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  • Tori Pearce

    I have a suspicion that when you tell someone you don’t get sick because of Paleo it’s the same look they give me when I tell them that Vitamin D Stoss Protocol and Hydrotherapy has prevented colds from settling into my system for longer than 24 hours for the past 3 years. This years death cold caught up with me too. Feel Better.

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    Oh man, I went on a plane while sick once. NOT RECOMMENDED.

  • Laura

    Cold Calm – Homeopathic treatment sold at Walgreen’s

  • Kate H

    I apologize for not putting my phone in a case, but a case makes it awkward to use the slide out keyboard, which is the entire reason I got that phone in the first place.

  • bethany axtman

    Ginger lemon honey. Nothing pansy-ass, stew that ginger. Adding a little whiskey doesn’t hurt either. Or a lot, your call.

  • Heather Armstrong

    Could there be an explanation other than the Vitamin D Stoss Protocol and Hydrotherapy, though? What else have you done differently? I believe you! And am writing this down!

  • Jen Moore

    zinc lozenges will help with your sore throat

  • sara

    thieves oil!

  • Tori Pearce

    One trip to a Naturopathic doc changed the way I approach being sick and has changed how often I fall ill. Warming socks (Hydrotherapy) are a wonder to help pull a cold out of your head and chest. It also helps you sleep for some weird reason.
    I don’t take stuff like Nyquil or cold medicine with the exception of Mucinex. I had the thought that anything that suppresses a cough is allowing your body to hold onto that gunk that is making you feel crummy. Taking something that thins it out and helps you get rid of it faster seems to help.

  • EmilyB

    Apple Cider Vinegar! It helps to break up the mucus and I think speeds up recovery. I like to sip mine with warm water and lemon but my husband hates it so will only take it quick via shot glass. I also like usually make ginger tea by steeping cut up fresh ginger root in water, straining and then adding lemon and raw honey (and sometimes bourbon). The honey feels so good on a sore throat and also had antibiotic properties. Good luck and hope you have a speedy recovery!

  • canyonwren

    I’ve had the same results (haven’t had a cold for more than a day at most) because at the FIRST inkling of a cold coming on I start drinking Echinacea Plus Tea (by Traditional Medicinals) and taking Airborne every two hours. Neti pots also work. But I’m intrigued by the sock thing…

  • http://oddlovescompany.com/blog/ Katybeth

    I just read this on FB so it must be true—I’ve never tried it: COLDS: Those suffering from common or severe colds should take one tablespoon lukewarm honey with 1/4 spoon cinnamon powder daily for three days. This process will cure most chronic cough, cold, and, clear the sinuses, and it’s delicious too!

  • KC

    Feel better :-)

  • Sarah

    Elderberry syrup!

  • Tori Pearce

    Internet searching “warming socks” is a good way to find instructions and also why it works. I use it anytime I start to feel “off” and during allergy season if needed.

  • Jenna

    i’m a firm believer in apple cider vinegar every day, and its ability to bust and stave off colds is only one of the many benefits…pro tip: it comes in pill form which is WAY easier to ingest…trust me on that one!

  • Becca

    Steep a few chopped garlic cloves in hot water for 15 min. Add lemon and honey. Drink. It works!

  • joanlvh

    mucinix and tons of water, kind of flushes it out

  • talonsage


  • talonsage

    I recommend masturbation. Clears the sinuses like nothing I’ve ever tried!! Now it’s only temporary, so you have to keep trying, but it’s better than ginger-garlic-centipede-castor-oil-stew that you take at both ends, right?

  • talonsage

    . . .

    Seriously disqus? This is how you treat me? I even go fix my avatar…which you suddenly stopped using for reasons I have no idea why and then you don’t FIX THEM??? WTF!!

  • Debra

    Paleo still true girl, it’s just that you are still human. And for this we are thankful.

  • Debra

    Baking soda taken daily. Germs cannot live in an environment that is so high in alkaline. Allegedly.

  • Debra

    Unrelated, but did someone talk Marlo out of her lisp? You haven’t typed in a lisp in a while seems like! Because…..DUCKS…..

  • Engred

    Holy Shite – with the title and the pic I thought the dog had died !! Don’t scare me like that !!

  • http://ajigreer.blogspot.com Amanda Greer

    The most important question: Which phone case do YOU use? I’m constantly on the lookout for a better one.

    Also, I hope you feel better soon!

  • Daisy

    Vitamin D and a probiotic (Culturelle is my favorite)…both help kick my colds faster.

  • punkrebelmama

    Oregano oil every 20 min on the bottoms of your feet. And soak in a bath filled with hot water and a pint of real apple cider vinegar added to it. Soak until the water is cool, and drink loads of water. WORKS EVERYTIME

  • Corby

    I had not had even a cold for eight years. I’m vegan. I got cocky and came down with the granddaddy of a head cold. Five days in bed, twelve days in and still blow my nose all the livelong day. Maybe it is the end of my cold’s term, don’t they last about two weeks? But, I have always heard that an onion on the bedside table of a sick person will absorb all the badness in the room, microbes, germs, etc. and helps restore the health of the patient. Well, I ddi it on the thirteenth day and for two days I have not even blown my nose once. I went from blowing it constantly to not blowing it at all. This is significant to me. They say one must not cut an onion and if not using it all, avoid trying to save it in plastic or wrap of any kind. It will absorb the bad stuff wherever it is and you don’t want to ingest the bad stuff it collects. I am a believer. Onions, make you cry AND restore your health. Who knew?!

  • Zane

    The cloudy, raw, unfiltered kind, not that overly processed clear stuff in the grocery store.

  • neekeem

    I am home dying from the plague (it might be a cold), so I’ve no help.

    I do think this is a good time to eat a hot dog and tell paleo to suck it. You can make friends with it when you feel better.

  • REK981

    What kind of phone? The last phone I had pre-Apple has a slide out keyboard and I had a good 10 different cases all bought via ebay for cheap. I miss that keyboard…

  • Kate H

    It’s a Motorola Photon Q–great phone!

  • Chelsea

    Spirulina! I credit it with avoiding the horrible flu that took down the rest of my household over Christmas, and avoiding all the crud my son brings home. Supplements or powder, you can put it in smoothes!

  • Sally

    Sinus pressure? I have a non-conventional remedy. My doctor once recommended humming because it loosens up the, well, snot, in your sinus cavities. I, being too tired and sick to be bothered with the exhausting task of humming, opted for another method of sinus vibration. Wait for it…yep. I wrap a t-shirt around my…humming device…and apply it to my forehead, under my eyes, on my nose, etc. Sure, I’ve gotten one or two, “What in the *hell* are you doing?!??” comments, but it’s also seriously helped. No joke. My experience is that the A/C versions bring more power to the table than that battery operated varieties. They relieve sinus pressure better, too.

  • Meg

    I rarely use hand sanitizer because I believe that the cracks and cuts in my skin from the drying effects of it are worse than any germs which might be left on my hands after washing. My skin does not like living in an environment less humid than the Gulf Coast and consequently reacts poorly to hand sanitizer.

    Also, Coco is cute.