• http://www.joeprose.typepad.com heyjoe

    What a coincidence. At dinner last night we had a side of low-lying placenta.

    What’s that? It’s polenta?

    Never mind.

  • Amanda

    I actually like “That?”. Can you imagine the conversation you could have when introducing your new baby to people.

    “Oh, how cute, what’s her name?” people would ask.


    “Yes, you baby.”


    “What is your baby’s name!”


  • Heather-in-Australia

    She looks so beautiful :) .

    My 7 1/2 month old is named Josephine Jane, a name I adore. It has family significance, I like that Josephine isn’t a very common name here. My husband always loved it, I initially had a couple of other names in mind.

    Me: Amelia?

    My husband (ell bent on seeing what rhymed with every name I thought of to save her from potential school yard taunting) Nope, “Amelia-I-feelie-ya”

    Me: Hmph. Okay. Charlotte?

    Husband: Harlot.

    Me: Quinn?

    Ian: Quim.

    Me (verging on tears ;) : HA! Bet you can’t make anything awful rhyme with Emily!

    Ian: Nope. But I went to school with an Emily who licked her own dried snot rings.

    Me: Josephine it is.

    Good luck :) .

  • http://eleanorstrousers.wordpress.com Eleanor’s Trousers

    I vote for Maya Louise Armstrong (because I’m a book nerd and a kid whose initials are MLA can’t be all bad).

  • Anonymous

    What about Ilva?

  • Heather-in-Australia

    PS: Ian is my husband, obviously, heh.

    Lateral thinking from other comments here (in the ooh, it’s fun to say I like those too sense, not in the here are my suggestions sense): my best friend’s little girl is named Harper after Harper Lee. I also love the name Bronte, but can’t use it if we have another little girl because it’s my dog’s name :) .

  • Phoebe

    Oh, loving the wallpapers, by the way. You have such great taste.

    And yes, sometimes flattery does me places.

  • Britt

    I love Marenne (Mare-en), Ella (Leta and Ella would sound so cute!), Camerenne, and Emma. Ella Camerenne would be so pretty; it has so much personality and flair. I’m not big on Truman for a girl, mostly because it has “man” in it. Although for a middle name, it might be nice. I love your descriptions of the differences between your newest and Leta. Congratulations, I’m so happy and excited for you! : )

  • Doc in France

    Two of our three kids found names on the way to the hospital. You have time.

    And our second one was like Leta–bulldozer in the womb and outside she screamed nonstop for four months. The third child however I rarely felt move (and was often terrified she was dead), and has been a dream since birth. Here’s hoping the same is true for you!

  • Phoebe

    *get* me places. sorry.

  • Anonymous

    I am big into family names-my hubby is more like Jon & said he knew a girl way back when, with every suggestion. My husband & I finally agreed on boy & girl names. I didn’t know what I was having, so it made it interesting. We also had back up names in case the baby didn’t look like our first choice. #2 first name for a girl & is Olivia, after his 3rd sister. Our daughter is named after my great-grandmother, Lily.

  • http://simplygray.wordpress.com Alicia

    “Makes him want to shoot squirrels…” made me spit liquid through my nose.

    You’re freaking hilarious.

  • Kim

    I vote for Willow Brooke.


  • Anonymous

    If you name her Faren (wtf?) don’t make her middle name Hite.

  • http://www.skunkstripe.wordpress.com Megan in Munich

    Kids are just a thought on the horizon for me, but I’m always on the lookout for good names that sound the same in German and English – we both want our parents to be able to call the kid properly. Problem is, every time we’ve thought of a name that would work someone gets pregnant and somehow takes it (Oscar, Max…). If we ever get into baby making we’re probably screwed anyway because all our good names are boy names and my husband is obsessed with Lily (thanks to the Pink Martini song) and won’t even consider other names and I think it’s waaay too girly.

    Our cat is named Fergus and I think that is a pretty awesome name.

