• lostandfound

    your posts, your videos… especially your musical selections often bring me to tears. not tears of happiness or sadness… but tears because so much of your life resonates with me… with mine. i’ve been following you/reading you for a number of years now. when i found out my marriage was in trouble. when i realized that ‘trouble’ was probably not going to be fixed. when i struggled and found the strength to file for divorce. when i regained hope and took the divorce off the table. when i tried desperately to save my marriage… and then realized i was the only party interested in doing so. when i found more strength to live in this situation until i’m able to get myself out of it. as i begin to open my heart up to the possibility of new love. and with each and every post of your girls… i am reminded of my own (ages 5 and almost 8)… and how those blessings in my life… those gorgeous, precious, beautiful, so very important blessings help to make sense of everything else… make sense of myself. for as little or as much as you write… for all the positive and not so positive comments others leave for you. when i write you, i comment always that your life makes a difference in mine. it has, it does, and hopefully it continues to do so- because from you i draw strength in the comraderie of just trying to figure out life. it is not about perfection or doing things right. it’s about the journey… the authenticity… and the struggle. best wishes for 2014… and all that comes with it. xo

  • KimFunk

    I am so happy you linked to your As I Have Loved You post. Today, this very morning, I was privileged to witness the legal wedding of my daughter to her partner and see them become Mrs and Mrs. I’ve been a rather weepy mess the rest of today. And this happened in Salt Lake City, Utah!

    I expect the end of the world any minute now.

  • Heather Armstrong

    This comment really hit me, especially this part: “… and how those blessings in my life… those gorgeous, precious, beautiful, so very important blessings help to make sense of everything else… make sense of myself”

    Thank you. They are such a gift, and they are everything. They are my all. Every part of me is imbued with their smell and their touch and their sound and their love. I make no sense without them.

    Figuring out life, yes. The constant struggle. Thank you for being here with me. xoxo

  • Heather Armstrong

    Congratulations to your daughter and her wife! I’m so happy for you. So glad a judge in Utah had the audacity to challenge Constitutional Amendment 3! Long overdue! The movement is happening.

  • Lauren

    This is such a gift you’ve given yourself and your girls… that you can relive these years down the line through your website. Hell, it’s a gift you’ve given us, your readers, too– especially on slow work days like today, where I could just pick a tag from the archives page and fall into a rabbit hole of old posts I’ve enjoyed over the years. Love you, Heather. Happy (almost) New Year.

  • http://smithshack71.blogspot.com/ SmithShack71

    You make me smile all the time. Thank you.

  • August

    I have no children, no dogs, no gay assistants (goddammit) and live on the other side of the world to you. But this site is the one little pocket on the whole wide interwebs where I see so much of what I feel captured and reflected back. It’s incredibly validating, and rare, and makes me feel less alone out here. I actually don’t think you can comprehend how far your words and photos reach, and their effect. I wish you, and all your people, love and light for 2014!

  • kmpinkel

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for all the great posts!

  • Heather Armstrong

    Thank you.

  • Heather Armstrong

    This means more than you could know. Thank you so much. I’d loan you my gay assistant. He will love that you said that. Love to you for 2014

  • Christie

    A beautiful look back at 2013. Your home looks like a wonderful place to be. Have a wonderful 2014, I look forward to hearing all about it.

  • Neesja Leger

    I stayed til the end am I ever glad. So much fun! Thank you for sharing your heart and family with us for another year.

  • KristenfromMA

    It must be dusty in here…

  • Bee Butler

    Ahhhhh was waiting on the ring… (shame on me, but FUCK IT I WANTED THAT SO MUCH). So glad for you and your beautiful girls and boys. I love you all.

  • BabetteFeasts

    Thanks for sharing your life with us. Thanks for the smiles.

  • http://www.logodesignbest.com/ Ava M Stewart

    2013 best year in my life and by the way thanks for the share this post : )

  • Andrea Myers

    Marlo is one of those kids that moms who are all done having kids look at and think “Hmmm, maybe just ONE more…”

  • Alison Toback

    I love this post, and loved going back to read all of the posts from this year. The video of Marlo at the end definitely made me smile. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, hysterical, wonderful life with us.

  • Elitetranslingo

    You always have impressive posts, thanks for sharing ,

    enjoy the holidays!

  • Angela

    Your girls will be so grateful one day for all the photos and videos you have. I have so few photos from my childhood so I hope they truly appreciate this. I do miss the monthly newsletters to Leta. Those were so special! Thanks for all you share with us, Heather! It’s so great to see you smiling. Here’s to a great 2014. XO

  • Nancy B.

    Beautiful, as usual. Thank you for sharing.

  • twm

    just lovely.

  • Saray

    Go Sox. ;)

  • Jennifer Cafferty-Davis

    What a wonderful video. Though it may have been another trying year for you, you certainly cannot tell from the smiles on the girls’ faces. You have succeeded in making them happy and that truly matters. And I still believe Marlo needs her own TV show – the girl looks like non-stop, walking, talking entertainment at its finest. ;) Cheers to you, Heather. I wish you nothing but the best for 2014.

  • Missybeme

    Your videos have such emotion, which is funny to say, but each picture makes me remember the post that went with them. I love that you share parts of your life with us, good and the struggles
    (Notice, I didn’t say “bad”) You have no idea how much your blog has affected my life. Being the only person in my family to ADMIT to struggling with depression, I often have no one to talk to, who really understand how it feels. Many times, just at the right time, you write a post that hits point, just when I need it. Here’s to a fantastic 2014!!!

  • Jeanie