• Anonymous

    What camera did you use? It is beautiful (even in compressed video) and the depth of field is amazing.

  • Elizabeth

    Leta has turned in to such a beautiful girl.

  • jennifer

    they sure like to scare the crap out of the pregnant lady! my dr did something similar. sort of ‘not to alarm you but…’ same kind of situation with the ultrasound. it just didn’t measure right and they thought the due date was off, then maybe it was a downs baby, i was ‘high risk’ being all of 35, then they wanted to do a cvs (not the pharmacy but similar to an amnio but in the 1st trimester) they had me so freaked out. and turns out it was nothing. the estimated ten pound baby turned out to be 7lbs 8oz and is very healthy.
    you and your baby are in my thoughts!

  • Rachel

    Seriously, I think that doctors are there to freak us out! I found out last night that I am absolutely NOT pregnant, but my body has decided to go on a “Baby! Baby! Baby coming!” spree that turned out to be an ovarian cyst.

    It ruptured last night, and it seems that the “pregnancy symptoms” should subside. You mean I’m going to lose the boobs?! Darn!! I was enjoying those! Though, the heartburn and nausea can go. I’ve got a yeast infection to boot.

    Anyways, Heather, you’re wonderful! Not-Maria looks GORGEOUS in there, and Leta is the cutest little thing! She’s got quite the noggin’ there, and an impressive one at that!


  • http://daddyscratches.com Daddy Scratches

    Glad to hear everything’s ok.

    When we got our first ultrasound done for our first child, they midwife who reviewed the findings with us used the words “brain” and “cysts” in the same sentence. Ultimately turned out he was fine, but I believe I aged 40 years from when she said it until we determined a few weeks later that everything was fine.

    You couldn’t pay me enough to go through the pregnancy-and-newborn years again. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Hi…I rarely comment, but I had to jump in here. I’m a few weeks ahead of you and have had more ultrasounds than I can keep track of. 5? Anyway, it’s the same reason…my belly measures small for dates, they flip out and order an ultrasound, baby turns out to be normal sized. I’m not -that- tall, but I’ve only gained about 25 lbs, which is actually what’s supposed to be normal but, in our society today, is NOT the norm. I don’t know if it’s overly cautious doctors or if the doctors are seeing so many fat and obese women these days that their own perception is skewed but I’m here to say try not to worry! My insurance company is getting a bit snarky about paying for all the ultrasounds.

  • babymama

    You really can’t trust those tape measures! I went to the OB this morning for my 30 week appointment only to be told that my belly is measuring 36 weeks! Yep, 6 weeks BIGGER! Had an ultrasound that confirmed that baby is at a healthy 30 week, 1 day weight! Wish I had your problem, but I blame it all on the tape measure!

  • http://riogringa.typepad.com Rio Gringa

    That’s wonderful about the baby–for your sake I hope you’re having a C section! I loved the video of Leta…it really made me miss being a kid. It was so nice to be so earnest and so excited about simple things.

  • http://expatriare.blogspot.com/ Katya

    It seems like everything has calmed down now, so I’m brave enough to post without the risk of someone telling me I’m going to die. I’m so happy the baby is ok and the video of Leta is great! I had the same question as 79, what video camera are you using?

    we will all die, by the way, in case you missed it the first time.

    rock out dooce

  • Anonymous

    So glad all is well! That is worrying no matter what your “mind” tells you, your “mind” is also inventing worst case scenarios as fast as it can!

  • Elaine

    I’m thoroughly impressed by your Google-resistance. When I first got an IUD, I immediately found a conversation thread full of people who were all, “And then I got pregnant and my baby was born with an IUD sticking OUT OF ITS CHEST AND THEN IT DIED!!!!!”

    Those Interweb nut-jobs with their holey-chested IUD babies.

  • http://www.militarywifemayhem.com Vanessa

    I’m so glad to hear that the baby is ok! It’s the worst feeling in the world to think there is something wrong the babe that has been growing inside you for months.

    I had to go in for one when I had my first son, I remember not being able to sleep and eat until I got the “everything is fine” from my doctor!

