• Alexis

    At $690.00, I hope that crib is made of angel farts and comes with a good-sleep guarantee. Good grief! I’ll just wait for the therapy bills when my 3 decide that a safe but inexpensive crib ruined both their senses of self worth, and their appreciation of all things aesthetic.

  • tyler

    hi heather! first off, love your blog. it has given me hundreds of laughs and many of the “oh…thank god someone said it!” moments!

    anyways, just a quick question. now, i am technologically challenged, but is there any way that you could make your pictures within your entries be the same format as your daily ones? my work (in government…shh) doesn’t allow me to view photo sharing sites….and the pictures do not show up on your page. if at all possible, what with all of your other projects going on, namely a new baby, could you maybe try to? thank you…for that and all the entertainment i receive from here!

    from oklahoma!

  • Lisa

    Ahhh…..done….finally. Pack your bag for the hospital. Go have sex with Jon one last time for a while and break your water!!!!!!! Let’s have that baby!!!

  • http://sweetpot8o.blogspot.com kate

    Well done! Peaceful, stylish and practical. I adore the wallpaper and the antique bed together. You have a great eye for design.

    Wishing your little family the best!

  • April

    We had a bed in our nursery too! It was our marriage saver! Our son was very congested and snorted all night long. It drove us nuts. We would take turns caring for him in his room while the other tried to get some sleep. Those were the days. LOL! Love the room!

  • http://dancinginthemoonlight-dee.blogspot.com/ Dee

    It’s precious! Love the wallpaper.

  • JoAnne

    Okay, duh, I found the bedding. Dwell Studio (should have guessed) “Birds.” I couldn’t find it when searching for bedding for girls, but did see it in the Animals section. Lovely. :) I love how the pink is balanced by a more sane color scheme throughout the room, as opposed to everything being matching hot pink.

    Also: regarding the haters and “lover-protectors:” I don’t agree with Heather on every opinion she holds, every life choice she has made, etc. Far from it…but I appreciate her talents and strengths (especially graphic design, photography, and home design) enough to read her blog and comment on things like this nursery, which I will file in the back of my brain for when/if we have a girl. I really don’t get why people have to leave horribly phrased (usually also horribly spelled) disparaging comments… and especially why they are so chicken as to never leave their names. I disagree with the anti-bumper crusaders, but at least they are usually brave enough to own up to their comments.

    That being said, I don’t think Heather needs her “defenders” to rise up on her behalf with equally poorly-phrased (and usually also equally crude) responses to the trolls/haters. Everybody knows a troll when they see one. The worst thing to do, in my humble opinion, is to give them your time and energy in responding.

    Anywho. Like I said, I love the nursery, though I doubt my husband would dig on me sleeping anywhere other than by his side, even if baby number two is as horrible a sleeper as baby number one, who at sixteen months still wakes up several times each night. ;)

  • Trish

    My empty uterus just reached out and slapped me. Holy shit, am I wishing I was in your shoes.

    The nursery is perfectly adorable. Go put your feet up.

  • Jennifer

    Dooce – love the nursery. Do you have a chair/rocker close by? Just wondering where you will nurse/feed Not Maria in the night.

  • Kailee

    Well, that is just gorgeous. You and Jon are fucking brilliant with design. Superb work, love.

  • http://moumou.ca/ Becca

    wow! so prepared =D congrats on getting everything together, it looks wonderful :)

  • Anonymous

    From someone who can’t be bothered to pick up the house, much less vacuum more often than once a month, I say nice job on this project.

    I’m very jealous, but I also know my (and my spouse’s) limitations.

  • http://WorldAccordingToKate.com Kate

    Too cute! It turned out really great – not that I should be surprised, because everything you show us ALWAYS looks great :)

  • Susan

    Dooce, have you had a baby shower?

  • Jess

    Good thing it’s not Maria, I was thinking this morning about how horrible that name is just because of that song from West Side Story. EEK! Oh and nice job on the room, I can’t wait to have an extra bed where I can sleep without anyone else.

