• Kim in AK

    That’s hysterical!

    Is Leta going to get mad if the new baby looks at her books and toys?

  • http://maddnessofme.blogspot.com maddnessofme

    You have to start taking vitamin D. I live in Michigan. A holistic doctor recommended Bio D Forte (vitamin D drops, high quality) and I no longer have any seasonal depression at all.

    The sun is all about vitamin D.

  • April

    I have seen that look and given it many times. It is so nice to not always have to use words… it is surprising that after a root canal with half your face numb you can still give that look.

    I am with you on needing some sunshine. I am from California and 14 days without sun is unheard of. Even in Tahoe you get sun more often than that.

    Hope we get some sunny skies for you.

  • http://www.realintheday.com Real Julie

    At least Prince Aurora will know how to fight, right up there with “a boy named Sue!”

  • Maureen

    I, too, suffer from the winter blues and I live in Calgary, too!! I feel your pain; hang in there… the days will get longer and sunnier… we love you!

  • http://www.teetotaled.com teetotaled

    You are so teeny! :) I am 16 weeks and I look nine months preggers compared to you LOL.
    Be well!!

  • Marieke

    At least Leta has opened up to the idea of the baby being a boy :)

  • Tracy


    I seriously wonder where you read a “slam” against lightbox therapy in that post. I also cannot believe YOUR slam against Heather for what you describe as her refusal to use “therapies that may or will” help her. Do you realize you’re comment here is addressed to a woman who voluntarily admitted herself into a hospital for depression, and who has actively sought and utilized therapeutic relief for depression for years – and who continues that throughout this pregnancy? We’re all different. Your husband’s choices may be perfect for him (and you), but they may or may not be perfect for everyone. Additionally, I don’t read anywhere in the post where Heather was asking for sympathy. Lighten up!

  • http://www.ultimatemoneyblog.com Mrs Money

    I hope you can find out what the sex of the baby is. You look great, Heather!

  • http://faydean.typepad.com amy j.

    I’m not pregnant Heather, but I have that exact face too right now…and it’s not directed at my husband, for the moment anyway.

    We live outside Nashville, and this winter has been the dreariest I can remember in YEARS. It’s rained and rained and RAINED for weeks on end. We had more than 16 days of cloudy gray days before Christmas (continuing this week) and I felt myself literally crawling inside my own skin from the anxiety it was beginning to bring out in me.

    That’s when I discovered I was rather deficient in iron, like really, really deficient, and guess what? Vitamin D and B12. My husband said that explained ALOT. So, I got some vitamins and other supplements and started taking them and it has really done me a world of good. I’m still fighting the malaise the dark days bring, but my overall mood is better because I physically feel better.

    You might ask your doctor about those vitamin supplements…I know you’re taking prenatals, but maybe a bit more Vitamin D and B12 would help…with your nausea of late, you definitely might be a bit deficient.

    Hope the sun comes out soon.

  • Dayna

    Prince Aurora has a pretty decent ring, especially paired with Armstrong. At least she’s open to the possibility of a new baby. When my Godson was born his brother, who had demanded a puppy, was quite disappointed by the appearance of a human.

    I understand totally about the winter blues. I am trying to convince my fiance to fly cross-country to L.A. for a week in February so I can endure the rest of the winter. I don’t do so well this time of year. Ugh, depressing.

    I’ve thought about those lamps but like you, crave blue skies, flowering plants and sunshine.

    How many more days until spring?

  • Susie Q-sie

    Hey Heather,

    I hear you about missing blue skies and warm sun, and being able to be outside and WANT to be outside… I live in Northern Canada and it is so f-ing cold and grey, well lets just say that it is a good (very good) thing that I am going to Mexico at the end of January, otherwise I think I am likely to turn into Jack Nicholson on “The Shining”.

    On a side note, congratulations on your pregnancy! I saved my son from being named by his older sister as well… She thought that our baby should be named “Eunice”… Eunice!!! Where the hell did a 3 year old child hear the name Eunice and why would she fall in love with the name and think it good for boys or girls???