  • garden mom

    Hi Heather:

    I love your site and visit it when I need a pick me up. Glad the baby is OK, and am sorry you had to go through the scare. I’m convinced that doctors are neurotic hypochondriacs. Can you be both of those or are they one and the same? Anyway, with my one and only child, I had about eight ultrasounds and was told my son had Down’s syndrome. Not so. He’s wonderful and normal. Thanks for sharing the great ultrasound photos. The baby looks adorable.

  • Jaxon

    I swear, I have been staring at the pictures forever and I cannot see anything that looks even remotely human much less a like a face, or a leg, or a body, or a baby. It’s like staring at those stupid 3-D pics where people swear they see a dinosaur rising out of the mess or some such and I could never ever get it. I can’t find the face in these pics either. Maddening.

  • Christina

    I’m so glad everything is okay. The ultrasound pics are adorable, as is Leta! ♥ (pardon the facebook hearts…I have hard time passing up an opportunity to use them).

  • http://expatriare.blogspot.com/ Katya

    Dooce, you crack me up. You really do.

    that has nothing to do with anything except your censorship of Chuck’s “parts”.

    rock on, dooce

  • Shannon

    I hear ya Daddy Scratches.

  • http://www.thebutterflymind.com Tammy at The Butterfly Mind

    Glad that the doc was wrong and your u/s showed all is ok.

  • http://fatmumslim.blogspot.com fat mum slim

    Leta is toooooooo cute.

    I am glad all is okay. xx

  • Brooke

    Heh, the thing to the left of the face looks strongly like a videogame controller, specifically one for a Supernintendo. I guess then she takes after her father?

  • DB6 in Oslo

    It’s weird how doctors/health personnel always end up scaring you right before birth… like you should always be on your toes, prepared for the worst – instead of enjoying the last few weeks of the pregnancy. And as if there is not enough to worry about as it is…
    I am happy your scare was a scare only and that everything is OK.
    …and I must say: What a face!
    Im looking forward to seeing her pictures from the outside soon :)

  • Megan Putman

    Dude -

    There’s a viewmaster in there. Seriously. What did you eat in Chicago?


    She’s gorgeous.

    Megan in Chicago…who also had an odd amnio experience at 8 months and now chases a three-year old out of the landscaping when he pees.

  • http://miserablebliss.ca/blog Violet

    I do not wish to alarm you, and I admit that I am not an expert in interpreting ultrasound photos, but it appears that your child is armed with a set of brass knuckles in those photos. BAD ASS.

  • http://www.xanga.com/yourfavoritecynic Ray

    Glad to read that everything’s okay with the baby. And Leta is adorable. I don’t know you but I think (by watching the video of her) she has a lot you in her. ;o)

  • http://alisamiller.blogspot.com alisa

    oh my! leta is growing up so fast. love it! glad everything is ok.

  • http://thestepmomstoolbox.com Peggy

    My step daughter emailed me yesterday telling me that her OB is concerned that the baby isn’t gaining weight…so they’ve scheduled an ultra sound. Geez…

    The Pregnant One is a nervous wreck! I told her not to worry…

    And then I read your post on the very same thing!

    It must be in the air…or it must only be about babies due in June?

  • http://sundancemuse.etsy.com Rena

    Leta’s adorable! I love that in your dream, baby Armstrong is wearing a patriotic scarf. It’s the details that count!

  • Cassie

    My goodness Leta is growing up so quickly. I blinked and she became hip-height! She tells wonderful stories. Takes after her mom :-)

  • http://partonponderings.blogspot.com Rachel

    I love the little gasp breaths that Leta takes while rapidly explaining her dream! So cute & funny.

  • http://www.juliebird.org Julie

    I remember when that child was born and this, therefore, is making me feel really old. She’s all growed up!

  • http://jackandjillputupablog.com/ Jack & Jill Put Up A Blog

    So glad everything is hunky dory! Even though we’ve known beyond forever that a woman can grow another human being inside her, it still just baffles the mind. Oh, and Leta is so super duper cute. She seems like a cool girl to hang out with:)

  • Suzy

    Shades of the teenager to come. Too cute. My son also has to see every video we record. Every single video of our 9-month-old daughter is marred by a soundtrack of “I wanna see it. Can I see it? I want to watch the video.” I’m glad to hear we’re not the only ones.

