• http://www.kylewkerr.com Kyle

    @ Jeff: Don’t worry, you still got the title of first straight guy posting!

    @ Heidi: No, I’ve never seen Sin City, actually! It’s mostly from LOTR (I KNOW, don’t say it!), and just pictures of him I’ve seen on the internet!

    @ Ben #134: LOL! RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.

    And after reading through the other lists, I realize I’ve missed MATT DAMON, JAMIE BELL, and no one mentioned the HAMM TWINS (possibly together? maybe?) with all this Michael Phelps hooplah!

    OH, and the only woman I’d go straight for? KATE WINSLET! I’ve been in love with her since Titanic, and no one has yet to unseat her from her throne! AND, I’d take her over ANY GUY ON MY LIST. Seriously. I love her that much.

  • Emily

    1. Christian Bale (childhood crush but still so hot, yet a little less hot than the first Batman)
    2. Tony Bourdain (I know, creepy in many ways, but a tree I would like to climb)
    3. Cesar Milan (I’d join his pack any day!)
    4. The new James Bond, I forgot his name but that guy with the beautiful eyes and bod.
    5. Ming Tsai (He’s got such a nice voice and I’d love for him to tell me how much loved what he was doing to me. hahaha)

  • Belle

    Bill Clinton
    Jon Stewart
    Christian Bale
    George Clooney
    Johnny Depp

  • http://preteenstoddlersandnewbornsohmy.blogspot.com/ jennielynn

    1. Eric Stoltz
    2. Vin Diesel
    3. The Rock (I know, don’t judge me!)
    4. Lyle Lovett (Stop judging, damnit!)
    5. Viggo Mortenson

  • http://weebleswobblog.blogspot.com Lori in Denver

    I’m jealous about the Wilco concert.

    I put up my list last year: http://weebleswobblog.blogspot.com/2007/08/my-freebie-list.html

    Good thing I didn’t laminate it. I think I’ll replace Billy Crudup with Jeff Tweedy.

    If he’d throw in “End of the Century” as a serenade, I don’t even think Husband would mind.

  • Jill

    1. Matthew Fox
    2. Harry Connick Jr.
    3. Jon Bon Jovi
    4. David Duchovny
    5. Chris Noth

  • http://theseatedview.blogspot.com/ Lene

    1. Clive Owen
    2. Craig Ferguson
    3. Russell Crowe
    4. Sean Connery (yes, I know he could be my father, but I don’t know any women who wouldn’t entertain – a-hem – Sean given the chance)
    5. Isabella Rosseline (I’m about as straight as they come, but seriously – this woman’s not just beautiful, she’s got a fascinating mind)

  • Kate

    1. Ed Harris
    2. Terry Serpico
    3. Craig Ferguson
    4. The Rock
    5. Vince Vaughn (It’s that voice, dammit)

  • http://kimmersforlife.typepad.com/ Kimmers

    Hope the vet appointments are just routine!! Very jealous of all of your concerts, I haven’t been to one in ages. Too busy selling my soul to my cubicle! Have a fantastic week. :)

  • diablaroja

    1. Chris Martin
    2. Jon Stewart
    3. James McAvoy
    4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    5. Michael Phelps

  • Kay

    It’s all about the accent for the first three:

    1. James McAvoy (he’s my pocket Scot!)
    2. Ewan MacGregor (esp. in the Liebowitz photo of him kinda dirty in a kilt holding a chicken)
    3. David Tennant (I guess Billie Piper used to call him “David Ten-Inch”)
    4. Johnny Depp (he’s a classic)
    5. It’s a toss-up between George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Both hawt, both humanitarians.

    5 1/2. Mike Rowe–he’s my tv boyfriend!
    And I’d totally switch teams for Angelina Jolie.

    p.s. My non-spam words? “inflicted Wickham”! Whee! nasty Jane Austen reference :)

  • http://spanielranch.blogspot.com ALF

    So. Since the Olympics started I have been patiently waiting for you to complain about Bob Costas. Is he no longer annoying the piss out of you? If so, I might cry.

  • Candi

    Has anyone even mentioned any of the other swimmers on the U.S. swim team…See 1&2 below:

    1. Jason Lezak (WOW!!)
    2. Aaron Piersol
    3. Taye Diggs (WHOA!)
    4. Ryan Gosling
    5. Christian Bale

  • http://swopefiles.wordpress.com Hilary

    I couldn’t get past Phelp’s resemblance to Telly from ‘Kids.’ But the 8 Gold Medals is totally hot. My 5 based on looks alone:

    1. Jake Gyllenhal
    2. Vince Vaughn
    3. Andy Pettitte (NY Yankees Pitcher)
    4. David Beckham
    5. Mr. Big

  • Anonymous

    Michael Jackson (but ONLY during the “Thriller” days).

