• http://www.frosty-licious.blogspot.com Frost

    So absolutely gorgeous. A nursery? Hell, I WANT TO LIVE IN IT. So gorgeous. So, so gorgeous.

  • ashby

    it is my firm belief that anyone who is not sympathetic to people with allergies will in turn develop severe allergies so that they can skip the sympathy and go straight to empathy SO THERE, NON SNEEZEY PEOPLE.

    furthermore, I hope you don’t mind that if and when I have children, I am going to have to decorate my nursery exactly. like. yours.

    if you like, I will put a ‘tm Dooce’ tag on each and every thing. credit where credit is due.

  • Alice

    YAY! I covet that dresser, so beautiful.

  • mountain mama

    I freakin love it! You both seem to have such a moderna and elegant sense of style. We live in a two bedroom with two babes, one and two. So far the “nursery” has become my sons room and our baby girl sleeps in our room. We have a loft over the kitchen that will be Myles’s one day, complete with firemans’ pole, and that is when Annabell can have her own space. Once again, BRAVO!

  • Renee

    I don’t get people who look down upon people for spending money during this “recession.” Um… how do you think we’re going to get out of the recession? BY SPENDING MONEY. If you have it, spend it. Why wouldn’t you want your baby to have a high quality crib if you can afford it?

    The nursery is cute. I love seeing photos of your home.

  • terra

    Now I just have to get pregnant soon so I can decorate his/her nursery. I am so inspired. You have an excellent design sense. I couldn’t envision how the wallpaper would work in a nursery, but you have proven that it is possible and beautiful. You have a gift.

  • Wedje

    Freaking awesome room. Loooo-ove it.

    What an interesting name – Not Maria Armstrong. Calling her “Not” for short? Middle name, I have determined, is Birdie.

  • Libby

    How totally adorable! My style is so traditional/conservative – I have a house full of antiques – but this is so cute it makes me want to go get knocked up just to be able to redecorate my extra room.

  • missilebird

    Best. Freaking. Masthead. Ever.

  • http://thaxtonfam.blogspot.com Hokie Deb

    —>It’s a lovely room and I love that everything is new (but the clothes) for the new baby. It’s very charming.

    As for Anon #146′s comments, a big “Jam It!” going out to you.

    Never apologize for leading a wonderful life. Money doesn’t buy happiness and your marriage/life isn’t perfect just like the rest of us.

  • http://domestification.tumblr.com Emily

    The room is so modern and awesome that it will never ever need a re-design! I LOOOOOVE how inventive and original it is. The bird pictures in the frames are classic!

  • melissa

    in true dooce fashion, this nursery totally rocks.
    great job heather, can’t wait to see how little wee not-maria fits in there.
    love the sparrow crib, i’m drooling over it, but it’s not going to happen for me.

  • http://www.kate.net/ Kate

    A very pretty room! Nicely done. We had a twin bed in our daughter’s room when we moved her to her room and her crib at 6 months (she was in a bassinet in our room until then). Having the twin bed in her room was a lifesaver for those nights when she woke up all night long, and for times when she was sick, and we wanted to keep a closer eye on her.

  • Christie

    It’s beautiful!!

  • http://www.jennafyi.wordpress.com Jenna

    I suck at decorating, although I’m artsy in all other things. That being said, I wish an antique bed would enter my home and take residence. Nice choice.

  • workroom


    ; P

    it looks beautiful!

  • Candice

    I want that room for myself. How warm and inviting with a perfect eclectic balance. Not Maria is one lucky little lass. I want to jar up your style and bring it to Texas.
    I just adore the Charlie Harper prints. I get a little nervous with them directly over the crib, but I’m sure you have secured them. I don’t know how to phrase that without seeming passive aggressive…Sorry, I worry a lot.

  • http://www.xanga.com/Bratfink Brat

    Why did I start tearing up when looking at the crib and thinking “OMG, there’s going to be a NEW LITTLE INDIVIDUAL in there before too long.”

    I love the room; esp. love the crib sheets. All the crib sheets I had for my little beast were either baby shit yellow or sky blue or white. There were no pretty sheets.

    It’s nice. Good job, kiddos!

