• Anonymous

    1. Adrian Paul
    2. Johnny Depp
    3. Brad Pitt
    4. Heath Ledger
    5. Toss-up – Matthew McConaughy, George Clooney, Sean Connery or Harrison Ford from years ago…

  • Andreya

    i also include angelina jolie on my list. cmon, she is hot.

    then, there are:

    1. adam brody
    2. brad pitt
    3. christian bale
    4. and raine maida.

    mmm yes.

  • Kris

    1. Trent Reznor
    2. Johnny Depp
    3. Angelina Jolie
    4. Heath Ledger
    5. Jon Stewart

  • hp

    Similar to your recent posts about whom your husband resembles, I have spent the last week going “Yes, I know my husband looks like Michael Phelps. It’s the height. You should see his brother–he has the Michael Phelps goofy grin down pat.” So I get your attraction to Phelps and wish you well on the seeing Wilco twice in one week.

  • http://www.strongrhetoric.blogspot.com/ Lisa

    Phelps?? REALLY? I am SO not a Phelps Phan: http://strongrhetoric.blogspot.com/2008/08/not-phan.html

  • Susie

    1. Edward Norton
    2. Clive Owen
    3. James McAvoy
    4. Johnny Depp (he’s been on here since I was 13 and saw him in Benny & Joon)
    5. Adrien Brody

  • diablaroja

    I so almost forgot this one…he may trump all of them:

    Jon Hamm (Don Draper from “Mad Men”)


  • Jennnah

    1. Aaron Piersol – Olympic swimmer
    2. John Mayer
    3. super sexy co-worker
    4. Ryan Braun – Left Fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers
    5. Colin Firth

    count it

  • chandra

    I’ll play:

    1. Anderson Cooper
    2. Michael Varten (alias…)
    3. Kevin McKidd (journeyman/trainspotting)
    4. Jans Lehman (german football goal keeper)
    5. the edge

  • http://infragilis.net Amber

    1. Nick Carter
    2. Chris Martin
    3. Jay Cutler
    4. Jeremy Shockey
    5. Bradley Whitford

    But Phelps is cute. I did a little jump when I found out he won all 8 golds.

  • http://magnotmargaret.blogspot.com maggie

    robert downey, jr.
    jeffrey dean morgan (or, as i like to call him, taller robert downey, jr.)
    mary-louise parker
    kate winslet
    maureen o’hara! (circa The Parent Trap)

    fo sho.

  • Or is it just me?

    As I watched the Costas interview yesterday with Michael “oh, that body” Phelps and Mother Phelps, I couldn’t help but notice his beautifully shaven legs. I got to thinking, I’d sure like to be the one shaving them- and the rest of him for that matter. Do you think he has a Brazilian?

    And, since I’m such a Olympics swim whore right now, I’m throwing in a vote for his coach (Bob Bowman). Did you see the way he “vibrated” excitedly while watching the 100-meter butterfly? He tried to hide behind that paper, but we saw him in all his wonderfulness.

    Fill up the rest of my list with the other swimmers. What were their names again?

    USA rocks!

  • Lauren

    I wont leave a list – that would involve too much thinking – but I really wanted to say that I *AM* jealous about missing that festival, what an amazing line up. I’m glad you’ll get to see Bon Iver – when I wrote with my copy of your book, I had just bought tickets to a show last month and all I can say is SO AMAZING live (I still get goosebumps thinking about it!), and he’ll be selling GREAT american apparel tshirts, if you’re lucky! HURRAY! enjoy! xoxo, L.

  • http://heyyourememberme.blogspot.com that girl

    Mr. Mustang

    Venicio Del Toro

    Lead singer for Stain’d

    Mc Dreamy

    Ryan Gosselin (sp)

  • Caroline

    I missed my chance to see Fleet Foxes in Austin, and heard they put on a great show.

    Wilco always puts on a great show.

    I’m extremely jealous of you right now.

  • alikatze

    The British win, hands down! They have manners; gentle, accented burblings; funny words like “snog”; humility…. Ahhhh!

    1. Ralph Fiennes
    2. Colin Firth
    3. Ewan McGregor
    4. James McAvoy
    5. Clive Owen.


  • http://bkimrey1.wordpress.com berit

    1. johnny depp (any version- especially the chocolat one)
    2. john krasinski (the office)
    3. jason lewis (SATC- smith)
    4. james mardsen (xmen/27 dresses)
    5. david beckham (seriously…)

  • Cara

    I like to mix it up a bit:

    1) Angelina Jolie
    2) Johnny Depp
    3) Salma Hayek
    4) Kate Winslet
    5) Eddie Vedder/Brian Urlacher (#54 on Chicago Bears)

  • http://trishsdiary.wordpress.com trish

    At the risk of you never visiting my blog because I have such odd taste in men, here it goes (the list is not necessarily in order):

    1. Simon Cowell
    2. Hugh Laurie
    3. Hugh Jackman
    4. The Rock
    5. Andris Biedrins from the Golden State Warriors.