  • Anonymous

    Hee hee hee.
    Leta is so absolutely adorable :D
    Glad that the baby is ok!

  • http://www.zinzy.org Zinzy

    My friend had an early delivery at 25 weeks because the baby had a 30% chance of surviving, and it scared me to death. For the past few days I’ve been too afraid to surf to dooce.com to find something terribly wrong with your baby girl. I’m glad everything’s okay.

    Leta gets cuter and prettier every single month!

  • http://superpreemie.wordpress.com Sarah

    Leta sounds sooooo old compared to my nine-months-younger child. I get the “can I see” every time I take a picture or video, too.

    So glad that all is well in baby-land!

  • http://www.payitforwardhelp.com Pay it Forward

    cute little thing inside., it remind me of my prostrated niece. poor little angle.

  • Tanya

    Awesome!! I can’t wait till the internet gets to meet her!!
    Glad everything is okay. :)

  • http://webulite.com/EverydayGoddess EverydayGoddess – Gail

    This is an exciting, scary time. Wishing you all the best of luck for an easy delivery and an easy baby!

  • Colleen

    Love the video. Leta is so sweet.

    Is that a new video camera? Seems like the quality is improved over previous videos?

    Also Leta might look like Jon, but she sounds like you.


  • http://www.darrensproat.com Darren Sproat

    A very inspiring read and watch (what a cutie)! Thanks for this post. Wishing you all the best. Regards,
    Darren Sproat

  • Kerstin

    It looks like she is smoking a cigarette in there?!?

  • http://dani1ynn.wordpress.com dani

    i had a dream once that i babysat leta. i woke up and i was like “OMG I JUST BABYSAT DOOCE’S CHILD.”
    i think it’s because she’s so darn cute, i just can’t help but adore the kid! (& not maria has a FACE! yay!)

    heather, you rock my friggin socks off, lady. don’t ever stop writing!

    best wishes,

  • http://www.thephotofather.com Tom

    Sounds like someone is getting an APLEASEMEODMY…. :)
    P.S. make sure you get pictures if you so….

  • Erin

    Dear American Apparel,

    Dear Heather,
    Think you’re tops.

    Carry on.

  • Barbara

    Yay! So glad you are both alright. I remember having crazy baby dreams, but the green beans are a nice twist!

  • http://www.paulopires.com Paulo Pires

    Excellent! Thanks.

  • http://mixednutsblog.wordpress.com Katie

    Sometimes, doctors end up knowing just enough to make you crazy. My sister-in-law and I have both had to have extra ultrasounds with our current pregnancies. Her first ultrasound found a cyst in her son’s brain. Mine showed possible markers for Down Syndrome. When we had our follow-up ultrasounds, her son’s cyst was gone and my daughter looked completely normal. In the meantime, we each got a month to stress about the health of our children. And I got to have the ultrasound Dr. try to talk me into an amnio because my risk for Downs was FIVE TIMES GREATER (when I finally asked her what that meant in real terms, she admitted that it put my risk at a whopping one percent).

    I’m glad that everything is ok with your baby. And I’m glad you only had to wait one day to find that out.

  • Kay

    Cute baby! I think she does have more of the Armstrong in her. Leta is going to be a great big sister telling her stories. I’m so happy for you and Jon.

  • Krissa

    Which…which part’s the face? I am usually a veritable ultrasound magician. The bit to the left sort of looks like eye sockets, but then in the second slide it looks like a pig nose…and the “face” label is on a shadow. A SHADOW. That is not a face, that is the absence of light!

    Excuse me, I will be staring at the contents of your uterus until I figure this out or die.

  • Laura P

    You wanna know what hacks me off with bump measurments and growth scans? When I was pregnant with my now almost 5 month son I was measuring 7-8 weeks bigger than I should be. I had numerous scans to check fluid and his size. They told me to expect an 11lb baby! They said at 34 weeks that he was already over 7lbs!

    He was born by elective c section at 38+4 weighing in at, wait for it…8lbs 3.

    Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly and can not wait to see this little bundle of yours! And AWWWWWWWW at the scan photos of the FACE!