Holding court

Last week when we were all over at my sister’s house for Pioneer Day, Leta and Marlo took some time to play with my brother’s second oldest kid Rachel. I’m not normally a helicopter parent. In fact, I’m the kind of parent who will drop my kids off and then fly away in a helicopter. But when it comes to trampolines, hoo boy, do I hover. Even when my kids walk by one I tend to lurch toward them as if to catch them as they fall off. It’s a very elegant move, I assure you.

It sucks for my sister’s kids, but god was I ever happy to learn that no one is really allowed to jump on their trampoline anymore. Too many springs have snapped off, and it’s an ER visit waiting to happen. So the girls headed out and I guess Marlo conducted a book club. Anyone who knows Marlo in real life is looking at this photo and is nodding and thinking, that. That right there. That is her personality.