  • http://csquaredplus3.typepad.com Chris

    It looks fantastic! I like everything, especially the pillows on the bed. Perfect punctuation.

  • http://www.laurenslaughinglife.blogspot.com NoBaby-Yet

    160 Anon:
    Your comment just rocked my world. You took my thoughts and typed them out…

    And SERIOUSLY sallyjo154… um, yes. A lot of people who read this blog ARE SAHM looking for tips and someone going through the same sh*t they are. Obviously you’re not, so why are you reading (and commenting) again?

  • Anonymous

    298 – Dangit, my son’s one of the few Avery BOYS we know.

  • http://www.becomingsarah.com Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

    Congratulations on finishing up Not Maria’s nursery! That must feel like the cherry on top of the nesting instinct sundae.

    I can’t wait to get to that point =)

    Also, good going on finding the magic cure for Jon’s allergies. STRANGE HOW THOSE THINGS WORK. And by “things,” I mean “men,” because the one I married does THE SAME THING. Right down to the Amazon.com reviews.

  • Stylin Neecey

    The nursery is just ok. I think it has hints of college-ish decorating, which to me looks cheap and weird. The crib is ugly AND f’ing expensive!!! I do think the bed in the nursery is a great idea, however. Wish I would have had enuf room in my son’s nursery for a twin bed.

    Still not liking your bathroom either…

  • http://www.suburbanmatron.com Becky

    Amen, a regular bed in a baby’s room is a must! And everything looks totally presh. I love the combination of the antique bed with the wallpaper especially.

    And do you think the wallpaper would work in an adult space, or is it to child-oriented? I am considering it on one wall of our master bedroom.

  • Susan

    Really #448..couldn’t you have kept that shitty opinion to yourself? God really doesn’t like ugly…

  • Brook

    so pretty!

  • Karrie

    The brass bed is gorgeous! And I’m loving the new header as well :)

  • Anonymous

    Wishing I had my bedroom butted up into a hill as I monitor this tornado watch we have going on down here in Texas! Bet it is nice and cool in the summertime, too! What I would have given to have a bed in my babies’ nurseries. You are one smart mama!

  • Lea

    Just looking at pictures of the room got me so excited for this baby!

  • http://pdxstocktons.wordpress.com Cassidy

    It’s beautiful. You have such amazing taste in decorating! I love all the birds. Just picked up your book and am enjoying it immensely– sorry to have missed you at Powell’s.

  • Anonymous

    449. Susan said:
    Really #448..couldn’t you have kept that shitty opinion to yourself? God really doesn’t like ugly

    #449 – that’s pretty ugly too!

  • http://www.aussiechic.com aussiechic

    Ok so didn’t you find that the last time you had a baby half of the stuff – clothes, burp cloths, etc you never used??? I did not use half of the clothes for my son…..he grew so fast as well that he just grew out of it in about a month too – he is still growing – 8 months old this week…If I had known then that I would not have needed nor used half of the stuff we had, we too would not have lived with stuff everywhere…..eventually we moved and then I got smart….and gave the stuff away. I swear I am in Childrens Place about once every 6 weeks. He is a growing machine!!!!

  • http://emilymainphotography.com Emily

    Once you shared the wallpaper picture a while back, I was DYING to see what you did with the rest of the room. Love it.

  • Melissa

    I *heart* Loobylu! I have yet to win a marshmallow bunny! What a lucky little girl this will be!

  • http://www.inbetweendesigns.blogspot.com Milan

    LOL your new header made me laugh! It’s great. Good work on the new nursery; the wallpaper is my favorite. Oh, and your bedding is to DIE for. I wish I could afford the drape stripe in blue myself.