    Goood luck!

  • Liz

    This is the first time I have posted a comment! I am also pregnant with a little girl (our first) due in April and we have just now finally narrowed down our names to two choices… Charlotte Ann or Isla James. I have no idea how we will choose but it was a small victory getting to this point. I also think the name Adelle is pretty and goes well with Leta. Good Luck! :)

  • Lisa

    I’m glad to see a few people have already thrown Avery into the ring. I think it’s a lovely, classic name for a girl. I always figured I’d name a daughter ‘Avery Nadine’, but my maternal instinct has yet to kick in so no babies for me.

  • Sarah Kathryn

    Name her Stella.

    But if you can’t…

    Grace, Sophie, Opal, Victoria, Molly, Fiona, Sadie, Charlotte, Lucy, Piper.

  • http://www.princesseemma.com/ Emma

    How about the name Trudy? Then it would be till based on Jon’s father’s name.

    Or something with a similar meaning to Truman.

    Some meanings I found for Truman:-
    loyal one, faithful man, disciple, honest.

    Maybe you could call her Faith? That would go with the meanings of Truman.

    Or is there another female relative, perhaps on Jon’s side, that you could name her after?

  • SEL

    Here are some of my favorites, for your consideration…


  • Kate

    Truman automatically makes me think of Jim Carrey – can’t help it.

    I do love, love the name Harper for a girl :)

  • http://www.d3voiceworks.com d3 voiceworks

    You’ve got enough name suggestions. Some real good. Some real bad.

    I’m weighing in with wallpaper opinions.

    I like 3, 4, and 12

  • April

    With my first child, I could not decide on a girl’s name either. Had a boy’s name picked out for ages but couldn’t settle on a girl’s name and I had no idea what I was having so I wanted to be prepared for both. Just days before delivery I was on the phone with a good friend and his sister was in the background yelling out names for me to pick from, after about 40 I heard the one I knew was right- Ashlyn Kennedy. I love that name and it suits her so well. So, my suggestion – does Jon have a sister that has the patience to run through a list of names? :-)

  • http://qtp.blogspot.com Sachin

    Oh man I got so many new and useful names for my daughter in the comments itself.

  • http://www.3ccdcamcorder.net The 3ccd Camcorder Blog

    Oh my God–your baby naming dilemma reminds me exactly of what my husband and I went through with our second girl.

    We had AMAZING boy names picked out but couldn’t agree on a girl’s name to save our lives. I finally saw one in the credits of my oldest daughter’s favorite Disney movie and threatened my husband with brutality should he “poo-poo” on this one.

    We finally agreed. :)

  • http://believeintheflowers.blogspot.com KAS

    Caoimhe. Pronounced, roughly, “Kee-va” or “Kwee-va”. It’s Irish. Works well with Leta.

    Alternatively, you could mix names – keep the “Tru” but perhaps combine it with “Prudence” – Trudence?

    Trudy or Trudie would be good too, at least for a middle name, if you really like the Truman aspect of naming. Elena (or any variation thereof: Elina, Elyna, Elana, etc) would work with Trudy – or, better yet, Elena Trudence Armstrong.

    That is easily the most badass name EVER.

  • sarah


  • http://www.crackthewindow.com rla_2

    juno is nice

  • Anonymous


    It is so hard to be serious when thinking of names. You do live in Utah so there seems to be no bounds on what is expectable. (Not meant to offend- I have just encountered some doozies here).

  • Anonymous

    Enid. Astrid.

  • Christina

    LMAO@ comment #24. Seriously, I have tears. I would’ve killed him.


    OK, I have 3 boys so naturally I have a long list of girls names that I never got to use. My current favorites are Clara, Eleanor, Cady, and Maya. I love names that have either historical, literary, or artistic significance.

  • Jen

    I agree that Truman would be a great middle name.

    Audrey Truman Armstrong. Although Leta and Audrey don’t really flow as well as …..Eliza!!