  • Tami A.

    In no particular order:
    -Brad Pitt
    -John Krasinski
    -Curtis Stone (from Take Home Chef)
    -Josh Holloway
    -James McAvoy

    I got more!

  • http://www.jedsmommy.blogspot.com BeccaJedsMom

    1. Tom Selleck
    2. Edward Norton
    3. Tom Selleck
    4. Adriano Moraes (professional bull rider from Brazil, very yummy)
    5. Then another go at Tom

  • http://verygeorge.com GEORGE!

    1: Matt Damon
    2: Will Smith
    3: Brad Pitt
    4: Hugh Jackman
    5: Denzel Washington

    Oh wait… the opposite sex?

  • sarah

    1. Matt Damon
    2. John Krasinski
    3. Katherine Moennig
    4. Casey Affleck
    5. Tom Brady

    Until football season starts, I suppose I would replace Tom Brady with Michael Phelps. But after a few touchdown passes…

    wow, 4 out of 5 from Boston (or with a Boston connection). That was not on purpose!

  • http://manicmomday.wordpress.com Katie

    Brad Pitt
    Harrison Ford
    Liam Neeson
    Jude Law
    James MacAvoy

    And as a bonus, my husband and I have a clause in our marriage that stipulates Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are welcome in our bed at ANY time.

  • Lee

    1. Sting..I loved him 20 years ago, and he gets better with age.
    2. Jeff Tweedy..You suck getting to see Wilco…
    3. Steve Buschemi..I’m fascinated by his jacked-up teeth.
    4. Justin Timberlake..I am old enough to be his mom and I don’t care.
    5. Anthony Bourdain

  • http://ameliasprout.blogspot.com Amelia Sprout

    1. Michael Phelps
    2. Aaron Piersol (nummy, surfer)
    3. Michael Phelps (ears, all the better to steer with)
    4. Henry Rollins
    5. Joseph Fiennes

    And damn him for dying, but Heath Ledger should be on that list. Fucking shame.

  • http://sundancemoods.com/blog sundance moods

    1. Christian Bale
    2. Alan Rickman
    3. Jeremy Irons
    4. Josh Hollaway
    5. Eric Stolz

    I know Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons are the oddballs out but there is just something about them that I love…

  • Carrie

    1 .Jacoby Ellsbury (Sox fan here)
    2. Ralph Fiennes
    3. Denzel Washington
    4. Blair Underwood
    5. Mark Spitz (in 1972 when I was a kid and totally intimidated by the little speedo and groovy mustache — Michael Phelps is awesome and all, but nothing beats that raw sex appeal)

  • lola

    1. James McAvoy
    2. Jake Gyllenhaal
    3. Jon Hamm (Don Draper on Mad Men)
    4. Robert Downey, Jr. (circa Ally McBeal days)
    5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  • christina

    1. Michael Phelps
    2. Michael Phelps
    3. Michael Phelps
    4. Adrian Brody
    5. Michael Phelps

    He has captured my heart as well.

  • Krista

    1. Toby Keith
    2. Dwayne Johnson (or The Rock, whichever you prefer; I’ll take both)
    3. Trace Adkins
    4. Kirk Barton (#69 – Chicago Bears)
    5. D’Brickashaw Ferguson (#60 – NY Jets)

    Yeah, I like ‘em big. :)

  • http://www.adventuroustastes.blogspot.com Lindsey

    These lists are hilarious!

    1. James McAvoy (I thought I was the only one, apparently not! He’s the official president of my Hump Island)
    2. Michael Phelps (a new addition to the list)
    3. Patrick Wilson (so hot in Little Children)
    4. Ewan McGregor (been on the list ever since Moulin Rouge)
    5. Daniel Craig

  • http://notesfromthesleepdeprived.blogspot.com Wendy

    I like Michael Phelps for his talent, but come on people! He so *not* hot! Where is the attraction? In fact, to me, he kinda funny looking. I’m just saying…


  • Bex

    Hmmm. I am not sure of my top 5 but just watching Michael Phelps do the butterfly is reason enough for him to be on anybodies list. Can you imagine being under that!

