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– The Big Picture: Autumn around the world

Clinical depression is now the second-leading cause of global disability

– America, as labeled by an Australian who’s never been here

– Yoko Ono’s video for “Bad Dancer” featuring among others Ira Glass, Questlove, Mike D, and Roberta Flack.

Powerful portraits of secluded cultures on the brink of extinction

Oh, Atlanta

– It really, really, really hurts to watch this: “That is a tough door.”

– Okay. So now I’m bawling: Staten Island Native Mike Cassidy Shares His Experience Finishing The NYC Marathon Hand-In-Hand With His Hero Meb Keflezighi

But when we get too self-absorbed, we miss running’s deeper beauty: its magnetic power to bring us together. My closest friends are those I’ve run with; one need only attempt a solo interval workout to recognize the value of teammates. In a race, the other runners are not rivals; they are comrades in the war we each wage within ourselves, a leg up on our journeys to new levels of self-realization. Personal bests are rarely set in isolation. Ours is not an individual sport.

– An ex-cop’s guide to not getting arrested

– So so good: Pompplamoose’s mash-up of “Royals” by Lorde, “California Love” by 2Pac and Dr. Dre, and “Loser” by Beck.

– Revising history, photographer inserts herself into old photographs.

Alleged Design Pirate Cody Foster Is Only Sorry They Were Caught:

Cody Foster & Co’s statement is a sad, rotten salmagundi: a borderline delusional defense that comes weeks too late to be earnest about anything except the repeated insistence that the only thing wrong with design piracy is daring to speak out publicly against it.

More former NFL stars have head troubles

Super awkward montage of students mistaking a video camera for a stills camera

– Who needs yoga when this exists?

– “You’re all idiots. I’m pretty sure these people OWN those puppies’ parents. They can put them back with their mom when they’re done shooting. And those couches are like three inches off the floor. Get over yourselves. I can’t believe you people are arguing over puppies.”

– Some of my favorite recent tweets: