In summer!

I got Marlo this blossom sprinkler for her birthday, and on Saturday we finally had a chance to try it out. She begged all morning to “go out into the water,” but I told her we needed to wait until it had warmed up a bit.

“But why?” she asked

“Because you’ll get cold.”

“No I won’t.”

“Yes, you will.”

“No. I will not.”



This disagreement continued for hours until I relented and set up the sprinkler in the front yard. Water shot up and out of the sprinkler in every direction and she squealed, the equivalent of a dog happily barking at the prospect of jumping in a lake. She hesitated before running through arching rays of water as Leta and I cheered her on.

“You can do it!” Leta urged.

Marlo finally took off and jumped right over the middle of the sprinkler:

Two jumps later she came running over to me, a total soaking mess, screaming, “I’M SOOOOO COLD! SO SO SO SO COLD!”

Yeah. Three jumps and she was done.

I took her inside and put her in a warm bath while singing a little song under my breath: “I told you so!, I told you so!”