An embarrassing admission

I think I might actually like this dog.

Let me explain. So. Dane has been in Germany for almost two months, and Tyrant left last week to meet up with him and travel around Europe for a couple of weeks. Tyrant won’t be back until next Wednesday, so it’s just me here alone in the house all day until I pick up the kids from camp. Guess who’s become Coco’s favorite person? And guess who’s become that person’s favorite dog?

She’s by my side at all times. She sits next to my desk the entire time I’m working. She follows me from the sink to the table at dinner and sits next to my feet. She sits outside Marlo’s room as I read her bedtime stories, follows me into Leta’s room and waits as I tuck her in, and then follows me as I close up the house for the night. I invite her onto the bed to snuggle into my legs for the few hours that I talk to this guy. She’d happily sleep there with me, but I haven’t gone completely insane.

This will all change once the boys are back, so I’m soaking in this feeling of her loyalty. Next week I’ll go back to calling her an asshole.