• http://smithshack71.blogspot.com/ SmithShack71

    Phones with curly cords and boom boxes. Those were the days, man.
    Happy Birthday to Leta!


  • Nichole

    I’ve been to that Mexican restaurant! They make a fine quesadilla. I’ve also been to Pocatello, Idaho, where a 12-year-old bartender asked my friends and I if we’d like to play oily Twister. (We declined.) And that is both trips I’ve taken to the Western states. I’ve never felt so connected to one of your posts before.

    Happy birthday, Leta!

  • kmpinkel

    I still can’t believe you actually waited that long for your food. I hope they gave you something more than an apology! Like maybe a an itunes gift card. Sheesh! Happy Birthday, Leta!

  • Kate

    Weeping. One of my favorite songs ever. Happy Birthday Miss Leta!

  • http://www.blackphoebe.com/msjen Ms. Jen

    As a small aside, both Nokia and Sony had phones that could store and play music in 2004, possibly even earlier. I had a Nokia with my music on it in 2004. It had a 1 megapixel camera, it was awesome. Nobody could believe that I was taking photos with my phone and putting them on the internet. Somehow it was all Heather Champ’s fault or blessing… ;o)

  • http://k-fabcrew.blogspot.com/ Kathee

    I was trying to explain to my 23 year old how when we lived in Nashville where he was born I had to keep a map in the car so I wouldn’t get lost. You know…a real paper map that never folds the same.
    I know I’m older but I have fond memories of standing in the pantry on the corded phone that was stretched across the kitchen to have ANY privacy in my large Mormon family!!

  • diannabolical

    I’m 26 and this makes me dubious… but then, I still like to have paper maps in the car, so perhaps that indicates that I don’t represent the majority of mid-20-somethings.

  • Teal

    I hope you didn’t pay for that breakfast, or that you at least got a discount on it!

  • dips

    Happy Birthday Leta. And I totally understand the incredulity of “not having internet”.
    But, …sorry, but you COULD put music on phones before iPhone came up. Just not iTunes. You could use other music players. I had been doing that on my Nokia phones.

    I like your blog :) just never commented before.

  • http://allconsuming.com.au/ allconsuming

    My eldest son is 16 next week. SIXTEEN. Facebook didn’t exist. Dial-up was the only option AND on your phone line. Texting on mobiles was novel. SIXTEEN.