • Carla King

    I love those lights. Your rental home has a lot of charm. Everything seems so cozy and comfortable.

  • NolaMomma

    Brussels Sprouts, with an S at the end of Brussels…seriously. It’s ridiculous, but it’s true. Love all the community you got going on over there, looks like a great group.

  • Mabel

    I love the lights, and I’m trying to do something similar in a backyard for a 70th wedding anniversary. Though there are no large posts to work with, except the house. Is that a pole strung from the house to the tree? And if so, where did you get it? I read the post fairly quickly so it is possible I have missed a critical detail. thank you!

  • Breanne

    I love this whole post. I especially love the photo captions on the photos. Maybe I’m easy to please or maybe it’s because today is so happy… most likely it’s both and that the post is legit awesome.

  • Stephanie Brower Czosnek

    Remember when you used to post Cami photos of her fashion? Yeah, that needs to happen with Joesph! ♥ his look!!

  • Lisa H.

    I don’t mean anything other than genuine love but can I just say how glad I am that you got Tyrant in the divorce?!? Your friendship is pure magic and a delight to read about!

  • Beth Foster

    Did you on purpose omit the fact that Chris is a member of One Direction? Cause I totally would have been all name dropping that shizzle. ;)

  • Grace

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and now I just realized that it’s Tryant, not Tyrant. I kept looking at him and thinking, he looks like a very nice person, why is she nicknaming him Tyrant? Oh, wait, it’s tagged Tyrant… I’m confused

  • http://theinformalmatriarch.com/ Leah Shannon

    I want a friend that dresses like Joseph.

  • dixdex

    Oh dear Lord. This made me cackle. Best kind of party, who cares about “design blog”? Everybody wishes their parties were this much fun.

  • Carol

    It IS Tyrant. It’s his nickname. His name is John

  • Carol

    He runs Heather’s house like a tyrant : )

  • Ffion

    A good atmosphere beats calligraphied nameplates every time. And I say that as a designer ;) And a hobby calligrapher.

  • StaceFace

    Man alive, those are some good looking people. Seriously. Alex kinda looks like Even Peters. Yes?

  • ChickWhitt

    I long to have a backyard with lights and a variety of mismatched furniture that doesn’t look like redneck white trailer trash. I have yet to achieve this. You did it nicely, love it!

    My big goal is to have one just like the grandparents on “Parenthood”.

  • http://www.drawingforkidsinfo.com/ Crystal

    Looks like fun! Who cares if it’s not a design blog ;o). It’s a real life blog.

  • http://www.seriouslysassymama.com/ Necole Kell

    I love Joseph. I am in awe of the hula hooping while playing with a ball! Awe I tell ya.

  • Dancermom429

    Those glasses! Can’t stop looking at Joseph!!

  • KHM

    Cami’s new hair? A 10! Yes, a 10! She’s got the blonde that I used to pay a lot of money trying to attain, yet never achieved.

  • Magatha

    I’m so glad you gave the fine dentition a shout-out. That’s what I kept thinking: OMG, these people are gorgeous, their teeth are perfect!

  • http://simple-pleasures-ebks.blogspot.com/ Lindsey

    Beautiful photos. Beautiful people. Beautiful blog. Well done …. ma’am (keepin with the whole southern hospitality theme).

  • Erin Gill

    Do you have ugly people barbeques as well?

  • http://ferryfolk.com Danalan

    Don’t you know any fat people? Are you sure you’re in the United States? Unrelated: I want to play Cards against Humanity with you.