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All Too Appropriate

  • Someone said “tidy whitey.” Beside the fact that they’re “tighty whities,” they are very rarely tidy. Shudder. I’m scarred from doing my father’s laundry as a kid.

  • shifty

    could be worse… they were kind enough not to mention your bouts with constipation while you were standing there with your plunger (please… tell me they didn’t)

  • As much as silence is golden, and the middle finger’s excellent for scratching the eye [liked that one]…asking that person to lend you their face to see if the plunge really fits, cause you want to suck off someone’s stupid grin and their head happens to have the same shape…ach-ach!
    So what did you tell them eventually?

  • See. And they say people from Utah aren’t web savvy. Hey Dooce… does your site hosting give you a report of readers by country? Apparently I’m big in Estonia.

  • You should of stuck that thing to their face and swung them around.

  • I tried that eye/middle finger thing but as it turned out everynody was looking at me and everybody got it. It’s a mixed signals thing really.

    It’s best to accept wat you are and be like eminem. Change only of you suck and other people know it as much as you do.

  • This site should be on the Discovery Channel, or TLC or something. I learn more here about everything and nothing. The dooce draws an intriguing, and delightful crowd.

    So much chatter over one short paragraph- I LOVE it! If you were a bone dooce, people would suck the marrow out of you.

  • clint

    That’s funny, cause just yesterday in Bizarro Grocery Store I was in line, buying a website, and this guy recognizes me and announces “Hey, you’re that dude who unplugs toilets.”

  • One time, I was at Fred Meyers up in my hometown of Soldotna, Alaska, and this girl came up to me and said “Oh my God, is your name Lester?” and I said yeah, and she told me she was just visiting, and had googled Soldotna, and came across my page (Polyester Lester). She really liked my videos, and wanted me to sing for her right there. I faked a cough and got out of it.

  • m

    I totally knew as soon as I hit submit that someone was going to bust me on “tidy” for not being “tighty”. *sigh* It’s true…they are rarely tidy. Sorry about your laundry days, Anne. I feel for you. No more talk of men’s underwear. At least not today.

  • Adrienne

    Okay, Dooce, I’m slow on the uptake here, but about your dog’s feetses… You don’t LIKE the Frito smell?? I’ve always found it endearing… like puppy breath. Hey, it could be worse, his feet could smell like, I dunno… poo? Ham? Bacterial Culture?

    I’ll take the corn-chip smell anyday.

  • Now, while fritos are decent smelling, I can’t imagine anyone would enjoy the smell on dog’s feet after reading in the comments that it’s the piss that makes them smell that way.

  • I got recognized in Cracker Barrel once. Granted, the girl had already met me once but all she could remember was Crankydragon and not my actual name. Still made me laugh. I linked to this post, btw.

  • That’s funny; many months ago an acquaintance had a Dooce sighting while visiting LA and when I heard about it, I thought it ranked pretty high as a ‘celebrity sighting’.

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