    Don’t Judge Me!!!!!!!!!

  • http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog&Mytoken=9ACE9F39-3DA6-492A-8F53A561766845C7139776369 heaths.b

    1. benny hill
    2. wilford brimely
    3. peter sellers
    4. dom deloiuse
    5. gilbert godfried

    haha, had you going didn’t i?

    1. heath ledger
    2. leo dicaprio
    3. johnny depp
    4. jimmy fallon
    5. christian bale

  • Liv

    I am so glad you love Phelpsie too. My friend thinks he is hideous. I think he’s gorgeous. THAT TORSO.

    My list is something like:

    1. Trent Reznor
    2. Trent Reznor
    3. Trent Reznor
    4. Ryan Gosling
    5. Jake Gylenhaal

  • Kim

    1. Michael Buble
    2. Josh Duhmel
    3. Anderson Cooper
    4. Richard Gere in Pretty Woman
    5. Hal Sparks



    1) Chris Cornell-singer (Soundgarden, Audioslave)
    2) Josh Holloway-actor (LOST)
    3) Michael Ian Black-comedian, actor
    4) P. Allen Smith-gardner
    5) Dr. Henry Lee- Forensic Scientist

    I know, I know, all over the place. But I love them all for so many reasons and would to roll them all up into one delicious dish! BTW, I am single if anyone can set me up with any.all of the above fab 5.

  • http://www.otakugirl.us Desiree

    1. Jake Gyllenhaal
    2. Johnny Depp
    3. Trent Reznor
    4. Jim Sturgess
    5. Scarlett Johanson

  • Elise

    1. Stephen Colbert
    2. Conan O’Brien (I see I’m the only one so far to list him… um, I like funny guys? Actually, I met him briefly, but I just stood there slack-jawed and didn’t say anything, so I don’t think the rules exclude him.)
    3. Alan Rickman (has anyone seen the “In Demand” music video?)
    4. Dr. Gregory House (Not Hugh Laurie — oddly, although I usually find British accents attractive, I prefer Laurie with an American accent. Perhaps his voice is lower?)
    5. Colin Firth flits in and out of this spot depending on how recently I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice, but I generally keep it reserved for the next middle-aged British man who captures my heart.

    My boyfriend complains that all of the men I like are twice our age; I point out that at least he’ll BE middle-aged someday, and then I won’t be able to keep my hands off him.

  • http://amyinohio.wordpress.com/ Amy in Ohio

    1. John Cusack
    2. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    3. Clive Owen
    4. Aaron Piersol (he’s my Olympic souvenir)
    5. Colin Firth

  • Pam

    Paul Newman circa the year I was born (1966)
    Andy Garcia circa The Godfather
    Denzel Washington
    Naveen Andrews
    Penelope Cruz

    And maybe Tom Cruise pre-couch, but yes, something about him has always been a little creepy.

    I agree with the Brad comments. He kinds looks like he might smell bad.

  • http://dianamuse.blogspot.com dianamuse

    1. Mikhail Baryshnikov
    2. Alan Rickman
    3. David Strathairn
    4. Dara Torres*
    5. Aaron Peirsol*

    * time-limited, Olympics-driven infatuations

    (BTW, nice feature in the NYTimes business section last week, don’t you agree?)

  • ByllD

    Are you famous enough, Heather? Based on the rule that the best lays are the craziest women, you have to be number one on my list.

  • HollyG

    Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler

  • http://lovelyracket.blogspot.com Jen

    1. Ryan Reynolds
    2. John Krasinski
    3. Zach Braff
    4. Ryan Reynolds (he def. deserves 2)
    5. Sam from Top Chef (thank you to whoever above who jarred him back into my memory, i was stuggling for #5)

    My sister put it best about John Krasinksi. He’s not hot hot, he’s office hot. In the context of on the job, he’s the best you’ve got. I’ll take him any day over the lot I have in my office, that’s for sure.

