Bosom buddies

When Coco was a puppy I used to cradle her just like this for hours at night while watching TV. It’s a technique I learned from Chuck’s trainer, one that teaches a dog submission because they actively try and fail to get out of this position. Consequently, whenever I try to cradle her now, she acts like, “OH NO YOU’RE DOING THAT THING AGAIN.” It’s really awkward and both of us just kind of what to gorget about it. Like, ew.

But then Dane comes along, and she’s like, “Cradle me, cradle me, cradle me, cradle me, cradle me, cradle me.” Until he gives in. It’s ridiculous how much she loves him. I’m not jealous. But he shouldn’t be surprised if he wakes up one day and Coco’s sitting in his room and he can’t find me ever again.