Those Hollywood nights

Yesterday afternoon I flew to Los Angeles because I’m going to be on “The Talk” this morning discussing Very Important Matters Most Likely Concerning Celebrities. These less-than-24-hours-in-a-city trips usually wreak havoc on my well being, but the flight to LA is super quick and last night I got to sleep in a bed several hundred miles away from Marlo’s room. If I had been in a tent in the parking lot of a Walgreens I would have considered it luxury.

She’s sleeping and then she’s not sleeping and then she’s turning around and not sleeping some more, and now my senses are so heightened that I wake up if I hear the wind change direction outside my window. I’m not going to get into the specifics of what I did to get her to stay in bed (success!) or to put herself back to sleep (TOTAL FAILURE), just that I am going to call her pediatrician to get some advice and go from there. That’s the next step. I hope he can work miracles. Or at least prescribe drugs. Maybe slip me a gift certificate to a spa.

Right now I have pressing celebrity issues to dissect. I’ll be sure to take some photos and notes and report back. Oh! It’s so great to be back in LA. I didn’t realize how much I missed it, but SERIOUSLY LOS ANGELES TURN DOWN YOUR AIR CONDITIONING. Don’t mean to get all shouty, but this was going on when I lived here ten years ago and it is still going on and SOMEBODY had to say it.