  • JessicaB

    1. Drew Carey–I’ve had a crush on him since age 12. I know.
    2. Luke Wilson
    3. Clive Owen
    4. Peter Sarsgaard
    5. Joshua Jackson

  • Patti

    1. Jeremy Irons
    2. Chris Rea
    3. Raul Julia
    4. Annette Benning
    5. Juliette Lewis

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com Shalini

    1 Joaquin Phoenix (in anything)
    2 Alan Alda (when he was on MASH as Hawkeye Pierce)
    3 Tom Cruise (if he never speaks about anything)
    4 Adam Levine (of Maroon 5)
    or Adam Clayton (of U2)
    5 Tom Cavanaugh (from Ed)

  • http://memeopolis.blogspot.com/ Amanda

    1. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in the 1995 P&P miniseries and as Mark Darcy in Bridget Jone’s Diary
    2. Ewan McGregor in EVERYTHING.
    3. Clive Owen, Clive Owen, Clive Owen
    4. Mark Ruffalo…as himself (love those Wisconsinites)
    5. Alan Rickman, especially in Truly Madly Deeply, and including as Professor Snape

    I originally posted my list in my blog…and then realized I had written six, rather than five. Christian Bale got knocked off the list here, because the others are STAYING.

    You love Wilco, too – my adoration for the Blurbodoocery is solidified. Thanks for being awesome!

  • http://turkeypony.blogspot.com/ Kylee

    1. John Krasinski
    2. John Krasinski

  • http://www.sixfeetunderblog.com Tess

    1.Patrick Dempsey
    2.Benjamin Bratt
    3.The Rock
    It’s a short list, but oh so good…

  • Lauren

    1. Patrick Swayze
    2. Matt Lauer
    3. Daniel Craig
    4. George Clooney
    5. George Strait

  • Ashlea

    Any weekend that includes both Radiohead AND Bon Iver, with everyone in between is a weekend that gains my complete and unabashed jealousy. I love your blog, but I will have to hate you now…at least until Monday.

  • http://www.lifespearliscast.blogspot.com Courtenay

    whew, just as i found you and started reading i thought you disappeared! i agree, yay for michael phelps…and he used to be a nerd so it allll comes around! looking foward to the latest on chuck..

  • http://37pence.org Lauren

    1. Brad Pitt
    2. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    3. Leonardo DiCaprio
    4. Gavin Rossdale
    5. Mike “The Miz” from Real World season 10. I’m sorry – he is just gorgeous *hides in shame!*

  • Maggie

    1. Colin Firth
    2. John Krasinski
    3. Rainn Wilson
    4. Owen Wilson
    5. John Stamos

  • http://davesdrivel.com Dave

    1.Charlize Theron
    2.Drew Barrymore
    3.Salma Hayek
    4.The Dixie Chicks
    5. The Polish Women’s Volleyball Team

  • Klem

    - Eve Libertine
    - James Marsters
    - Garrett Wang
    - Billy Idol
    - Johnny Rotten

  • Candy

    I would also like to know why my list has to be kept to just 5?

    The world mourns my celebacy.

  • Uma

    Wentworth Miller
    Mr Darcy (from Pride & Prejudice)
    Chace Crawford
    Michael Scofield (basically WM’s character in Prison Break)
    David Cook (Who needs foreplay when you can sing like that!?)

  • Jennifer

    I’m totally crushing on Phelps! At first I thought it was a new love for the sport of swimming. Nope, it’s him. Thank goodness for TiVo…

  • Melissa

    1. Hugh Jackman
    2. Eddie Vedder
    3. Hugh Jackman
    4. Ryan Reynolds
    5. Hugh Jackman

  • http://stacyopolis.com Stacy

    ~Colin Farrell
    ~Ewan McGregor
    ~Johnny Depp
    ~Jude Law
    ~Gene Kelly (when he was alive and young – just watch Singin’ in the Rain and tell me he isn’t hot!).

  • Rebster

    Keith Urban
    Brad Pitt
    Johnny Depp
    John Corbett
    Keith Urban
    Keith Urban

  • http://www.rebeccagillisdesign.ca/ Rebecca

    Vin Diesel
    David Beckham
    Eric Dane
    Mark Wahlberg
    Brad Pitt

  • kjkc

    Though Phelps is a hottie… unfortunately the other day he went on and on and on about the greatness of George W… what a wonderful president he is… INSTANT turnoff and removal from list.

  • Taylor

    1. Jason Castro
    2. John Mayer
    3. Adam Levine
    4. David Beckham
    5. Ryan Gosling

  • Charliegirl

    Totally! The ears are endearing. I’ve always been a sucker for a bit of a nerd :)
    Oh, and also…Ben Bridwell