• Sharon Barrett

    This puts into words what so many of us have gone through with the loss of a pet. We have two dogs and two cats, and this spring our older Boxer lost an eye to glaucoma. She’s nine, and that’s old for that breed, and the long recovery and the pain she endured really hammered home that she’s going to be gone one day. I’m not sure how her younger brother will handle that loss, because Ti loves her with an undying loyalty. He loves ‘his kitties’, too, but not like her. I hope that the day comes that you’ll be able to remember without tears and pain.

  • Joni

    We had to put our 12 year old Golden Retriever down in March, and your last sentence nails it! Because of what he gave us for those 12 years, we know we want another four legged family member to honor his memory. It is hard….I still cry almost daily. But it is slowly getting better. My heart hurts for you……

  • Susan

    Thank you for sharing your life with Chuck with us. The sorrow is still fresh.

  • Jennifer Cafferty-Davis

    I know so many of us raved about Chuck and how special he was. He was an incredible and unique guy. Your description of Coco as a “lovable lunatic with occasional maniacal tendencies” makes me giggle. The personality of Coco sounds like something equally as unique as Chuck, though in a very different way. I am so glad you and Coco have each other during this incredibly difficult time. In situations like this, it really is obvious that animals can sense and feel emotions. She is there to help and comfort you. The mutual love and understanding is priceless.

  • http://couchtocanyon.wordpress.com Andrea

    I had two dogs that were the best of friends. They’d lay together all tangled together, play all day, share my lap, walk side by side, check on one another. They just had a bond that warmed my heart.

    When I had to, unexpectedly, put one of them down it broke my heart. But the pain my other dog went through completely overshadowed that and I was worried he would mourn himself to death.

    Dogs are just special. We could all learn so much about love and loyalty from them. Thank you for sharing yours.

  • April Mitchell

    Thank you for sharing Chuck. I do also want to thank you for sharing KC’s story. My 13 year old daughter was diagniosed with Type 1 diabetes last year. She would love to have a dog and having one that detects blood sugar levels would be so awesome. Too bad I am in WV and so far away from her. I am looking, reading, enjoying her website now.

  • Valerie Aguilar

    I probably should have waited to read this until I got home but I couldn’t. So many tears. I feel like I knew chuck and want to thank you for sharing him with us. I’m emotional after reading this and can’t imagine what you’re feeling but I send lots of virtual hugs. I have a fur baby of my own and reading all of this makes me hold her extra tight. Thinking of you and sending lots of love from Texas!

    Sidenote: After reading all of your posts about Canidae, I have decided to switch out my dog food and look forward to seeing great results. Thank you again for all of the information you give. I want my little Zoe to have the best!

  • http://www.accidentalolympian.com/ Ashley the Accidental Olympian

    You’re trying to kill me aren’t you? This pregnant lady can’t handle this.

    This loss that ripples through your whole family, down to Coco, through the internet into each and every one of our lives. The love that we all feel for Chuck, and the amount we all miss him could never be quantified. I can’t stress enough, thank you so much for sharing him with all of us throughout all these years. Although each of these posts shatters my heart once again, I feel like we’re all going through this together, and each post helps all of us heal with you. We miss you Chuck, but we’ll never forget you.

  • http://www.livingthescream.com/ Living The Scream

    Thanks for letting us all Know about KC. What an amazing cause to devote your life too.

  • APJH

    I had two dogs growing up–a cockapoo and a golden retriever. My dad built them a big, cozy carpeted doghouse that they slept in together every night. After our cockapoo died, our goldie never went into the doghouse again. It took a few months before he seemed to “get over” the loss of his companion.

    Coco is lucky to have you and the girls to help her get through these next few months. And you are equally lucky to have her.

  • theheathers

    Thank you for sharing this journey. Because of your posts, I’m in my first bag of Canidae for my 11yo pooch. Posts like this remind me that she won’t be around forever, but I can make better choices for her to keep her around longer. This post also reminds me that when the time comes, my 5yo daughter will be able to deal with her death better than I will. Thank you for bringing the light to the darkest of days when it concerns our pets.

  • pupsaver711

    I have 2 dogs and we as a family of 4 (2 people/2dogs) rescue/foster/rehome dogs. While the part of the story that the woman breeds dogs rubs me the wrong way because 100s of dogs die in shelters everyday including puppies and purebreds I feel your emotion here as familiar and need to offer you solidarity instead of complaints. I do wish you would tell a story about a rescue or a rescue dog as that is what Chuck was. I think that would really honor him. If you need any, let me know

  • mira

    Read this intending for it to be the last thing I read before I head to bed. Big mistake. Am all weepy now.

  • Christine Barber

    Every time I saw a picture of Chuck, I would touch his nose on the screen in affection. My loss is so much less than yours, but my heart is broken and is with you and your family. Be well.

  • Amy G.

    I think dogs grieve as hard for us as we do for them.

    My grandmother passed away last week. She lived with my aunt and my aunt’s dog Sassy. In the past year as my grandmother became bedridden, Sassy would keep watch over her from a chair at the foot of her bed. She would come and go over the course of the day, but would always come back to grandmother’s room at night to sleep at the foot of her bed. She is so sad and confused now that grandmother is gone.

  • Jana Griffis

    God dammit why’d I read this at work. I am so very sorry Heather. I lost my ‘are you sure this isn’t a human’-dog 2 years ago last month and I still can’t believe it sometimes. I do know that she sure as hell made a lasting impression in my life & others. It’s not easy but it’s possible. I know sometimes I just need to know that something is possible for me to survive.