  • http://pamslittlepigs.blogspot.com pamela

    i have the crib bedding and i love it! i know you can’t be an advocate for bumpers and feel kind of bad for having one on our crib. but when zooey was finally able to move around she kept hitting her head on the crib and would wake up! i put the bumper back in and now we all sleep better!

    i loved the oeuf cribs, but couldn’t afford it. i got a $99 ikea crib instead, which has good lines and looks great! i think it’s nice that you mix old and new, modern and vintage. totally the asthetic i’m going for as well. maybe ohdeedoh.com will feature your nursery!

  • Joanie

    Love this room. Nothing is worse than a nursery that screams BABY and is overstimulating, in my opinion. Yours says “child” to me and it is very soothing and calm.

    I put a bed in my colicky daughter’s room when she was two weeks old after I realized the benefits of not having to stumble down the hall seventeen times a night!

    I went to this same daughter’s first parenting classes with her this winter and the very first thing the assembled expectant parents were told was NO BUMPER PADS ON THE CRIB !

    Naturally, I had just bought an entire ensemble at PB Kids. Back it went and the bumpers are the kind that are mesh. Not pretty, but very safe.

  • joanie

    I don’t see how you can ever expect a baby to sleep in that room! Seriously, it’s only a few feet from THAT HIDEOUS TILE!!!

  • Shannon

    Your nursery is beautiful but, holy shit, $700 for a crib? Baby stuff is way overpriced.

  • http://www.xanga.com/yourfavoritecynic Ray

    First off, I love the title to this entry. LOL! =P Secondly, WOW that is the hippest baby room I’ve ever seen! You’re great at decorating. All of the elements that you put together just makes it so unique and special (I love the two LobbyLu bunnies). No other household will have a baby room quite like yours. And SO SMART to have a bed in there, I never even thought about that. I know you, Jon and maybe even Leta will make a lot of use of it. That and “Not Maria” will sleep in it when she’s older.

    On another note: I’m loving your June 2009 header. It’s very cool. ;o)

  • Danielle

    B E A U T I F U L…looks great….we had a Queen size bed in our nursery for the same reason! We’re just schlubs…

    Anywhoo…whao’s taking the “over/under” on the number of months before baby not-Maria has those beauty flowers off the wall and in her mouth while you’re reaching for the diaper cream?…

  • http://byebyepie.typepad.com June

    Not Maria! You just made a room for Not Maria! Your decorating scheme creates beautiful dreams for Not Maria!

    Okay, I’ll stop with the musical number.

    Wish I hated this room. Would’ve made my comment a lot more interesting.

  • KathyMarie

    Beautiful! I’m usually a wallpaper-hater, but the print you chose is so cheerful and calm that you may have turned me.

    Thanks for sharing a peek into Not Maria’s room.

  • Christina

    I’m feeling very inspired by this post, as I always do after seeing the things you and Jon have done to your home. What strikes me is your desire to seek out beautiful things and your ability to bring them into your home and surround yourselves and your children with them. It’s a gift. And one that I’m starting to realize I do not have, lol.

  • http://scrappinjenny.blogspot.com Jennifer

    Simply beautiful. What a lucky little baby.

  • kellyt

    Beautiful and sweet little room! Can you tell me where the prints came from again? I remember you said that you ripped them from a book… Also, I have almost the exact same thing in my baby’s room: crib, full size bed, and dresser (but also a rocker). The bed was a life saver for nursing. Do you plan to use a rocker?

  • http://bilateralhaze.wordpress.com/ Lara

    So much cooler than any of my kids’ rooms. And I’m in LOVE with that wallpaper.

  • alice

    Love it! Good thoughts on the bed, I’m sure you’ll be taking plenty o’ cat naps in there with Not Maria. Your home is sure coming along nicely, thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  • Angela

    Sweet, lovely, warm, and cozy… a perfect place to bring home Not Maria!

  • Anonymous

    Now, that is my kind of nursery! Not a teddy bear or Disney character in sight – classy, understated and yet calming and totally beautiful and baby-friendly. My MIL has already offered me her Disney stencils and cuddly creatures…I kindly smiled but I actually want a kind of (muted) enchanted wood feel – couple of dragon flies and butterflies and that’s IT. Am going to show my hubby these pics now as he has no ‘vision’.