    ~~Eliza Truman Armstrong~~ Yess!! That’s it. The universe has spoken.

    Whatever you name her, best wishes to your darling family.

    (Oh! P.S. I love your new picture. It really matches your celebrity status.)

  • http://mommyspeak.blogspot.com/ mama speak

    Like you’re even going to read this it’s so far back, but here’s my 2cents for what it’s worth:

    Our girls are:

    Hannah James
    Fiona Thomas

    I think it’s cool cause they have “boy” names for middle names, (also family names) but very, very girl names as their firsts.

    I also like Truman for a middle name, and you could call her Tru or Trudy. And for some reason the name:


    popped into my head when I was reading your post. (But not Trixie Truman, that sounds like a stripper. Unless, of course, that’s what you’re going for. ;-)

  • Marena

    how about Eloise, Emileen, or Delaney?

  • Bria

    My husband and I have known that we’re having a boy for 5 weeks now and we’re not doing so good on the name front either. Our problem is the opposite…we had a girl’s name but not a boy’s name. Anyway, I think I have suggested every name in the (baby name) book and my husband has said ‘no’ to all of them – except the name HE wants and I said ‘no’ to. Arg. I might just give in.

  • tasha

    I only read two blogs on the net, yours and http://turabiannights.blogspot.com/. The second is a Bad Baby Name Blog (it constantly has me in tears laughing at the awfullness of those names). PLEASE PICK ANY NAME FROM THERE!!!

  • elismsue

    Another normal hurdle to make this very human experience like all others.


    The worst part of any pregnancy I had.

    IMO, send them with names.

    We can deal. We bore them, didn’t we?

  • http://www.suburbanmatron.com becky

    I hope you won’t think it’s weird if I tell you that I had a dream that you and my sister (who is also pregnant with a girl and due in June) both named your daughters Willa.

    I don’t really dream about you. That much. LOL.

  • melissa

    Find a name you like, fake a relative and tell him that you really really really LOVED this old relative that is now dead and you always admired her name and would love for your daughter to have this beautiful name…. he may catch you out in the end, but you would get an A for effort!


  • I Have No Children of My Own


  • http://www.howmylife.blogspot.com Kendra

    With our first two, we didn’t have much trouble choosing names (a girl name and a boy name each time, since we didn’t find out what we were having). But this last time it was awful. Every girl name I suggested was met with: “Do you want her to grow up to be a stripper?” (And no, I was not suggesting Candy.) Finally we ended up with a Matilda, and I could not imagine her with any other name. The process is excruciating, but in the end, I know you’ll end up with the perfect name!

  • campbell

    John is almost as bad as me. I am a teacher and it is hard to pick a name that we both liked because so many little snots had this name or that over the years. My dd’s middle name is one that I don’t like because I know too many queen bees with the same name, but I figure I am only going to use it when I am angry so the residual feeling from a former student is going to give me that extra edge.

  • http://simplyblissful.blogspot.com/ tracy

    I want another baby

  • Anonymous

    How about Princess Truman?

  • http://redjeulle.com ruby

    Louise. or Sophia. Erica. something simple.

  • Anonymous

    Lila Truman Armstrong

    Leta and Lila

    I looked up feminine names that shared the menaing of Truman — true, truthful, truth, faithful, loyal — and didn’t find anything that seemed to work.

  • BridgetM

    Adalee (add-uh-lee)
    Amery (am-ery)

    Your blog is inspiring and so wonderful. Thank you for posting so often!

  • Cric

    I really like Emma as a girl’s name, short and simple yet very sweet!

  • Kelly

    Seriously people this is her second pregnancy!! Do you not think they havent perused every possible name book etc?!?!
    That being said,
    Josephine is a beautiful name… (josie for short)

  • Anonymous

    #105 Hayley:

    COPYRIGHT. You’re welcome, Jon.

    Anyway, “Truman” for a girl is just wrong.