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Holiday for Her: Accessories and Clothing

And finally, the last two installments of the gift guide for women. Or Chicks. Or friend with benefits. Or that person who fixes you toast. Whatever. We know you love us. Please don’t get us a hard drive for Christmas.

1. NOEMIAH – Dylan – Feather and Chain Necklace $55

2. Circle Pop-Out Earrings in red $29.99

3. Flower Rings – Set of 3 – Opaque Yellow $20

4. Chivas Starter Kit $38

1. Freedom Lariat $26

2. Coffee Cuff $68 CAD

3. Alima Nourishing Lipbalm $4.75

4. Gold and Black Hand Beaded Leaf Headband $27

5. Lavish Blossom Clutch $95

1. Gold Indian Bangles (x4) $10

2. Disco Dot with Turquoise Minky Camera Strap Slipcover $26.50

3. Sterling silver honeycomb pendant $60

4. Custom Braille Ring $49

5. Feather metal earrings $72

6. Forest Green Hat with Olive Green Flower $34

1. Hot Lime One of a Kind Wearable Art Scarf $85

2. Brad Pitt for Mayor – Organic Tee $22

3. BCBG Paris Carly Reptile Platform Gladiator $39

4. echo touch glove $30

5. Magenta and Gunmetal Gray Moebius Neckwarmer Cowl $23

6. Rainbow Flock cutie dress $40

7. B. Poetic Silk Shoe Clips in Rust $35

1. BDG Tall Suede Boot $68

2. Woman with birds jersey t-dress $34

3. Locket tights $28

4. Fashion Hegemony Dress $62.99

5. Haikus are easy… t-shirt $10

6. Cropped-sleeve cardigan $79.50

7. Rubina Punjammie Pants $15

8. Ruched Jersey Scarf in Grey $26

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