    Thank you!

  • Joanne from Jersey

    my girls love the bunnies – I am now up on a stool to get their bunnies because they wanted to see their own bunnies.
    Beautiful room! We put an antique twin bed in our nursery as well and it worked out great. We still have the crib in her room which sleeps all her stuffed animals (and the occasional traveling baby).

    p.s. a work-mate of mine had twins and they named the girl “Gray.” Not that you are asking for suggestions on names – but I really thought it was a striking, modern yet very cute name.

  • http://findingyourself.net fidget

    Ive said it before and I will say it again. I love that wall paper so much, I would hump it

    and an extra bed is really a necessity when there’s a new baby in the house.. or a very pregnant crabby woman.

  • http://melissathemouth.com Melissa

    Wow, Heather. This is stunning! What a lucky little girl to rest (hopefully) her head in this nursery. Nice job! I get a peaceful feeling just looking at the photos, I’m sure it translates well to that serene feeling in real life, too.

  • Hayley



  • http://www.cathscorner.blogspot.com/ cath

    when can i move in?? classy, tasteful, with a touch of whimsy – just what i would have expected from you. congrats on getting it done and still being married and (somewhat) sane!

  • http://shewhospeaks.com Elea

    IKEA would be jealous of your decorating skill.

    Also, I always love reading those quotable gems from your little nerd.

  • Heather

    It’s beautiful :) . Must feel so lovely to have it all done just as you like & ready for you Little One. Oh how I envy the Looby bunnies & the wallpaper is DIVINE (how magical to be a wee one looking up & seeing those dreamy birds). Best, best wishes to you all :) .

    The bumpers made me worry, too, due to the not-worth-taking-no-matter-how-pretty-they are risks they pose. They shouldn’t market them anymore).

  • Janie

    Love the room, Heather. What does Leta think of it?

    Since your last newsletter posting to Leta and feeling how fast time flies…and now eager to ‘meet’ NotMaria…I’ve been going back and rereading all the sweet stories since that little frog came home….God, she was just the cutest little thing, wasn’t she? So stubborn, so angry, so often LOL. Have to admit I sniffed more than once as I looked back. That little girl is just the best…quirky and imaginative and stubborn…I bet you’d be bored with a predictable middle of the road kind of kid. Where’s the fun in that right?

    It’s odd to feel such a familial type love upon reading and remembering so many of the stories as we’ve watched her grow up, but I do. Like being a virtual auntie.

    Good luck, Heather. Can’t wait to meet NotMaria.

  • http://www.ciucciobaby.com this humble abode

    You have terrific style.
    I was reading your book on BART last weekend, and in the span of 5 minutes, was laughing out loud, and then crying. Thanks for making me look insane.

  • Jessie

    Wow, that’s really beautiful! Lucky baby!

  • http://thebrokins.com Jasmine

    I LOVE it! Very pretty

  • Kathy

    Well done! Love the magnetic flowers. Went to the website – saw some great designs. Ever use the decals?

  • Geno

    So funny, I was at a baby store here in San Francisco. And saw the sheep mobile you have. So cute!

  • Kodi

    I love the mobile. The whole room is adorable and perfect for a little girl while having classic enough pieces that can grow up with her. So pretty!

  • Gwen

    Beautiful! Looks so warm and cozy. Love the bird wall paper and Charley Harper prints – I’m a long time fan of his.

  • Deidre

    That antique brass bed looks creepy. Metal beds always give off unhealthy vibes, but this one . . . no thanks. The room is gorgeous, though. Great design work.

  • http://www.ramblingbrooke.com Brooke

    Love it! I am now totally craving the magnetic flower art. I have nowhere to put 25 magnetic flowers, but I’m sure that they would look kind of cute in my suitcase. Also, my fiance is neurotic as well (in more ways than one). He’ll complain about various ailments, and I’ll quickly shove some random vitamin down his throat. 5 minutes later he’s great, and hey! what was that magic thing? Whatever works, I guess…