  • Sarah

    wow ..gorgeoooooooooooooooous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    First, I love the comment about chocolate and ice melting. You have one smart cookie on your hands! And the nursery looks absolutely beautiful–child friendly, sweet but not cloyingly so and oh so very stylish. I especially love the mobile–so much so that I’m tempted to put one in my own apartment, which is void of small children. Is that weird?

  • http://faeriedustdreams-michelle.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    Sigh…just beautiful.

  • http://ittakeswhatittakes.blogspot.com Jessica

    Last night I was talking to my 3 year old daughter, and I for some reason had a thought run through my head…..can you name the baby Sparrow? Catey approves….ahh the power of approval from a three year old!!

    I think it’s unique….the genesis of the thought surely comes form your decor…..but I certainly think it’s a rockin’ little name for a girl.

    Had to throw it our there.

    Seriously love your blog, it saves me from the monotony of my day at the office.

  • dooce

    I removed comment #196 because she fits my definition a stalker. And when she comes back and leaves the same comment that she has left seven hundred times I’m going to delete her again.

    #197 Cassy, your Where The Wild Things Are nursery looks fantastic! Love the mural. Excellent job.

  • Bobbie

    I put a bed in the nursery and a diaper-changing setup in the bathroom (one up and one down) and almost every mother who came to the house did the “omg how obvious why did I not think of that” forehead-slap.

  • http://www.CookingSchoolConfidential.com CookingSchoolConfidential.com

    I got home from school (I’m a culinary school student) so exhausted that I nearly nodded off looking at that sweet bed.

    If the power of suggestion works on me, just imagine what it will do for your little ones!

    (What do you mean that stuff doesn’t work on kids? Bummer!)


  • Austin Anonymous

    It looks so much better than the bathroom!

  • http://www.cassylee.wordpress.com Cassy

    Hi Heather,
    I’ve never commented on here, but feel compelled because I’ve been lurking so long. I’m right behind you in my first pregnancy, just over 36 weeks now, so it’s been fun to check in and see what you’re going through. And just finished your book (which I both loved and was totally freaked out by…what have I done?! and I can’t wait! all at once). I love your nursery, especially the wallpaper.
    I just finished my son’s nursery with a Where the Wild Things Are theme (you can check it out here, http://cassylee.wordpress.com/2009/05/14/where-the-wild-things-are-nursery-completed/), and it makes me feel like I’m totally ready for him to come. Though I wish it was big enough to fit a bed in now. Brilliant!!
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Can’t wait to follow how it all goes down.

  • Bex

    That nursery is GORGEOUS! Great style! and the floor matches every other part of the floor. Can’t wait to see photos of it in full use. Good luck for your birth! I’m so rooting for you guys.

  • http://daddyscratches.com Daddy Scratches

    Congrats on the nursery, and on curing Jon’s allergies. My wife suffers from brutal seasonal allergies every spring, and I’m so with you about the urge to yell OH MY GOD SHUT UP when the sneezing begins.

  • http://www.piteo.net/blog Jill

    Beautiful, simply beautiful. What a wonderful room for Not Maria to be welcomed into!

  • Dee

    Wonderful nursery. Can’t believe it is in the basement.

  • http://keeping-pace.com Juls

    Beautifully done. I *almost* wish I was having another baby so that I could do something similar.

    Also, smart to include a bed right from the start.

  • Rachel

    #448, and #449, calm down! Geesh!

    #448, if you disagree with somebody else’s style, that’s fine. Just be nicer about it. Would you tell that to your best friend or sister? “Yeah sis, your style choice is f*ing ugly!” Probably not. I think that the anonymity of the internet is killing us slowly. At least, our sense of personal manners and ethics.

    #449, you’re not helping matters.

  • kate


    I was waiting to see what you’d do about a rocker/glider thingie. I’m decorating a nursery now and stumped on that part!

  • Ann

    I wish my son’s room would have allowed for a bed when he was an infant because I spent A LOT of time in that room. Great idea!

  • Suzie

    Love the nursery! So tranquil! I wish you a speedy and safe delivery of Not-Maria.