• Deminimis

    I think I will agree with Leta, that looks like the best place in the world.

  • Loving it

    Great Post. I don’t know why people whinge about that word ‘sponsored’. It’s actually the first post in weeks where I have felt you are back to your old self. I’ve really thought you were giving this all away or lost the passion. Glad it’s not true!

    Hope you do make some longer family trips soon, event the disastrous memories are still well worth having :)

  • quan luong

    Indochina (Vietnam, LAOs, Cambodia), why not?!

  • mathilde

    You can’t travel with two kids? I have been traveling and moving around the world with my five children from the time they were new born. Your girls seems so spoiled and weak, kind of like you, they cannot handle anything. done reading your constant whine and stress over nothing.

  • Val

    Thanks for the love….I live out in the Basin near Jensen and the world famous Dinosaur National Monument. It is a place where you can really explore and be alone in nature. So glad you are able to experience it with your lovely family.

  • Tracy

    We just did Europe on the Carnival Sunshine with our kids over the summer (aged 10, 9, 7) – it was the best vacation EVER!!!!!

  • MazMonroe

    peek! (not peak)

  • SpellCheckNazi

    for crying out loud; did you spell check everyone?

  • desolationangela

    Since before my now husband and I were romantically inclined towards each other we have visited Hornby Island (Off the coast of Vancouver Island) every summer for between 7 and 10 days a pop. In my late teens the allure of Hornby was the gorgeous pristine scenery (sandstone formations, forests, silky white sandy beaches) and the hippy attitude, acquired honestly due to a large population of vietnam war draft dodgers. One time we met another teen on the beach who declared that he lived there, so we asked him what he did. In between drags on his locally grown joint he squinted and answered, “I meditate a lot.” Anyways, now that we have a two and four year old I love it there that much more! We’ve taken the kids elsewhere to music festivals, cabin ski trips, camping, and even Europe, but so far the quiet, healthy, friendly lifestyle of Hornby is our favourite. Just watching my children picking blackberries as they walk down quiet roads to the ocean to somehow become even sandier than they already are, watching them discover teeming life in tidepools and dancing to local musicians at island gatherings, watching outdoor movies and star gazing at the same time…it’s magic. And even better, we bring friends with kids so that they aren’t yelling, “mommy play with me! Who is going to play with me? I NEED someone to PLAY with me NOW!” The whoooole time. Also, no bears! However, I would love to expose them to world travel. One day, in the wealthier future, maybe we’ll be able to afford the privilege of teaching them about the world by showing it to them in person.

  • Shalini

    My two older kids have been in and around the USA. But the biggie is that we moved to the middle of Australia with all 3 of our kids when they were 7,3, and not even 1. We are going to take all 3 of them to Samoa for their summer/Christmas break! Not excited about the flying, but so excited about the exploration.

    Also the girls need to get on that fixing you a hot dog out at the cabin!

    Happy traveling!