the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Stuff I found while looking around

– Glem Fletcher: Steam

Mr. Rogers auto-tuned. SOMEONE PLEASE HOLD ME.

– What is it with these impeccably curated tumblr blogs?

Thirty covers by Jacques Touchet for the French magazine Ridendo, c. 1934–40

My crush on Nate Silver:

I know that you’re openly gay but that’s fine because we can just hang out and you can say things like “I think that Harry from One Direction is 73% cuter than Louis although Louis is 21.8% funnier than Harry and my model predicts that they would both really like you, Emma, even though they both look 100% like Kristen Stewart, only less rugged.”

Youtube duet: Miles Davis improvising on LCD Soundsystem: no editing or other tricks, just 2 youtube videos played at the same time.

– When clients’ dumbest requests become art

Dumb Ways To Die

– Gay men will marry your girlfriends

An infographic of the most commonly misunderstood lyrics in music

Abandoned Suitcases Reveal Private Lives of Insane Asylum Patients

Gustavo Almodovar

A guide to legal marijuana use in seattle

– “Well, Richard. You know when all is said and done it makes good toast.

Nation Horrified To Learn About War In Afghanistan While Reading Up On Petraeus Sex Scandal


Pops and Clicks: a limited-release series of six short stories, each numbered and hand-stitched into its own screen printed jacket. The newest project by Matthew Allard who is one of the funniest people I follow on twitter and has one of the most beautiful feeds on Instagram.

Animal cheat sheet

Oh my god oh my god oh my god. This is for you, Cami.

A few of my favorite recent tweets:

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