    Take care.

  • Maddy

    My friend Julian’s big brother was told he could name the new baby and he chose “Baby Number One” as his first choice. It’s not really the best name for a second child, so they compromised and gave him the middle name “Kermit”.

    Their little brother is called Alexander Bunyip, which is far funnier to Australians, as he’s a children’s book character – The Monster that ate Canberra [the capital city] (man! this takes too much explaining).

  • Caitlin

    Well, at least Leta’s acknowledging it could be a boy now, eh?

    Wishing for some sunshine for you, I’d love to see a pregnant photo of you smiling :) Good luck!

  • http://thedalaimama.net The Dalai Mama

    It’s nice to know that Leta is open to compromise. I give my hubby that same look my hubby when he takes video of me. It doesn’t often work but I know how you feel.

    All I have to say–Come on Spring. It didn’ get above 23 where I live today. Hate the bone chilling cold weather.

    Can’t wait to hear if Prince or Princess is joining all the fun at dooce.

  • lili

    This post seems extra ironic to me, considering I’ve been living in Seattle for 8 years and just decided this morning that I’m going to relocate to Utah- YEEHAWWWW!!

  • http://www.realityfish.com Robin G.

    Not pregnant, but right there with you on the seasonal affective. It’s such a fucking *chore* to get out of bed, brush my teeth, eat a meal, and take a shower. (That’s not sarcasm. Just listing those things made me tired.)

    My therapist keeps hounding me about those sun lamp things, but I’m kind of skeptical. Intellectually, I understand how the chemical reactions in my skin will lead to an improved mood and higher energy. But the thing is, they’re, like, two hundred dollars. I don’t have that kind of money to throw around. Also I would feel like a total idiot sitting in front of a fucking lamp.

    If you do get a lamp (or come up with any other clever solution to the winter blues), let us know.

  • Janie

    Hey!! What’s wrong with a Boston accent, sweethaht dahling?

    Love the recent baby pic of Leta. Those cheeks! I don’t now how you could stop yourself from biting them right off!

    Boston, MA

  • http://finnsspace.wordpress.com Kathryn

    I went through a phase where every picture of a girl I coloured was “Princess Aurora”, so I totally get where Leta is coming from …

  • http://themoxiereport.blogspot.com Tracy

    Congrats on Stretch, Prince Aurora or whatever you plan to call the little bugger.

    By the way, you look fab – pout and all.



  • http://trishsdiary.wordpress.com trish

    I live in a fairly expensive area of California, and sometimes the subject of housing prices comes up, particularly the subject of how much more house you can get in other states, and generally those states have snow. And my response is, Yes, you can move somewhere cheaper and have a bigger house, but THEN YOU HAVE TO LIVE THERE. And I’m not capping on other states, I’m just saying at least I don’t have to shovel snow.

    Yesterday? 84 degrees here. I’m not gloating, I’m just saying I wish you lived closer to where I lived.

  • http://www.absentmindedhousewife.com/ Becky..Absent Minded Housewife

    My third and last baby, in utero, was given the name “Cletus the Fetus”.

    Now little Cletus is three and refuses to wear clothing, except for wearing his tighty whities backwards, and was caught this morning eating large scoops of hot chocolate mix right out of the can.

    I’m fixed, thank god in the heavens I’m fixed.

  • http://www.missris.blogspot.com Ris

    I grew up in Austin, TX and have been in Chicago for about six months. This winter stuff, and especially the latest round of snow we just had is getting a bit hard to stomach. Also not easy? That people keep telling me IT JUST GETS WORSE. So yeah, I feel ya!

  • http://notbychoice.tumblr.com/ Kristina

    Under Armour! You are/must be wearing Jon’s underwear. Awesome!

    That is all.

  • maddy

    ps. It’s a swelteringly hot, cloudless day here. I might go to the beach. Not to rub it in or anything.
    Feel better :)

  • bmac

    These are some very bershon pregnancy pics.

