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Friday night we we were lying around in the living room watching one of Leta’s favorite shows. She was sitting on the floor when out of nowhere Chuck came and sat down in her lap. Just, BOOM.

She had no idea what to do, so she turned to me and asked, “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?”

I told her that he obviously felt safe being near her, and in a move I could have never predicted she wrapped her arms around him and whispered, “Aw, Chuckie.” They remained that way for a few minutes and then they both rearranged themselves so that she was backed up against this chair and he was snuggled over her legs. When I ran to grab my phone Marlo noticed the commotion and, like a certain herding dog who cannot stand it when she’s not the center of attention, plopped herself over Chuck’s back. A lot like this.

The little guy is getting old. He’ll be 11 next year. I hope my girls remember these moments.

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