  • http://mamaintranslation.blogspot.com/ L – Mama(e) in Translation

    Heather, thanks again for sharing your precious last moments with Chuck in the previous post and the insightful conversation with KC in this one. I also loved Chuck like all your readers and I have been very saddened since he got worse and when you shared the news with us. May the memories of his life, registered in thousands and thousands of photos, many of which we got to see, but most of which belong solely to you. Hugs,

  • Kelly

    I lost two dogs to cancer in 2010. The same year I was in an accident and in a coma for 12 days. That coma stole so much of my memory, I can remember so little of our little dog, more of the bigger dog. Of course I cried when I read this, not just the sadness of it, but the beautiful way you are parenting your two wonderful daughters. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Rachel

    On Monday, my old man, my perfect boy, my Bid Bad Wolf, my Trouble dog, he died. He was 15, had hind nerve weakness with incontinence and partial/intermittent paralysis, and laryngeal stridor, but a bright eagerness to greet everything in life, even though it was slow and painful to get there.

    Our other 3 dogs are in various states of distress. The younger dogs have been clingy, and nervous when anyone leaves a room. My wife’s dog, his “brother” of 12 years, who is 16, and senile, can only stand on his bed, and cry. We’re spending a lot of time just touching each other, to fill in the space of our loss.

  • CaliGal

    I am so sorry for your loss. Like most of your fans, Chuck was a favorite. Couldn’t wait to see his Daily pics and to see what craziness he was hold on his head. I know there are no words to ease your pain. I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone. You, your girls and Coco are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you too, for sharing the way you do. You’re amazing. :)

  • http://lyndanaclerio.tumblr.com LyndaN42

    In 1988 we lost my cat Tony, the last of the the cats my dog Bobby came home to. We all felt the loss, but we never realized how much Bobby missed having a cat until we brought home Simon, lovecat extraordinaire, a year later. Simon sauntered into the house, stretched out his paw, and Bobby ran to him like an old friend. I should probably mention Bobby weighed 80 pounds and stood six feet tall on his hind legs, but this little black cat who came into his life would sleep right in the center of his bed and stick his face into his food bowl and Bobby went right along with it. When Bobby passed in 1995, Simon went into a depression that lasted until he met the herding dog Holly who enjoyed shredding boxes along with him. I’m grateful moments like that don’t leave us, and I’m grateful fur siblings somehow make us feel less alone in our sadness.

    Give Coco extra hugs, and know you and Chuck have made me bawl so many times this week. Dogs rule. Catdogs doubly so.

  • Franca Bollo

    So much I’d like to say but anything I write has probably been expressed by someone else here. I will say that I am feeding my cat Canidae. Thank you for bringing this to exceptional product to our attention. Oh, and I will say “thank you” for writing about Chuck and Coco in a way that underscores the real connection between species. These are not your “pets”. They are beings that share your life, feel deeply and have a profound effect on those who are open to it. I also appreciate you writing about how you let your daughters have their own feelings. There’s a takeaway for all of us. xo.

  • Cornelia

    I’d been dreading Chuck’s passing for several years. It’s so, so sad. The part about Coco looking for him brought tears to my eyes. There are some wonderful photographs here, especially the one with them modeling ties and the last one, with them looking so knowing and amused.

    To end on a lighter note, I always thought you were exaggerating about how horrible an old dog’s farts can be–but then my mother-in-law brought her old dog to stay with us and my first thought was Holy shit, Heather was not kidding!

  • http://www.twitter.com/lovesmoose Carla

    I loved reading about KC. Thanks for sharing her with us, and also for letting us know how Coco is doing.

  • Jodie Kingsbury

    Im so sorry for your loss. I was in tears thru this whole post. Your words are so poignant. Thank you for the coupons again. MY dog is doing so much better on Canidae than any other food or treat.

  • Jane

    Hi Heather I’ve been reading you forever and following Chuck as well. You did him proud. Poor Coco – she’ll be lost without him. I hope she was able to sniff his body after he passed. Condolences Jane

  • Sandy M

    Morning the loss of a pet is so very personal. Be gentle with yourself.

  • BeckySTL

    Why oh why did I read this at work? I hate to think of how you and Coco feel. I’m so sad from 3000 miles away, I know you’re heartbroken. I really do hope you feel all the love your readers are sending your family…Thank you for sharing.

  • bluesurly

    Lovely. Thank you for sharing KC’s story. Does she breed Chesapeake Bay Retrievers? I was blessed to have a rescue CBR who was 2 and slated to be euthanized due to her aggressive nature. Turns out she had been abused. She never went after a single person in the 11 years I had her and was just the greatest dog. Hugs to all. Especially Chuck and Chelsea <3

  • Vanessa

    Man, I have to stop reading you at work. I need to go home and snuggle with my own crazy mini Aussie now and Oh! Chuck. Your pain and loss resonate with me, in me, as I have known them, and Marlo’s fear is the fear I know, too, with my little buddy.

    Sending you both love.

  • Lala

    You mean the committed dog trainer who trains affordable service dogs? That’s what rubbed you the wrong way? Fuck off.

  • Meg

    My dog right now is the sweetest girl and learns by what makes me happy. It sounds sappy, but it’s true. Reinforcing good behaviour with treats helps, but she stops doing something if I’m not pleased with it. Every dog has different motivations and knowing what those are is incredibly important and why I don’t like strict training methods.

  • Marie McDowell

    I’m really sorry for your loss too, Rachel. My heart breaks for you all, particularly your dog’s “brother”.

  • Peggy Fry

    Heather, I first started reading your blog because of Chuck. He looked just like my dog, Buddy, who had just passed away. My heart is with you all. I never met Chuck, but I loved him.