  • Britte

    I struggle with the same thing. I found that getting outside in the sun between 10am and noon helps…I have no idea why. All I know is it makes me feel better so I’m sticking to it. I have one of those lamp things and I love it…but not because it helps me (which is doesn’t), it just makes it easily to wake up. What I have is called a sun rise alarm clock. I set it so the light takes 30 minutes to go down at night (simulating a sunset) and i use that to time how long I’m allowed to read before I fall asleep (otherwise I stay up all night). In the morning i have it slowly rise til it hits full brightness. I have it so it starts rising an hour before I want to wake up and usually about 40 minutes into it I usually wake up. It’s more pleasant than waking up to that awful beep sound that an alarm makes. Makes me less grouchy in the morning which is always a good way to start off the day.

  • Anonymous

    At least Leta is open to the fact that it may be a boy :o )

  • http://vwbusnut.wordpress.com Sally in Florida

    I went through the same thing living in NJ. Now I’m in FL and it’s light until 7-ish and it was 77 today. Makes a huge difference. Anytime you want to come and soak up our sun and fun, you’re welcome to it. Southern California doesn’t suck either, just saying. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Your look says, ‘just take the got-durn picture already, fer cryin-out-loud!’

    You go girl!

  • http://expatriare.blogspot.com/ Katya

    Sun? what is that? I have forgotten the sun.
    Leta is going to have a BLAST with Prince Aurora.

    rock out Dooce

  • Heather

    I am vicariously enjoying your pregnancy! Spa pedicures can work wonders, can you get those in SLC?

    Just keep repeating “This too shall pass!”

    I LOVE the stretch armstrong reference. Did you ever cut one of those toys open? What was that, DDT??

  • Pictou

    There is always an ad at the top of your page saying “I lost 30 lbs of stomach fat in 8 weeks …….” along with two belly shots. I see these every day and have to remind myself that these are not your weekly pregnancy shots. But I have to look twice.

    On an unrelated note, my sister and her husband just got TWO miniature Australian Shepherd puppies. You might want to send her a sympathy card and the address of a therapist.

  • laura

    Everytime i complain about the winter, my Father reminds me that i am a “Hearty Northern Woman” and to suck it up.

    Oddly, that helps.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I can empathize with the gloomy weather issues. We live in northern Minnesota and when i have to work from eight to five I don’t see the sun at all. It’s dark when I go to work, dark when I come home. I think I’m going to become one of those mole people soon. People weren’t meant to live like this *sigh*

  • Susan

    Actually, I consider “Tadpole” a very darling name for a fetus and used it liberally for my son.

    Princess Tadpole, if need be.

    Come to San Diego, but don’t get all vomitus this time. It is 70 degrees on the coast and I’ll take you to Quail Botanical Gardens and let you touch and smell the flowers and plants.


  • JC

    You look great!! I was the size of a house at 18 weeks. While in SoCal, you are always welcome to sit on my deck in Manhattan Beach and take in the (currently) 81 degree weather. I am not joking – 81 degress this week. Crazy! My 4 year old daughter would love to play princesses with Leta (yes, I am beyond anti-princess – they are the root of all learned helplessness evil!) While I love this weather, I am dying to wear my new black boots I just bought! :) Hang in there, you’re half way there!

  • http://www.urban-baby.com carrie

    look at your adorable little flat stomach. i’m zero weeks pregnant, but look to be about 15wks. i think i’ll go exercise now. can’t wait to find out about the little one!!

  • Rooth

    I think Michael Jackson has used and reused the name Prince… but Pssssssttt Leta you can call him Prince at home. They called me Pokey for years… and the truth? I kinda miss it.

  • Anonymous

    Prince Aurora sounds much better then what we called out 10 pound newborn . . . Hubba Bubba King Kong Kowski!

  • Becky

    I’m totally with you on the winter climate and what it does to you at this time of year. How depressing. Yet I stay in the cold, too. The trip will do you wonders.

  • wendy

    Aurora- hmmm…as in Terms of Endearment…very interesting.