  • Sami

    My boyfriend and I play this game too:

    1. Gael Garcia Bernal
    2. Mark Ruffalo
    3. Jimmy Stewart circa Anatomy of a Murder
    4. Dustin Hoffman circa The Graduate
    5. Cillian Murphy ONLY as the character in 28 Days Later, post haircut.

    It’s funny how it always seems to be five!

  • Ted

    1. Kari Byron
    2. Charlize Theron
    3. Diane Lane
    4. Alyson Hannigan
    5. Morena Baccarin

    Just out of curiosity, how would you react if someone had Heather Anderson on their list?

  • pixie

    1 Ralph Fiennes
    2 Christian Bale
    3 Jensen Ackles(guy from supernatural)
    4 Daniel Craig
    5 Gerard Butler

    I gotta say I am pretty happy with that list.

  • http://jenandtung.shutterfly.com jennifer

    1/ larry mullen jr
    2/ benjamin bratt
    3/ tom colicchio
    4/ daniel day lewis
    5/ jeff probst

  • Amy

    Chris Cornell, before he got all wimpy in Audioslave. And before he cut his hair. Well, he’s still hot even with short hair, so whatever.

    Edward Norton–I had NO IDEA so many people agreed with me on this one.

    Alan Rickman

    Ethan Hawke

    Joseph Fiennes

  • Lisa

    1. John Mayer
    2. John Mayer
    3. John Mayer
    4. John Mayer
    5. John Mayer

    How pathetic and freakish am I??? Hahahahahaha

  • Alexandra

    In no particular order:

    Javier Bardem!
    Neil Gaiman
    Jon Hamm
    Devendra Banhart
    Edward Norton.

    Unifying trait… uh… they all have brown hair? And appear intelligent?

    And girls I wouldn’t kick out of bed:

    Penelope Cruz
    Salma Hayek
    Angelina Jolie
    Rosario Dawson
    Eva Mendez

  • http://hownowwit.blogspot.com Lesley

    1. Jon Stewart
    2. Matt Damon
    3. Edward Norton
    4. Mathieu Kassovitz
    5. Anderson Cooper (Don’t tell me he might be gay; I will not believe you. I plan to bear his articulate, silver-haired children.)

  • Jill

    1. Selma Hayak
    2. Penelope Cruz
    3. Angelia Jolie, a popular choice for good reason
    4. Dara Torres, to keep with the olympic theme
    5. Anderson Cooper, my switch hitter choice

  • Kelly

    1. ED HARRIS!!!! (hot hot hot)
    2. Matthew McConnaghey
    3. Antonio Banderas
    4. John Corbett
    5. Scarlett Johansson

  • http://www.babycrunch.com Shannon

    1. Dennis Miller – I love his sarcasm and quick wit
    2. Jon Malkovich – he’s so dark, I want to know if he’s ticklish.

  • http://theskyisfallingandotherrandomthoughts.blogspot.com/ Jodi

    1. Carey Grant (from when he was in That Touch of Mink)
    2. Gary Sinese
    3. Will Farrell
    4. Timothy Hutton
    5. Vince Vaughn

    eclectic, I know! I am starting to show my age…I would like to throw in a Jesse McCartney or one of the Jonas brothers, but frankly I could be their mother!

  • Cristina

    oh damn.
    I just looked at that line-up for Outside Lands and I am seething with jealousy.

    I am super impressed you have seen Radiohead 10 times, and I can’t wait to hear your review–I saw them a week ago at the All Points West Festival in NJ: Freakin’ Amazing

    Don’t know if you are a Black Keys fan, but I saw them last week in Brooklyn and they ROCK.

    Have fun!

  • Tracy

    In no particular order:

    1. Clive Owen
    2. Ryan Gosling
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    5. Angelina Jolie


  • Elise

    I don’t usually post comments but I am compelled to throw a little something into the mix…

    1. Gillian Anderson (red head beauty from X-Files)
    2. Jennifer Aniston (greek Blondie from Friends)
    3. Dara Torres (41 year old olymic swimmer with a rock hard body!!!!!!!!!) Also, my new hero!
    4. Eva LaRue (Chick from one of the CSI shows)
    5. Ellen…just for fun.

  • http://www.soulmoxie.com soulmoxie

    Not the Phelps! Have you not seen Ryan Lochte? Sweet Jesus, I have to believe that you would reconsider…

    My list:

    Anderson Cooper
    Christian Bale
    Jon Stewart
    Ryan Lochte
    James Blunt