• Jenay H.

    “let her go…. see what happens….” I just died….. never a dull moment with Marlo and if I’m having a bad day, all I have to do is find where she is tagged and read for a bit. Its better than therapy. Here’s a money making idea… charge people to spend an hour with your daughter… you’d be a rich fool in no time!!!

  • http://www.pennyforyourshoes.com/ Daisy

    This made me laugh out loud. Thank you Marlo for brightening my work day!

  • pixelp

    Marlo’s antics brought me a laugh as always.. While checking out at the grocery store last night, my 5 year old made me laugh hysterically when she asked if we could get out my fake arm from my bedroom when we got home. The cashier’s face was priceless! Where do they come up with this stuff?

  • Meg

    Like Dane, I am currently enduring the snow in DC (I had to carry Rosalind when we couldn’t avoid a sidewalk or road because all of the heavy-duty rock salt kills her paws, you don’t realize how big someone is until you CARRY THEM for minutes at a time, for reference she’s a bit bigger than Chuck) and Marlo’s antics made me laugh. Thank you.

  • hartfordhouse

    That dude is hawt.

  • kmpinkel

    My kid came to my bedside this morning and just started mewing like a baby kitten. When I asked her a question she just mewed. I immediately thought of you. Just let her go and see what happens! Awesome!

  • nicki

    She looks like Michelle Williams and he could be Mark Wahlberg’s stunt double. What an adorable family.

  • Ryan

    Shadrack? Someone actually named their child Shadrack? Sorry, not trying to be mean but that’s so unusually Biblical.

  • Hanni

    What a great post…I SO want to meet Marlo one day.

  • Lee

    Reading stuff like this is awesome! Totally brightens up a day that is otherwise too cold to go outside. Thanks!

  • Yoyomom

    Thanks for the article!! ;)

  • Anu

    Hahaha!! Marlo’s stories are priceless!! Her imagination is so vivid, I can totally see her becoming a writer, just like you some day.

  • issascrazyworld

    JUST SEE WHAT HAPPENS! Bwahahahha. Oh Marlo.

  • Debra

    Listen. You’ve been so generous with us already, can’t you just go the full tilt and install a live feed camera in your house? Please? I’ve held out asking this for as long as I can! That was so effing funny I can’t stand it. Dooce: The Reality Show.

  • http://www.blackphoebe.com/msjen Ms. Jen

    Please tell me that Shad has two brothers named Mesasch and Abednego… Please… Because if he did, then his parents are pretty awesome (or torturous depending on point of view).

  • Karen

    I AM A HUMAN. WITH PRINCESSTH EARRINGSTH. …my favorite part, even over the “let her go.”

  • It’s Me! Lucy!

    …And let the three of them work together. Installing furnaces.

  • Lauren


  • http://k-fabcrew.blogspot.com/ Kathee

    I would really like a French guy to carry me from room to room. I’m exhausted and this is my 3rd FULL DAY OFF of work. I obviously have mismanaged my time.

  • hartfordhouse

    … in my house.

  • ABR

    OMG, your last paragraph made me spit my tea. ROFL.

  • Heather Armstrong

    His name is Pierre and is such a snob. I don’t recommend it.

  • TWM

    Oh god, I loved this one!

  • Becky

    “tummy time” otherwise known as “encouraging your child to develop and subsequently ruin your life” time.

  • americanrecluse

    I LOVED the “human with princess earrings” photo you posted. She’s so sassy! And her grown up face is starting to peek through, which is so cool to see.