  • Margaret B

    Oh Heather – yay! I just found out my baby’s a little BOY (due June 11th), it’s so exciting! But I was just thinking this morning, “I wonder what Heather’s having and if she’ll tell us.” =) I’m getting all tired again now that the second trimester’s officially in swing.

  • christie

    you have really nice ears.

  • alayna

    she’s definitely got it all figured out, huh?

    Prince Aurora. Damn right.

  • http://www.humanbeingblog.wordpress.com Lynn Gorham

    Forgive me if someone mentioned this already, because while I am totally addicted to dooce.com, I can’t read 250+ comments without getting fired.

    If you don’t want to tether yourself to a lightbox for an hour a day, talk to your doc about checking your vitamin D level. As someone who suffers from SAD and lives at about your same latitude (Denver), I can tell you that taking 50,000 IU of Vitamin D 2x a week does more for my winter blues than 2 hours in front of a $300 light box. Why? the bottom of the “normal” serum VitD level is 30nl/l. Mine hovers in the low teens without supplementation. With supplementation I get it up around 40, and that’s the best antidepressant there is. It doesn’t conflict with my Wellbutrin either, or my thyroid meds, and actually makes the latter work better.

    Most people in the northern hemisphere are chronically deficient in Vitamin D, and living in SLC, there is no way, even if you are outside completely naked, drenched in baby oil, lying on tin foil for the entire summer, and using Chuck’s shiny fur as a reflector, you can store enough Vitamin D for the winter at your latitude.

    So when you go to SoCal, say no to the sunscreen most of the time. Wish I could join you.


  • http://bettycrockerass.blogspot.com/ BettyCrockerAss

    You look smaller here then you did at 18 weeks.

    I’ll be seeing you in March in Portland OR and just know that it wont be snowing but it will be dark, cold and rainy. We get sun again in June. At least in UT you see it in April!

    Hang in there.

  • http://aimee-thewarrenfamily.blogspot.com aimee

    I hate gray skies also. Come on spring!!

  • http://www.gypsygirlsguide.com Gypsy Alex

    Despite the warning expression :) I think this is a lovely portrait of you and your cute lil’ belly!

  • drsue


    Sorry to disagree, but to dismiss a possible therapy WITHOUT EVEN TRYING IT, is a slam. “I know it works for a lot of other people, but it just won’t for me”. How could she possibly know it won’t work if she doesn’t try it?

    I really like Heather and her blog. I find the stories about her life interesting, poignant and funny. I have a hard time, however, with “I can’t smile because the sun isn’t shining” when the sun IS shining. It seems to be asking the reader to feel sorry for her. (I know the sun is shining because I live in the same city, and it is definitely sunglasses weather this week). I wouldn’t have said anything at all if it was actually dreary, but it isn’t. If she believes it is dreary this week, than she REALLY needs to do something to try and help herself, because when the inversion sets in next week, there will really be no sunshine, and things will get much worse for her.

    I know that she has taken MAJOR steps to deal with her illness, and I applaud her for it. I admire her greatly for sharing that painful story with everyone, I don’t think I could have done it if it happened to me. My husband has done the same. I have the same issues with him about dealing with the “small” ups and downs that become major ones when not dealt with. That’s is what I meant by “when he uses the light” because he frequently complain about SAD, but won’t take the simple step of using the light when he knows it will help. To me this is the same as “it won’t work for me so I won’t use it” People who don’t suffer from depression can ride out the bumps without major distress, but for the depressed, it can take over and the treatment for the major depression can be less effective, making everything harder to deal with. I know this because I have seen it happen.

    If 20 minutes a day with a light box could help this, especially in her condition, I just don’t know why she won’t even try it.

    I am not calling her names, or being mean just for the sake of it, but everyone needs someone to lay out the facts and give them a kick in the behind sometimes. I have people who do it for me, and I hope you have people who do it for you. Tea and sympathy will only go so far, sometimes you need that kick, even if you don’t want it.